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OPPT Illuminati & Occult Ties Revealed

OPPT, or the One People’s Public Trust has been getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks. It’s allegedly a trust set up by a small group of people, headed by a lady named Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf who filed a slew of UCC documents that led to the foreclosure of the world’s governments, banks and corporations, thus, freeing mankind from government tyranny, debt slavery and corporate policy disguised as law.

There’s no doubt in most people’s minds that governments, banks and corporations are corrupt, especially given the current financial climate and extreme degree of government control over the lives of people around the world. So awareness is high and mainstream and the alternative media alike are relentlessly pumping out headline after apocalyptic headline shouting about how we’re on the edge of war and financial collapse, loss of freedoms through agendas like gun control and climate change, and imminent terror threats from enemies foreign and domestic.

Yet the people at OPPT HQ have not been arrested for attempting to overthrow the government? Anyway…

People are being force-fed fear-porn like never before so naturally they crave peace and security. Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

People are ready right now to leap off the edge of their seats and join the first freedom fighter claiming to have taken down the elites.

Enter OPPT. I first heard about them around two weeks ago and didn’t really pay much attention. But the din of “We’re Free! to DO and BE” kept pushing it from the periphery and into view. Freedom? The governments have been foreclosed on? The elite group of psychopaths enslaving humanity have been dethroned? You better darn well believe I was going to BE looking into that.

Optimistic, I rolled up my sleeves and started doing my research. But it didn’t take long for my mental siren to start wailing. The first thing that set it off was that they claim to have freed all of the one people on earth by using the elites tools of control against them on the one people’s behalf. They set up a trust and bonded everyone to it all without anyone’s knowledge or consent. Thus, giving them their rights back.

‘Scuse me? No one does anything on my behalf without my consent. No one bonds me to anything and no one gives me rights. You’re born with rights. Rights given are priveleges.

So I lit the midnight oil, put the coffee pot on and dug in. Here are more of the things I found:

They’re promoting one people, one consciousness, one world government, one world digital currency, one this one that collective… everything — a “new paradigm.” Sounds like the New World Order or NWO the conspiracy theorists, myself included, have been investigating for years now. But it gets better – they’re piggybacking a religious or spiritual belief system on top of it and talking about “light beings” and other newage stuff.

I found quite a few inconsistencies in their documents as well. Their CVAC Filing (PDF) is a financing statement registered with the US government under the UCC, or Universal Commercial Code. Yes, that’s the same set of policy the elites used as one of the tools to enslave us. At the top of page 2, you see this:

This FINANCING STATEMENT covers the following collateral:

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE: This DECLARATION AND ORDER is issued and entered to correct errors existing due to automated filing systems altering original DECLARATION AND ORDER, duly entered into International Law Ordinance, noticed by public registration, UCC Doc # 2012113593, with Receipt No. 1262529, October 22, 2012, 06:00:07 AM, amending UCC Doc. # 2000043135, the perpetuity, restated and incorporated by reference herein in their entirety as if set forth infull, only to include additional collateral; Any and all corrections herein made by the issuance of this original DECLARATION AND ORDER, restated in its entirety as follows, duly re-entered into International Law Ordinance, noticed by public registration, governing CVAC, incorporated by annex as follows:

Interesting. OPPT claims to have freed mankind from corporations and governments, yet the CVAC center (Creator’s Value Asset Center) is incorporated under the UCC as “governing CVAC“. Also interesting to note here is that the CVAC centers are widely said to be interim governments to help people with the transition to the new paradigm. The document clearly states “the perpetuity“. Perpetuity means forever, whereas interim means temporary or, in the mean time.

People who are truly free are self-governing, are they not? How can you be free from corporations and governments if you’re governed by a corporation?

In their Disclosure Announcement dated December 25, 2012, declaring us all free, at the bottom of page 2 and top of page 3, there’s mention of a digital currency system where about $5billion will be deposited for each person on the planet, with another $5bil as damages, and all tangible goods will be given a digital value and deposited as well. Keep in mind, this is for the whole planet, all 7+ billion of us.

