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Michael Hastings OBVIOUSLY murdered by bomb on gas tank, June 19 2013

This report is now finished and VASTLY improved. Please re-copy and paste, after a LOT of analysis it's really damning


"For all 3 of those normal reasons, which account for virtually all car fires in modern cars, the fire would have started in the engine compartment, progressed slowly, and scorched the hell out of the paint before ever reaching the gas tank. That clean paint is the be all tell all, Michael Hastings was murdered, and the rest is detail."

UPDATE: Accident scenes switched. They swapped cars and locations to hide explosive damage, PROOF IS BELOW

UPDATE: It seems to me that Hastings may have been dead, his car parked there, and then blown up with him in it. This is because the flames are way too fresh for the car to have been there long, there is no impact damage where the car "struck the tree" to cause a gas tank explosion, and there are no flames on the road behind the car to indicate it was blown up while it was moving.

This appears to be a classic mafia hit, where you are killed and then burned in a car to hide the evidence. In this case, they obviously used a bomb to blow the gas tank as evidenced by the fact that the rear portion of the car is blown open and shredded with the rest of the car nicely intact, read the initial analysis below. And obviously, there was no high speed crash as reported by the lie factory. I will be working on this throughout the day.

It was perfect to have this happen on a late late Tuesday night, the quietest night of the week, one so quiet that many restaurants will not open. This would have helped ensure a proper setup with few witnesses.

Take a look at the following screen capture of this "crash" and observe a few things:

1. There is no impact damage to this car. The only damage there is BLOWN OUT in the back, not smashed in the front and it obviously missed the tree as it rolled to a stop. The front bumper is obscured by the tree, all the way to the tire, OOPS!

2. This was a Mercedes, not a Pinto, which means it did not burst into flames on its own. One (seldom quoted) eyewitness said the car "exploded". Interesting stuff.

3. Here is where it starts to get REALLY damning - LOOK AT THE FRONT PASSENGER DOOR. The paint is PERFECT yet the entire car is ablaze. This means that whoever photographed this was on scene right away, with a camera ready to film this in the wee hours of the morning, and nail it before the fire scorched the paint. HMMMMMM . . . . . .

4. Unlike what the so called single "eyewitness" report says about a high speed crash, the car did not impact a tree. The car did not impact ANYTHING. Look at where the car stopped. The car went off the road at a few miles an hour and missed the tree as it rolled to a stop.

5. There is no damage to the front of the car, it has no frontal impact damage AT ALL, it is blown out in the back and not crunched in from the front. HOW ON EARTH DID THAT BLOWN OUT BACK END HAPPEN?


Here we have a car FULLY, and I mean FULLY in flames, from front to back, with NO SCORCHED PAINT because the flame is too new, which means the flame went from the back of the car to the front of the car instantaneously, at the same time it breached the floor and engulfed the passenger compartment before it had a chance to scorch anything, which means ONE THING - A BOMB ON THE GAS TANK, and a PHOTOGRAPHER READY TO SNAP THE PHOTO VERY EARLY ON. Even rapid car fires take time to progress through the car, and totally scorch the paint as they progress. Only a bomb could have blown gas through the floor to the inside of the passenger compartment and under the car all the way to the front of the engine compartment and lit the whole thing up at once. That's the only explanation for the shiny paint while it sits completely engulfed in flames. That flame did not progress through that car, it was blown through it with force and the photographer was on the scene the moment it happened and bagged a perfect shot. I'd like to know how that happened - early morning walk?

I'd like to also mention something here - Sheriff Larry Dever was most likely killed by an ECM hack, because he was driving something big and needed a serious high speed accident. With me, when they tried, the incident was with a semi because I was driving a Geo Metro. And in the case of Michael Hastings, his car was such a safe one that you could not guarantee a death in an incident with a semi, and also could not guarantee a death in a high speed crash. I'd bet Hastings wore his seat belt all the time, and Dever did not, and the murderers would know these details before doing it. So to have Hastings definitely dead, kill him first, put him in his car, and blow the gas tank. It may have been possible to remote control the car to where it is with the engine computer via an ECU hack with the oh so convenient Federally mandated always on 3g cell connection to the heart of the car's control computer with Hastings dead the entire time, and just blow the bomb when the car was where they wanted it. Mercedes are extremely advanced, and it is possible Hasting's car was full drive by wire.

