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OPPT Affiliated Fraudster Karl Langenstein Named In International Arrest Warrant

OPPT Affiliated Fraudster Karl Langenstein Named In International Arrest WarrantThe following document shows the “Paradigm Report” published by a company called TREASURY FINANCE AG which operates out of an industrial park at Industriestrasse 21 CH 6055 Alpnach Dorf, Switzerland.

On page one, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, one of the trustees of OPPT is listed alongside a man named Karl Langenstein, who defrauded people out of millions of dollars and fled to Panama in 1999. There is an international arrest warrant out for his arrest.

You can see the article in German here:


Additionally, on page 10 of the document below, a man named Charles C. Miller, who was found guilty of fraud and a few other crimes related to stolen property, counterfeit money orders, etc., is mentioned. You can read more about him here in the article from the Columbian quoted on this page: http://americannationalmilitia.com/same-fertilizer-different-day/

Thanks to the John and the guys from the OnePeoplePublicTruth Facebook Page for uncovering this.


By Paul Short on 21/03/2013

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4 Responses to “OPPT Affiliated Fraudster Karl Langenstein Named In International Arrest Warrant”

  1. andrew says:

    John – I left a comment on zen gardner’s site at the end of the “occult ties2 piece which was not posted for some reason. Maybe you can help?
    Simply that, esoterica aside, either the legals to which the OPPT refers are sound or they are not?
    No legal background myself, apart from a brief period as court clerk, but if the legals are sound, the possible esoteric connections, which if one is honest can be found pretty much everywhere to some degree, are irrelevant.

    Any legal folk out there who can offer definitive advice on this?

    BTW – I’m a long-time researcher into all matters politic and esoteric and have no agenda other than the truth of the matter.

    • Paul Short says:

      Zen has all his comments moderated and approves them by hand, so if he’s sleeping or busy, your comment may not post for a few hours.

      I’m not a lawyer myself, but there are others out there that have commented on OPPT and it seems that the opinions are divided on the matter. The most valid argument I’ve seen is that the filings are UCC which means it only applies in the U.S., but you’d have to check with a more competent person than me about that.

      The reason I mentioned the esoterica stuff is that it is a part of how they are getting people on board with this thing, by appealing to their spiritual beliefs, while pulling the wool over those people’s eyes in other areas, like the OPPT affiliation with known fraudsters and the like.

  2. Oppt truth says:

    Thanks for the mention, we have worked more on this and babylondecoded has spoke to Karl directly please check out our wall for latest developments…. Karl made it quite clear this was only valid in USA and Finance AG only work on project they intend to make billions from

    • Paul Short says:

      There you go, straight from the mouth of a guy named on an international arrest warrant for defrauding people of millions. Thanks for posting this.