Is this the one world currency the conspiracy theorists have been warning us about? How will they keep track of who uses what, the transactions and exchanges? At the very least everyone will need a card with a unique identifier on it. What about people who provide services like Internet access, sewer systems, upkeep of highways, etc. Will a little bit be taken out of everyone’s account to pay those people, how much will that be and how much is left? These questions are as yet unanswered. For a group of people replacing governments and economies and everything else worldwide, they do not appear to be very prepared to take on such a monumental task. Another interesting thing to note is that this is what we call a central bank. Isn’t that another one of the things they abolished?

There’s a ton more inconsistencies in all the documents that conflict with what they say their vision is. It’s right there for everyone to read. But read it with an objective eye and mind. If you read them from the vantage point of a believer in OPPT, you’ll be blinded by the message.

Now let’s get on to a few other disturbing things. First of all, let’s take a look at the oaths they swore when they appointed themselves as trustees over the planet and it’s resources. On this page, you’ll see the oath Heather swore, pledging herself as being benevolent, transparent and truthful to the one people. At the bottom of the pages you’ll see big red fingerprints over her signatures.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of this practice of sealing documents with a red thumbprint? A cursory search on Google will say it’s a blood oath that binds (bond, bonded) you to the terns of the document. But if you poke around in places you’ve been told not to look, you will discover that it’s an ancient occult blood-letting ritual that binds your body and soul to the terms. I’ll say it again, it’s an ancient occult blood-letting ritual.

Now, to be fair here, this is not unique to OPPT. There are many rituals in law that you yourself often perform. Writing your signature on a document means nothing. It’s just ink on paper. It’s the symbolic act of pledging your honor, or agreeing to it that makes it binding. But, I digress…

These people are also heavily into newage beliefs with roots in the occult, the mystery schools and ritual symbolism – a quasi religion if you will. When interviewed, the founders rarely talk of any of the specifics of the movement. It’s mainly about how they foreclosed, go look at the documents, and how we are all now free to BE and DO as we please. There’s talk about beings of light, people manifesting angels, etc. There’s also talk of the new awakening, ascending to another dimension. On a blogtalkradio interview, someone claiming to be close to the OPPT said there will be an announcement on March 21, 2013 where something huge will be revealed.

March 21 is the equinox, a date claimed by ufoligists and the like to be the day of Ascention for about half of humanity, separating the wheat from the chaff, where some of us will ascend into the 5th dimension and the rest will be left behind. Sounds kind of ominous for people like myself who, not believing in all this will probably be left behind.

And speaking of dates of significance…

In the people’s trust logo further down this page, as well as in the peoplestrust1776.org domain name, the year 1776 is used. The original people’s trust in the U.S. was actually formed in 1781. Sources pushing the OPPT say that the year 1776 is used because it’s the year the American Revolution started and the Declaration of independence was ratified, signifying their freedom from British rule.

But 1776 was also the year the Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1st in Ingolstadt, Upper Bavaria. It was disbanded a few years later. But in modern use, the word Illuminati:

“…refers to various organizations claiming or purported to have unsubstantiated links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, and often alleged to conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order and gain further political power and influence. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows…

And this is also interesting to note, the numbers 1,7,7 & 6 when added together equal 21, connected now to the date of ascention, the equinox and date of the big reveal out of OPPT, as well as this juicy little numerological revelation:

21, a number of mystical import, partly because it is the product of 3 and 7, the most sacred of the odd numbers, but especially because it is the sum of the numerical value of the letters of the Divine Name, Eheyeil, thus:

5+ 10+ 5+ 1 = 21.

It is deemed of great importance in the Cabala and in Alchemy; in the latter, because it refers to the twenty-one days of distillation necessary for the conversion of the grosser metals into silver.

