If You’re Playing Hide And Seek, Don’t Tell Anyone Where You Are

Hide And Seek - How I Protect My PrivacyIt makes total sense, doesn’t it? If you’re playing a game of hide and seek and it’s your turn to hide, do you tell the seeker where you are?

I see so many people online bragging about how they’re using whiz-bang software or stealthy techniques to conceal their online activities. They usually complain about having their computer hacked, or companies and govs spying on them, then they go on facebook or their favorite forum and outline in detail the security measures they’re taking.

It’s ridiculous to do such a thing. They’re probably the same people who have their houses broken into and then put a big sticker on their windows advertising the brand of security system they just installed. Sure, it might deter the petty theives but it’s an invitation to the more savvy who know the ins and outs of that particular security system.

Folks, if you want to protect your online identity, or take any security measures for that matter, don’t advertise it. Here, I’ll show you 3 of the things I’m doing to protect my own privacy online:

See how simple that was? Do you know anything about how I protect my privacy now?

Ahhh, but Paul, I can see your IP address when you visit my site, I can see what you write on your Twitter account and profile you, I can search through public records online, I can… you say?

Good luck with that, guys ‘n gals. While you’re all doing that I’ll be over here taking a nap. Wake me up when you find me.

By Paul Short on 20/04/2013

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