Canadian Terrorists Caught Red Handed

I’ll make this quick and easy for you:

* The crime rate in Canada is lower than it’s been in almost 40 years, yet government spending on the justice system has risen so sharply that people want answers.

* Even though the rate of terrorism around the world, especially in the U.S., is up startlingly since 9/11, there has not yet been an act of terrorism in Canada since that day.

* Canada has long positive relations with Israel, even though that country brutalizes Palestinians, illegally occupies parts of several other countries and is threatening nuclear war with Iran, among numerous other violent acts in the Middle East and North Africa.

* On September 7, 2012, Canada closed its embassy in Iran and declared all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada personae non gratae, ordering them to leave the country within five days.

* The FBI in the U.S. is well known for working under cover to approach young men, groom and train them to be terrorists, supply them with the materials like equipment and explosives and then arrest them at the last minute. Then the terrorism is reported in the mainstream news which makes the FBI look like heros at the same time as keeping the American public agitated and scared of terrorists. In fact, there have been 158 cases of such FBI terror plots compiled and published by journalists since 9/11.

* On April 22, exactly one week after the Boston Marathon Bombings and on the very same day Bill S-7, the Combatting Terrorism Act goes on the floor of the House of Commons for it’s third reading, the RCMP in Canada announced that with help from the FBI they had arrested two terrorist suspects who were allegedly planning to derail a VIA passenger train as it crossed the Whirlpool Rapids bridge while en route from Toronto to New York.

* Canadian investigators say Raed Jaser, and his suspected accomplice Chiheb Esseghaier, received “directions and guidance” from members of al-Qaida in Iran. Esseghaier is a PhD from Tunisia who was studying in Montreal and Jaser lived in Toronto and is reportedly a Palestinian from the United Arab Emirates.

So lets take a look at this. With the crime rate at it’s lowest point in almost 40 years and judicial spending rising, the cops in Canada need to justify their existence. There’s big money in heightened security and enforcement, and one way to get in on that cash is to jump on the heightened terror bandwagon. But with no terrorist acts going on in Canada, what better time to enact new terrorism laws than right after a widely publicized bombing a few hundred miles away, and justify it by arresting two suspected terrorists on the same day the bill goes for it’s final push through the House of Commons.

And the fact that one of the men is from Palestine and they were allegedly getting instructions from al-Qaeda in Iran, both countries villified by Israel, the icing is on the cake because it now sets the stage for Canadian involvement with it’s buddies in the Middle East in a war against Iran.

Who pays for these new completely unnecessary laws and new police powers? We do, in the form of new taxes as well as less civil liberties. We’re the hosts that the parasites will be living off of through enforcement of their new laws against us. The police seem to be doing a great job already. The crime rate is low and they caught the suspected terrorists without the help of any new laws. Why would they need more power?

Who gains the most from all this? They’re already doing things like this to us to keep their paychecks rolling in, and they want more power?

Canadian Terrorists

By Paul Short on 23/04/2013

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