- Source: Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

On December 25, 2012, a Tuesday, the spokesperson for the OPPT “movement” released an announcement declaring the world’s governments, banks and corporations that had been enslaving humanity had been foreclosed and their power, gone. All of humanity had been saved.

Heather herself says in an interview that I can’t seem to find now, but it’s out there transcribed somewhere that the foreclosures happened in mid October, 2012, but they decided to wait and make the announcement on Christmas day. This makes it a gift. But it also hijacks one of the most important days in Christianity, the anniversary of the saviour’s birth.

Given the heavy spiritual way the OPPT is being pushed, did they just symbolically claim to be the second coming of Christ, the new saviour of mankind?


I researched “light Beings” and where the belief came from. I found that in Angelology, a little known area of Theology, an ancient mystery school belief says that a character called Lamael, meaning “In the Light of the Source” is an archangel who would one day become the second coming of Christ who would reappear to save humanity from evil, likely on a Tuesday. The name has been misinterperted by some to mean Lumiel, the character upon which the modern concepts of Lucifer and the Luciferian cult is based.

It’s believed that if this character Lamael were to manifest itself in real life, it would be a creature with the body of a lion and the head of man, or what we commonly know today as a Sphinyx. And the first example of a Sphinyx that pops into my mind is the one sitting in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Lamael the Sphinyx

The Sphinyx, pyramids, the great pyramid in particular, are heavily used in Illuminati and secret society symbolism. From the infamous truncated pyramid on the U.S. one dollar bill with the all seeing eye, or eye of Horus, and “New Order of the Ages” below in Latin (new paradigm?), to the sphinyx guarding the entrances of some Masonic temples and dozens, if not hundreds of others, it’s everywhere.

Now, even I thought I was postulating by connecting OPPT to the pyramids and illuminati symboslim, until I took a closer look at the logo in the letterhead of the documents posted at peoplestrust1776.org. The logo shows three rays of light shining on a pyramid. The center ray of light has the halo. So to anyone believing that the three trustees have shone light on the illuminati’s most revered symbol, I can see how they would see it as a great way to communicate their benevolent intent. Rah Rah Rah!

OPPT Logo Pyramids

But when you flip the image of the logo upside down by rotating it 180° it tells a completely different story.

Upside down OPPT Logo meaning

Now, the image of the pyramid is brought to the top, and clearly shows it from a more accurate spatial perspective. Imagine it in 3D as if you were taking an arial photo of the real pyramid from a few hundred feet above the ground and looking at a corner.

I thought “no way, that’s too obvious.” So I just had to know. I found the dimensions of the great pyramid online, used a bit of math to scale it down and built a cardboard scale model so that I could prove it to myself. It took about an hour for me to get the vantage point right using a camera and tripod, adjusting the height, the angle, etc. But when I loaded the image of my scale model onto the computer and used a protractor to measure the angles, and scale, sure enough, the pyramid depicted on the upside down People’s Trust logo has the same scale, dimensions and angles as the great pyramid of Giza, to within about 1°

The chances of the pyramid in the upside down logo having the same dimensions and angles as the real one at Giza are miniscule unless it was done intentionally, and even more miniscule when you consider the following photo I took of my computer screen while measuring the angle at the top with a protractor:

OPPT Hidden Illuminati Meaning

Notice how the angle at the top of the pyramid on the 180° rotated logo is 10° off of 90° causing the side of it to line up with both the 100° mark and 80° mark? And if you flip the protractor, it of course lines up the same on the other side.

Someone with solid skills in math and geometry took a lot of time to do this. Think about it – rotating the image 180° figuring out how to take a 3 dimensional exact-scale depiction of the great pyramid of Giza and tilting it so that it produces a 100 and 80 when measuring the angle at the top. The probablity of this happening by chance while some graphic artist or logo designer was putting this together are close enough to nil to be considered impossible.