No matter how you slice this particular pie, a Mercedes is not just going to explode into flames without a little assistance. Car fires in new cars happen for three main reasons - running the engine out of oil, or running the engine out of coolant, or after an absolutely huge car mangling accident, having the hot side of the battery short out against the frame before it reaches the fuse panel. And for all 3 of those normal reasons, which account for virtually all car fires in modern cars, the fire would have started in the engine compartment, progressed slowly, and scorched the hell out of the paint before ever reaching the gas tank. That clean paint is the be all tell all, Michael Hastings was murdered, and the rest is detail.


Here is what they want you to believe

But that is not consistent with this: And notice the trees.

All of these photos are from the same news video. One question - Why is there a sheet on the front of the car in the photo below? Why are the trees not the same as in the original photo above? Where is the blown out section at the rear of the car, which is CLEARLY visible in the original photo above?

The answer is obvious. THEY SWITCHED CARS AND LOCATIONS FOR THE DAY TIME PHOTO OP. Look at both of these pictures, you can clearly see the car is not the same. The location is not the same. On top of that, why is the car still there the NEXT DAY, 10 hours after the crash, when wrecks always get towed away within a couple hours, as soon as the flames are out? Why is the front end not mangled in the original photo, or even the tree for that matter?

For the day time photo op which should not have been possible anyway (it would have been towed long before) they used a different location with different trees, and interspersed the night time fire photos and the daytime shots with those of a different wreck to show pictures of a car that was not destroyed by a bomb. Just look and think, it is OBVIOUS.

This is so far out there that I had to double and triple confirm I did not screw this up, and indeed I did not, ALL of the photos are frame captures from the exact same news video. They TOTALLY blew it with this one.

This is as screwed up as Woolwich.

A note to the setup crew: When you produce your garbage, REMEMBER, it is going to be analyzed by a LOT of brilliant people, and if you are STUPID your efforts won't cut it. I am ashamed of you, SURELY the old world Russia or maybe East Berlin would have done this A LOT BETTER.


For those of you who do not know, Michael Hastings was the Rolling Stone reporter who interviewed Assange, brought down General McChrystal, and did several other high level exposures of government corruption.



The Facebook page which I had nothing to do with creating, quickly became one of the best news pages on the web.

I am blown away by what Farganne and others made it. It was anything but a "faceplant". Take a look, and if you like what you see, bookmark it and share it. This appears to be uncensored so far.

Landingnewly posted the following to the forum

My comments are interspersed

Whether by CoreVPro or Windows, they are opening THE BACK DOOR

Sharyl Attkisson Shares Update On Computer Hacking Investigation

Just days after CBS News confirmed that reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer had indeed been hacked, Attkisson spoke to Dom Giordano about the investigation.

“This suspicious activity has been going on for quite some time – both on my CBS computer and my personal computer,” Attkisson said. “CBS then hired its own independent cyber security firm, which has been conducting a thorough forensic exam… they were able to rule out malware, phishing programs, that sort of thing.”

Attkisson described some of the bizarre things that were happening with her Computer. “There were just signs of unusual happenings for many months, odd behavior like the computers just turning themselves on at night and then turning themselves back off again. I was basically able to verify and obtain information from my sources on the suspicious activity, and I reported it to CBS News in January because of course it included CBS equipment and systems.”

My comment:

The computers turning themselves on at night happened compliments of your new Intel CoreVpro processors. Watch that video, and FROM NOW ON, BUY AMD. My two year old AMD quad core laptop keeps pace with the current CoreVpro I5. You get what you pay for. Don't get the cheapest AMD.

Attkisson could not speak about whether the hacking was related to her questions about Benghazi because of “legal counsel”, but she did say her work at that time was primarily on the occurrence.

My comment - With the NSA hacking everyone all the time, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT AS A REPORTER?

“Whoever was in my work computer, the only thing I was working on were work-related things with CBS, were big stories I guess during the time period in question, were I guess Benghazi and ‘Fast and Furious’. The intruders did have access to personal information, including passwords to my financial accounts and so on, but didn’t tamper with those; so they weren’t interested in stealing my identity or doing things to my finances. So people can decide on their own what they might have been trying to do in there.”

My comment - Here is MY report on "Fast and Furious". Did CBS allow yours to nail it like THAT?

When asked how she felt about being hacked, Attkisson had this to say:

“Even apart from this specific incident with my computers… I operate as though someone is looking at what I do, just because that’s the safest thing,” Attkisson said. “While it’s upsetting to have that sort of intrusion done, it’s also not that unexpected.”

My comment - Operating as if "someone is looking" is NOT what you do in a free country. Any reports about the police state from you? Happy to EXPECT being watched?

