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I can’t do it – I can’t let this site die

I can't do it - I can't let this site dieOn April 2, 2013, I said I was shutting down this site because I was fed-up with the blowback I was getting. I said:

Here’s the facts: People in this day and age have been trained from birth, over multiple generations, to “believe in” stuff rather than to apply critical thinking in order to achieve certainty. Religion, government, entertainment, media, propaganda, etc. tells them that some other person or entity has ultimate power over them, and without the ability to think for themselves, they ‘believe’ it to be true.

And at the time I meant it wholeheartedly.

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The OPPT Code Has Been Cracked

The OPPT Code Has Been CrackedTo all the freemen out there who read this: You already know that the reason why you have success in fighting the authorities both in and out of their courts is that you assert your own rights to self determination, and this self determination comes from the living soul within you. That living soul has never been defined in legal jurisdiction because it is not a concrete or tangible thing, even though it is evident by it’s own existence. It is your only defence against those who try and rule over you.

To those who fall under the umbrella of newage belief systems: You choose not to take part in organized religion because you assert your individual spiritual beliefs that an entity communicating through your soul is your guide, not an organized religion. Your light from within guides your living soul and individual path through life, not governance or leaders whose aim it is to steer you down their path. You walk your own path.

Every document that OPPT has filed and/or published essentially attempts to define what our essence, aka our soul, is. By using the language in those documents and filing them with various levels of government, our souls become defined within legal jurisdiction. Once anything is defined within legal jurisdiction, whoever the authors of that jurisdiction (the authorities) are can then write into law rules and language to govern it. The courtesy notices further solidify those definitions by having individuals define their individual souls.

Previously, governments had to trick us into ruling over us through an elaborate web of deception with hidden meanings, dumbing down, facades, etc. because they had no way of claiming ownership of our essence which governs our own self determination.

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Your Kids Are Worth Big $$$$$ To Child Services

Your Kids Are Worth Big $$$$$ To Child ServicesBelow is a link to download a PDF file containing the results learned from an investigation into various child services agencies in the US. But this isn’t unique to the US, it’s like it in many Western countries, especially Canada and Britain, and with the recent revelations about child abuse and pedophilia in governments and elite circles coming to light, well, you’ve been warned.

An Expose on the Child Abuse Industry

A two-year investigation by a Los Angeles Newspaper Group found that the system has taken thousands of children away from their parents in cases where it may not have been necessary or advisable, sending them to homes that are sometimes more dangerous than the ones they left. This happens nationwide, not just in LA.

The reason? It appears to be a twisted system of financial incentives that rewards states and counties for placing additional children in foster care–from $30,000 to $150,000 for each child.

The reward system, which one expert called the “perverse incentive factor,” has led L.A. County and others to whisk children away from their parents when alternatives might have worked as well or better . . .

Download the full report here: Child Services Exploiting Kids For Profit

Wondering About Those Dead Birds? It’s Government Culling

Wondering About Those Dead Birds? It's Government CullingWondering about the mysterious bird deaths in the US and worldwide? Check out the following links. Does this look like a government trying to protect nature and the environment?






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List Of Monsanto Brands & Companies To Boycott

List Of Monsanto Brands & Companies To BoycottHere’s a list of the companies and brands that GMO food and chemical giant Monsanto owns or controls. Stop buying these products. If you don’t, you’re financially supporting a company that is poisoning you and millions of others with Genetically Modified organisms.

Aunt Jemima
Betty Crocker
General Mills
Duncan Hines
Hungry Jack
Ms. Butterworths

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Shutting ‘er down

Shutting 'er downI’m shutting the site down and along with it, the whole ‘truth’ thing that I’ve been doing for the past few years. The reason is very simple – my fridge is emptier now than it’s ever been before and the time spent on all this should have been spent on something a lot more productive.

Here’s the facts: People in this day and age have been trained from birth, over multiple generations, to “believe in” stuff rather than to apply critical thinking in order to achieve certainty. Religion, government, entertainment, media, propaganda, etc. tells them that some other person or entity has ultimate power over them, and without the ability to think for themselves, they ‘believe’ it to be true. When enough people – the majority – believe something, it becomes so to them and people like myself and the handful of others who see this deception for what it is are shunned, marginalized, made out to be mentally unstable, dangerous and even threatened with violence.

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Disinformation Agents Are Real & Here’s Their Modus Operandi

Disinformation Agents Are Real & Here's Their Modus OperandiTo anyone who frequents online forums, especially ones covering the topics of conspiracy, freedom, government corruption, etc., disinformation agents have long been a fact. And this type of subversion is not limited to just forums, but blog comments, social media like Facebook and Twitter or anywhere where people can post within an online conversation.

But for those of you who still think disinfo agents don’t exist or that anyone who believes they do are conspiracy theory nutjobs, take a look at what was uncovered recently by a member of Jim Stone’s forum:

From JimStoneFreelance.com:

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My Message To The Freeman/Sovereign Movement

My Message To The Freeman/Sovereign MovementI consider myself to be a free man, but I am not a part of the freeman movement or any other group. I do things on my own with information I find or that has been shared with me. But I act with autonomy in what I do for the following reasons.

As you know, the freeman and sovereign movements have been demonized by governments and law enforcement as being terrorists, radicals, fundamentalists, etc. Here in Canada police have publically stated they think freemen are a cult, amongst other things.

When a number of individuals coalese themselves into a group that works together and names themselves, they can easily be demonized and the group eliminated because of the affiliation, especially if that group practices a religion based on the occult or members of that group are wanted on international arrest warrants.

The answer is for everyone to act independently and claim their freedom from everything. Think about it – the name that’s been attached to you is used to take away your freedoms. The name of any organized group as well as any other name you attach to yourself can be used to do the same.

Share information, but act autonomously, or better yet, don’t act at all. Don’t take part in anything used to enslave you. See the following video for a clear picture.

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OPPT Heather Caught Lying On Podcast

OPPT Founder Caught Lying On PodcastIn this podcast at approx. the 39 minute mark, Heather Ticci-Jarraf and the others on the call accused me of calling her Lucifer during an email exchange and then said I “Demanded” money and after not recieving anything, published a scathing article. http://www.spirit.kauwila.net/wordpress_kauilapele/130319_collective_imagination_complete_show_4423927.mp3

Just to clear things up, here are all the emails I have sent to heather along with her reply:

The first I sent was here, expressing my “grave concerns” that someone could claim to have taken control of the earth and it’s resources.

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OPPT Affiliated Fraudster Karl Langenstein Named In International Arrest Warrant

OPPT Affiliated Fraudster Karl Langenstein Named In International Arrest WarrantThe following document shows the “Paradigm Report” published by a company called TREASURY FINANCE AG which operates out of an industrial park at Industriestrasse 21 CH 6055 Alpnach Dorf, Switzerland.

On page one, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, one of the trustees of OPPT is listed alongside a man named Karl Langenstein, who defrauded people out of millions of dollars and fled to Panama in 1999. There is an international arrest warrant out for his arrest.

You can see the article in German here:
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