Logos and symbols are designed to communicate a message to those viewing them. Someone who doesn’t know the key to the code won’t be able to decode the message. In fact, they may not even realize there’s a message at all. But if you look long enough you’ll see the hidden meaning.

And now that we know about the 180° which signifies the opposite on a circle or rotation, and the painstakingly encoded 180′s in the pyramid itself, let’s continue with that theme of opposites and look at where the light is coming from.

In the upright logo, it’s coming from above the pyramid with a halo around it, depicting benevolence since it’s coming from the heavens. In the rotated logo, it’s shining up from a hole in the ground, depicting the opposide, a light from hell. Malevolence is defined as “Having or showing a wish to do evil to others.

Carry that theme of opposites back through everything I have written above about the conflicts and how what they say seems to be 180° or opposite to what their documents say.

Imagine if you offered these documents to someone you were trying to deceive, so that the papers were upright to them but upside down for you. In the logo, they would see the rays of light coming from the heavens and shining the light on the Illuminati. You, however, would see the logo in it’s true light, with the pyramid elevated in all it’s glory by light emanating from hell.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me the mystery of OPPT’s true intent might be solved.

You have been notified.

All images in the post above were used for critical analysis and educational purposes in accordance with U.S. Copyright law’s fair use provisions.

By Paul Short on 17/03/2013

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27 Responses to “OPPT Illuminati & Occult Ties Revealed”

  1. UndiFineD says:

    Sorry Paul, you got it wrong.
    *The government chooses how much TAX you will need to pay, how is that with your consent ? You now have the choice to stay governed.
    *”one people, one consciousness, one world government, one world digital currency, one this one that collective… everything”
    No, self governance, you can make use of the same system others are using, or you can choose you’re own.
    *CVAC’s are not going to happen, well except for 1 which is already active. We are all CVAC’s but you don’t want to be called a CVAC, you and I are human beings, so that one is gone. We choose to live and cooperate together or part ways.
    *A large group promotes a world without money, other see the need for an interim equal value system to teach others there is no need for money.
    Seems no money is a direction we may turn to.
    *”What about people who provide services like Internet access, sewer systems, upkeep of highways, etc.”
    Ever heard of crowd-funding ? communities used to build whatever was needed for the community together long before money.
    *Disclosure on December 25, 2012
    There was an amount of time to rebut the filing which past on December 25th.
    *a ton more inconsistencies
    Keep them coming, I love good criticism where valid. :D
    I was very critical as well, and I have kept on following the shows.
    For things to explode in a positive sense, I really need to see won cases with the Courtesy Notice.
    *the logo
    Not going into this, it may as well have been an exclamation-mark.

    Love to hear more solid critism, but I am not sold on your believes of NWO.

    • Paul Short says:

      Keep swallowing what you’re being fed. It’s always been your right. I prefer to make my own dinner. That way I can choose the healthiest ingredients and discard the rest.

      Edit: And about the logo, the Illuminati and secret societies have been using symbols with hidden meanings for centuries. It’s one of their most effective methods of concealing their involvement and knowledge from outsiders. This has been known by researchers for a long time as well. Google “Illuminati Symbolism” and find sites that concentrate on this topic. Visit Vigilant Citizen has years of exhaustive research posted about it.

      If you choose to ignore what is known in favor of believing in what is unknown, that’s your choice and I respect that wholeheartedly. But the reason I took nearly 2 weeks out of my life to delve into this OPPT thing is because if they pull the wool over enough people’s eyes and fool them into adding their energy to a movement so obviously the opposite of what it appears to be on the surface is that I have family, friends, a world and myself to look out for. This thing gaining enough steam would affect me in profound ways even though I am not a willing participant. And that’s not my idea of being free.

  2. Ree says:

    The pyramid symbol was hijacked by the Illuminati when they stole the throne from the real divine rulers, the ancient Egyptian god/goddess. There is two sides to every coin and people seem to be putting there focus to the negative. There is SO much more to the pyramid symbol than the Illuminati and it seems only right the light would reclaim it.

