I can’t do it – I can’t let this site die

I can't do it - I can't let this site dieOn April 2, 2013, I said I was shutting down this site because I was fed-up with the blowback I was getting. I said:

Here’s the facts: People in this day and age have been trained from birth, over multiple generations, to “believe in” stuff rather than to apply critical thinking in order to achieve certainty. Religion, government, entertainment, media, propaganda, etc. tells them that some other person or entity has ultimate power over them, and without the ability to think for themselves, they ‘believe’ it to be true.

And at the time I meant it wholeheartedly.

But then a funny thing happened – after I had shut down the comments on all the posts, people started using the contact form to communicate privately with me, and though the bulk of the messages were from trolls and people claiming to offer me jobs working with the illuminati (yeah, rly) many people – many very smart people – told me that I really was making a difference and that they were sad that this site, and my insights, would soon disappear.

I’ll be the first to admit that this was somewhat of an ego boost for me, so I tried to brush it off. But then someone told me that they were interested in buying the site and that they wanted to see the traffic stats. So while in the hosting account taking screenshots of the stats, I noticed something that struck me as profound – the search terms people are using to find this site. It’s the people who were NOT leaving comments or emailing me through the contact form who I was helping the most. It’s the posts here with the least amount of comments that are getting the most traffic based on search terms.

All of this (and more I won’t get into) has led me to decide to keep the site running.

The fridge, however, still remains empty. Can anyone out there think of a way to keep it full? ;)

Edit: One more thing – a certain group out there has been feeling triumphant that this blog was shut down and that they “scared” me off. To those I say, game on, again.

By Paul Short on 15/04/2013

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4 Responses to “I can’t do it – I can’t let this site die”

  1. FOSL Editor says:

    In the name of all, who dare to think for themselves: Welcome back! :)

  2. Django DeBong says:

    Hip Hip Hoo Rah!

    Give ‘er Bubba!

  3. David says:

    Mate, good decision!