Death Threats? Really?

Since publishing my article on OPPT and having that article picked up by a few popular alternative media sites, I have received several death threats through emails sent using the contact form on this site.

At least one of my friends who shared links to the article on social media sites has been getting harrassed pretty violently as well.

I also received a threat to a secure email on March 16th while I was digging around doing the research for it and asking questions I guess someone thought I shouldn’t be asking.

OPPT supporters, come on, you’re not doing yourselves or your movement any good by threatening people who oppose what you’re doing.

Expressing displeasure, arguing points, namecalling, whatever, is one thing. But trying to compel them to stop uncovering the truth by threatening their life is another.

Grow the fuck up, guys.

By Paul Short on 20/03/2013

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