Have We Been Genetically Programmed To Act Like Sheeple?

Have We Been Genetically Programmed To Act Like Sheeple?Programmable DNA – All DNA is programmable with time. Look at any living creature, plant, anything that has DNA. Over time (evolution), a creature’s DNA adapts to it’s environment.

A polar bear’s fur turned white to allow it to blend in with it’s environment so it can hide in plain sight, making it easier to get close to it’s prey. It developed glands in it’s skin that secrete oils that waterproof it’s fur so it can swim in frigid water for extended periods of time without freesing to death, and the oils, fur and a dense layer of fat insulate it from extreme cold, wind and snow.

Other creatures, plants, etc. change based on how their predators change. A northern seal pup is white so that it remains largely invisible on the ice and snow, but it’s fur changes to black or gray in color when it’s old enough to swim, because a bear looking down into the water or swimming would have a harder time seeing it in the murky depths of the oceans darkness.

I could go on listing animals and plants and how they have adapted, but it is sufficient to say that EVERY living thing that has DNA can and has adapted to it’s environment. If it hadn’t, it simply would not exist today. It’s *built in* to the creature’s DNA.

My assertion with the programmable theory is this:

With all the advancements humans have made in technology, medicine and sciences recently that involve DNA, the copious amounts of published information showing that DNA can be decoded, manipulated, cloned, etc., plus all the research we’re seeing about things like toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pollutants, etc. that can change the makeup of DNA, not to mention scientists ability to alter DNA and produce things like GMO soybeans, corn, wheat, and other plants and animals…

And given what we know about the nature of the inner workings of the minds of those we commonly refer to as “The Powers That Be, The NWO, government alphabet agencies, NGOs, etc.” and their obvious and apparent plans to gain perpetual power over us by any means necessary…

How much of a stretch would it be to conclude that a near perfect way to remain in control of ‘we the people’ would be to use technology, science, meds, poisons, etc. to artificially ‘open up’ our genetic makeup so that it’s more suggestable to environmental changes that accelerate our natural evolutionary processes?

Think about it – DNA adapts to environmental stimuli over time. This stimuli can be the need for food and shelter from the elements, so the polar bear mentioned above developed the white fur and the oil glands and fatty layers. But it happened over extremly long periods of time, like millions of years. If fundamental changes happened quickly in the polar bear’s environment, too quickly for the animal’s DNA to reprogram itself in response to those changes, the bears would likely die off. However, if that bear’s DNA adapted fast enough, the bears would change their color, genetic makeup, instinctive habits, etc. and they would survive.

Humans are the same when it comes to genetics, except our abilities to adapt come from having a much larger brain and intellect. We can put on more clothes or insulate our homes if the weather suddenly becomes colder. We can act or react quickly based on rapid changes in our environment.

And one of the most rapid changes taking place in our environment right now is a perpetual climate of fear, created artificially by the powers that be, seemingly beyond our control. Combine this with the simultaneous introduction of artificial things like drugs, pollutants, food products, packaging, clothing, or virtually anything manmade, over which ‘we’ have no real control or choice but to use and consume… things that ‘they’ made, while knowing the negative impact these substances have on our genetic makeup…

And we can conclude with a high degree of certainty that by creating an artifical environment that weakens our DNA — DNA that is already programmable by the environment — it’s being done intentionally.

Now, I realize that the above conclusion is somewhat of a stretch, so I’ll back it up with a bit more here that would have been a digression had I mentioned it earlier…

Looking back through recorded history and even pre-history, every major civilization that has existed to our knowledge has been based on some form of hierarchy where a small group of people have more-or-less controlled, or been looked up to, to provide guidance or support in some way to a larger population of people who did not have the means, or were forced, to not take care of every aspect of their lives themselves.

Each of these civilizations looked up to this ruler or group as being powerful, knowledgable or different in some way. The ruler or group may have been able to rally the troops to protect the people from invasion by enemies, thieves, etc. The rulers may have been edified as a god or religious figure, or they may have ruled through the threat of force or exclusion from a society or the benefits and priveleges… or the threat of death. Either way, for many thousands of years, a ruling class has been in place for the bulk of humans and their history.

And that ruling class is still in power today.

Is it already a part of the genetic makeup of humans to be predisposed to seek a ruler, god or authority for guidance, regardless of whether that higher power treats them well or not?

All throughout history, the bulk of humanity has believed in unseen gods whom they believe to be all-powerful, without question.

Scientists of late have even claimed to have isolated the God Gene.

What a perfect way for a malevolent ruling class to create a race of people subservient to their every demand, a population of workers just smart enough to perform tasks and take basic care of themselves, who will look up to them as having ultimate authority; as Gods.

Edited to add:

I’d like to solidify and tie everything together here by posing some (admittedly rethorical) questions:

Why would EVERYTHING produced for our consumption, use or in our environment (chemtrails, clothing, cookware, mattresses, building materials, etc.) by any government regulated entity, contain materials that are known to be toxic to us, no matter how seemingly insignificant the level of toxicity? Why would those materials and chemicals be mandated when for the most part they serve no other purpose?

Before anyone tries to answer “Money” would it not make more sense to have a healthy population who could work harder for longer periods of time, producing more, paying more taxes, paying for themselves, maximizing profit and minimizing expenditures for their care?

The money argument falls apart.

Are they trying to kill us all, or most of us?

If they did that, they would have to do everything themselves and no one can convince me that some multi-billionnaire is going to be on his hands and knees in a garden pulling carrots out of the ground, or gutting a fish for dinner. Killing us all would throw the rulers back into the stone ages themselves in terms of how they like decadence and a luxurious lifestyles. They need a population to prop them up and keep themselves elevated in a position of power. The more people on this planet, the richer they are.

But to expand on the last sentence in the previous paragraph, their current published agendas, like the ones being carried out by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and papers written by people like Henry Kissenger warn that the maximum number of people they can reasonably control while still maintaining their power over the population is around 10 billion. We’re already at 7 billion and they’re seeing the feasibility slipping and loss of complete control, so they’re ramping up their efforts.

If, as some of the theories already suggest, they were to kill us off and bring the population down by 90%, the powers that be’s wealth generation capabilities would also revert back by about the same percentage in the grand scheme of things.

In those population control agendas, what they’re really saying is “Ok, we have reached the pinnacle of wealth, now we’re taking measures to stay right where we are, forever.”

How you achieve the MAXIMIZE COMPLIANCE of such a massive number of people, a group so large that individual enforcement is impossible and even group efforts like media propaganda, school systems and fearmongering campaigns are not enopugh?

In a generation or two, it could be done through altering our genetic makeup by using everything we come into contact with — the very environment that they have engineered for us — to weaken our DNA so that rapid rewriting is possible, so that we can be programmed to be more compliant and inherently dependant on them all by ourselves.

Transhumanism. Maximum Compliance. Freezing our natural evolution right where it is. That’s what it’s all about.

Yes, they are killing some of us off, especially those of us they know to be aware of or at least those who see through some of their plans. This also ties in with the DNA thing, in that they do not want those abilities to be passed on to any future generations. It’s the same reason they broke up the families, so that the younc would not have the opportunity to learn from older people from generations that existed before the accelerated programming began. They don’t want the new generation knowing anything that could cause resistance to their plans.

By Paul Short on 03/02/2013

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