    • Paul Short says:

      Then why does the pyramid in the logo only come in the proper perspective when it is turned upside down, opposite to how OPPT depicts it? In the right light, which I assume you mean OPPT, the pyramid is skewed, the apparent shadow at the bottom is disproportionate in relation to where the light source is, etc.

      The logo speaks for itself and you choose not to see the message.

      Divine rulers? Free people don’t have rulers, yet OPPT is preaching freedom.

      More conflicts. More opposites. Keep proving the point of the article for me.

  3. ReallyFree says:

    Great expose! More thoughts and info here http://anticorruptionsociety.com/oppt-one-peoples-public-trust/

  4. epola says:

    Great analysis!
    Ya, i first heard about this in a fabric store,
    i figured it was a fabrication from the beginning.
    Something just seamed wrong.

    • Paul Short says:

      LOL! Not sure if this is one of those weird blog spam comments or not, but I’m leaving it here because it’s so hilarious. :D

      • NoMercy says:

        The one thing i would like to see is this claim by them, the oppt being rebutted. They claim no one can rebut anything that they have stated as the absolute truth. Would you be so kind as to complete what you have started above, and show them for the frauds they are?

        • Paul Short says:

          I’ve already shown them to be frauds. We all know the banks and govs are corrupt. So filing papers saying so is just stating the obvious. So filing a counterclaim is pointless.

          In my opinion, and I don’t expect many others to share this opinion, the best thing to do is nothing and just ignoring them. They’re trying to set themselves up as leaders by co-opting the truth about banks and govs and using it to reinforce their validity. Leaders can’t have any real power unless they have followers, so if we ignore them, they’ll have no power. They’ll just be standing there with a bunch of legal papers in their hands shouting at passers-by who are paying no attention to them.

  5. Jim Stone says:

    I skimmed this article enough to get the idea, and noticed a peculiar thing about that logo.

    It’s a STAR OF DAVID. Look at the two forms – the blue and gold forms. There are three blue points and three gold points. That is an acceptable star of david.

    Who knows if it is relevant or not, but that type of thing signals an alert to me. Who knows if the entire movement is corrupt or not, but it certainly does have at least one hole.

  6. ReallyFree says:

    These guys have done a lot of research on OPPT here: http://finalequinox.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6107

  7. FoolishUR says:

    Wow I could barely stomach reading your thoroughly INACCURATE piece on the OPPT.

    Seriously, you call yourself a “researcher” when you have obviously allowed your BIASED opinion to taint an otherwise true and honest accounting of what the OPPT filings has done for humanity?
    Sounds like you need a new career instead of falsely reporting on things you have no concept of, and even worse don’t understand, so you attack. UndifinD did a good job of giving you an alternative view but your oppressed, jaded mind refuses to even consider another point of view and you say you are looking out for the world? HA! The best thing to do is ignore you and your 2 flimsy weeks worth of false, biased, useless researching. If you had done at least an adequate job you would have found that the OPPT DIDN’T BOND ANYONE TO ANYTHING! and this was your first false statement after that it was just lie after lie mixing in things like numerology and blood letting rituals that has nothing to do with the facts of OPPT. Drawing out an upsidedown pyramid claiming it proof to be an illuminati organization is laughable at best. Until you have the brain power to actually refute the documents line by line telling us why they are not up to your specifications then I would keep your false accusations and blatant lies to yourself.

    • Paul Short says:

      Please, drawing out the pyramid?

      Do the calculations yourself. It has the same dimensions and proportions as a scaled down model of the great pyramid of Giza to with one degree.

      And the other stuff came from their own docs, podcasts, etc.

      Your comment is nothing more than an ad hominem attack to discredit me, and by extension my work, so people won’t look and see the truth in the information for themselves.

