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Your Kids Are Worth Big $$$$$ To Child Services

Your Kids Are Worth Big $$$$$ To Child ServicesBelow is a link to download a PDF file containing the results learned from an investigation into various child services agencies in the US. But this isn’t unique to the US, it’s like it in many Western countries, especially Canada and Britain, and with the recent revelations about child abuse and pedophilia in governments and elite circles coming to light, well, you’ve been warned.

An Expose on the Child Abuse Industry

A two-year investigation by a Los Angeles Newspaper Group found that the system has taken thousands of children away from their parents in cases where it may not have been necessary or advisable, sending them to homes that are sometimes more dangerous than the ones they left. This happens nationwide, not just in LA.

The reason? It appears to be a twisted system of financial incentives that rewards states and counties for placing additional children in foster care–from $30,000 to $150,000 for each child.

The reward system, which one expert called the “perverse incentive factor,” has led L.A. County and others to whisk children away from their parents when alternatives might have worked as well or better . . .

Download the full report here: Child Services Exploiting Kids For Profit

By Paul Short on 02/04/2013

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