I just nailed the Holonet BIG TIME

Jim Stone, June 18 2013


This may sound like an old theme here that is boring to you, but I suggest you pay attention to this particular rant BIG TIME

It is now obvious that all the supercomputers that have been purchased by various intelligence agencies are likely not for snooping. They are for faking a completely alternate internet universe, to cause people to not see the world as it really is

I just did an ambush log in to the forum server, which I have never accessed since starting the forum over new at a new location three months ago. I did this from a clean Linux boot through a Wifi connection I have never used before, and made the log in the first thing I did, to deny my machine the time it would need to synchronize with any spookware. Totally clean log in. And what I saw blew me away.

Here is what is happening - There were approximately 450,000 hits to the front page list of the forum, where you can see the discussions. But after that, GET THIS - THE NEWS FEED PAGE GOT 87 TOTAL HITS TO THE LOCAL SERVER. AND WHEN YOU HIT THE FORUM THROUGH THE "FRONT DOOR", THAT THREAD HAS 868 COMMENTS. HOW DOES A PAGE GET 87 HITS AND 868 COMMENTS? ANSWER - THAT PAGE IS HOSTED ON A BLACK OP SERVER, NOT MINE.

After seeing the legitimate stat page for the forum issued from the legitimate server, the connection was terminated and I could not re connect through it even to only access google. And to that I have to say, SCREW YOU, I ALREADY SAW IT.

What this means? The front page to the forum gets hit through the legitimate domain access, and upon the initial hit, you get secretly re-directed to the spook server and my server gets no hits at all. And I don't care if some genius mails me saying that they have software that can detect secret re-directs and he is not seeing that happen at all, THE STAT PAGE ON THE LEGITIMATE SERVER PROVES THIS IS GOING ON, and I really don't care if even with a security program people cannot see it, because that is meaningless when the DNS server is owned by the people
performing the redirect. They can show your machine anything they want.

What this means to truth site Web admins -

Your stats are not likely to be true to life. Chances are, your site is in fact running on a spook server, and they do perfect spoof log ins and re-directs, and you don't even know it, it just looks like you are administering your own server. And when you look at stats, they are probably not coming from your own server. People are not hitting your own server. Chances are, you are not seeing things as they really are, and your readers are not seeing things as they think they are. The only reason anyone would have to run your site (or my forum) on a server other than yours or mine is to create a separate holonet reality for everyone accessing it so that key comments can be destroyed, key messages censored, and spooks get the first hit at public opinion, all in the background, ON YOUR OWN WEB SITE.

And to that I have to say: When unfettered peaceful discussion and resolution is made impossible, VIOLENCE THEN BECOMES THE ONLY ANSWER. To the elite: There is only a certain extent to which you can get away with screwing the public without direct physical consequence. The public has proven to be very tolerant so far, but for many you have already crossed the line.

The Hack

Jim Stone, June 16, 2013


"In this day and age, where the lie is everything when it comes to the government and the zionist elite, you have to be thinking one step ahead and consider the types of things they might do next. When corruption becomes policy, it is YOU against the think tank."

Hackers have succeeded in imitating facebook accounts and posting offensive stuff to people's walls to destroy social networks set up by alternative truth sites. No one from this web site is posting anything of the sort to people's walls, including ads, insults, or anything else of the sort. If your wall gets spammed or offended by anyone claiming to be associated with this web site, please report it via one of the anonymous forum log ins, including what the offensive content was. Screen captures work best. We will document this.

And of course, government paid shills are old news, modern shill tactics include the use of supercomputers which rapidly sniff all new web posts for keywords, to notify a shill that they are "needed" somewhere to go and destroy legitimate public discourse. This is a step beyond Prism, which is really just the tip of the iceberg. It really is a whole lot worse than that.

The cold hard reality is that for many people the web is entirely synthetic, a false reality existing on a supercomputer which spoofs their entire online reality and sections them off from connecting with anyone who will not be able to verify tampering in the real world. If you cannot call an individual, it is virtually assured your dissenting e-mail with totally new info will never make it, and that your posts to comment sections and forums are visible to only you and no one else if they do not reflect what the elite want the public to think.

I have been manually logging the comments on even my own forum, with NO ONE having delete priviledges, to attempt to troubleshoot problems and in only 24 hours over 100 comments are missing, with 109 showing and 239 made. This was over the slowest period of the week, Saturday into Sunday. People are complaining that the forum lost it´s spark. I have sat down and manually logged exactly why. And what is worse, when the comments get vaporized, they are not even passing through the delete log. The only way I can prove something is amiss is to record on paper the number going in to the number that is actually showing. With the top half of the best of the best erased, it's no wonder why the forum is missing a little spark.