      • FoolishUR says:

        Hahahaha you make me laugh…this coming from a guy who spammed Heather’s email with 6,000 emails DEMANDING THE 5 BILLION IMMEDIATELY….when she didn’t answer you, you began calling her Lucifer. Get the story straight for everyone Paul, and let’s see if you have the gonads to print this response.

        By the way, the pyramid is not necessarily an illuminati symbol, It is all about the INTENT in which you use it, but you are so stuck in 3 D, dualistic mentality I don’t expect you to get it since you want to see evil all around you.

        Do yourself a favor and back off of OPPT with all the negativity you love to spew, it is already done, whether or not you want to continue your silly tantrums to get attention to your site. Anyway, thanks for the contrast!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Hey Paul, that’s the best article I’ve seen yet on the whole OPPT thing. This is just an attempt at an end run by these persistent pests and I agree: ignore them.
    You’re doing really good work here and so is your friend Jim Stone.
    Many thanks and keep it real from a like-minded friend in Canada!

  9. ReallyFree says:

    Don’t let them get to you Paul! Be safe! Here’s a bit more to possibly add to the mix. http://universallyaware.ning.com/forum/topics/who-is-heather-ann-tucci-jarraf

    • Paul Short says:

      Hi ReallyFree, thanks for the link.

      I would rather concentrate on the their dealings and associations surrounding OPPT than things that happened to someone in their personal life in the past.

      But I’m leaving your link up because further down that page there are some things that others might be interested in, like legal career, financial associations, etc.

  10. Foehammer says:

    Upfront, i have studied some on this OPPT movement, felt unsure about everthing i have seen so far, now after reading your article Paul ,i have to say my internal alarm is going off as well,i’ll be staying away from any of the oppt movements. Good job on your research and keep up the good work

  11. Anon says:

    The light beings are fallen angels. I’ve been attending a local UFO group down road for the last 3 years, the guy who runs it interacts with these. This person gets light ships over his house, he calls them “The Brotherhood of Light”. This is also knows as The Heirachy, The Brotherhood, The Great White Brotherhood, Ascended Masters among many other names.

    JJ Hurtak is a big advocate for the brotherhood of light, and the group has sessions which studies the Key of Enoch a new age bible written by Hurtak which talks deeply about the brotherhood.

    There is also couple of young new age chaps in town I know who seem be funded by god knows what and they travel around and open ley lines, visit sacred sites, consult with UN bodies like UNESCO, council fortune 500 companies, hang with JJ Hurtak and are heavily invovled in the bogus environmental movement and on and on I could go. They too are Keys of Enoch adepts. It’s all so fishy, I don’t know who is funding these 2 local charactors, they are too successful to be doing it on their own, they are very young and seem to be awfully misguided.

    Getting back to The Brotherhood of Light, it is interesting that researcher Fritz Springmeier puts them at the top of the illuminati pyramid.

    I haven’t the heart to tell my friends down the road what they are involved with. I still attend groups but from a totally different view point these days, just research mode.

    On a final note as you mentioned Theosophy plays a heavy part in this, and they worship Lucifer. The group I attend has guest speakers, many of them talking and teaching Alice Baileys work. What is an oxymoron is that the people in this group all know about NWO, but the NWO has them utterly hood winked, but they think they have the leg up. Sad.

  12. Jenni says:

    Heathers reply to the claims of Illuminati symbolism with in the OPPT logo

    “the logo is representative of the parts of the slavery systems, all of it in all of its dimensions….and they are placed with in an energy of CIRCLE OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH…inclusive of the UCC…to contain, quarantine and neutralize the energetic patterns of the systems while all review the Absolute Data to make informed choices”.

    Oh and no body is bonded to anything unless they choose to be and if you dissect anything to this extent you will find issues in anything like those made outrageous claims about mother Tresa

  13. Jenni says:

    Having said that I am not claiming to be completely on board with OPPT but I am remaining open minded