Yet no one is saying their own comments are gone, which means everyone who is posting can see their own comments in full, and are probably wondering why they are not getting any response from other people on the forum. This is accomplished by having the forum replicated many many times on a supercomputer somewhere, with a separate reality for everyone posting to it. This type of government tampering is now commonplace, my site is not the only one affected by this and the system that was supposed to be able to accomplish this went active in 2009.

This system was put in place to "steer public opinion" and was briefly discussed in even the mainstream press and then slipped into the censorship black hole, and since I was not doing the news section of this web site at the time I never recorded it - I just figured the news of this would always be available. It no longer is. But the evidence of this system in operation seems to be everywhere, and I just nailed it solidly by paying attention and manually recording what is going on with my own forum.

I urge all people with alternative news forums to watch the new comment numbers as they come in, record them, and then contrast that with the daily total. If the number does not match, then either the older parts of the forum are being systematically expunged or new comments are being holonetted shortly after they come in.

Since all forums exist on a database, the daily total will be caluclated against all comments in the database throughout history to the new number showing at the end of the day. In the past, when I went back and cleaned up shilled over sections that were a week old, those deleted comments would subtract from the CURRENT day's total. So the destruction of your forum could be happening in secret, via government sponsored behind the scenes destruction of older relevant comments that not many people are paying attention to anymore but would normally be linked to by search engines. This has the effect of severely weakening the public effort to fight tyranny, by erasing the public´s past great works.

FURTHERMORE, because of all the secret back doors built into the various operating systems, your backups are not safe unless they are made and immediately un plugged from the host machine. I have documented that articles I have typed on my own computer and archived on backup have had edits made to them that I never did, to take the edge off of them. These edits involve the removal of links and changing of syntax and removal of any reference to anything solid, while skillfully making it appear to read as normal. It´s downright sinister. That nifty little instant search feature built into Windows and now into many distributions of Linux makes it dirt simple for a spook to log into your system, type keywords, and modify your archives. WATCH OUT FOR THAT, AND KEEP ALL YOUR BACK UPS UNPLUGGED, AND ACCESS THEM ONLY THROUGH A MACHINE THAT DID NOT CREATE THEM.

It is obvious that by now they would have a hidden automatic synchronize function built into the operating systems that will synchronize your backups and instantly replace them with the spook version the moment you plug your back up hard drive into a system that has had those files modified. In this day and age, where the lie is everything when it comes to the government and the zionist elite, you have to be thinking one step ahead and consider the types of things they might do next, which I have nailed them on repeatedly. When corruption becomes policy, it is YOU against the think tank.

Full NSA access built into every Windows OS since 1997

June 15 2013


Deeze posted the following to the forum:


How NSA access was built into Windows

Duncan Campbell 04.09.1999

Careless mistake reveals subversion of Windows by NSA.

A CARELESS mistake by Microsoft programmers has revealed that special access codes prepared by the US National Security Agency have been secretly built into Windows. The NSA access system is built into every version of the Windows operating system now in use, except early releases of Windows 95 (and its predecessors). The discovery comes close on the heels of the revelations earlier this year that another US software giant, Lotus, had built an NSA "help information" trapdoor into its Notes system, and that security functions on other software systems had been deliberately crippled.

The first discovery of the new NSA access system was made two years ago by British researcher Dr Nicko van Someren. But it was only a few weeks ago when a second researcher rediscovered the access system. With it, he found the evidence linking it to NSA.

Computer security specialists have been aware for two years that unusual features are contained inside a standard Windows software "driver" used for security and encryption functions. The driver, called ADVAPI.DLL, enables and controls a range of security functions. If you use Windows, you will find it in the C:\Windows\system directory of your computer.

ADVAPI.DLL works closely with Microsoft Internet Explorer, but will only run cryptographic functions that the US governments allows Microsoft to export. That information is bad enough news, from a European point of view. Now, it turns out that ADVAPI will run special programmes inserted and controlled by NSA. As yet, no-one knows what these programmes are, or what they do.

Dr Nicko van Someren reported at last year's Crypto 98 conference that he had disassembled the ADVADPI driver. He found it contained two different keys. One was used by Microsoft to control the cryptographic functions enabled in Windows, in compliance with US export regulations. But the reason for building in a second key, or who owned it, remained a mystery.

A second key

Two weeks ago, a US security company came up with conclusive evidence that the second key belongs to NSA. Like Dr van Someren, Andrew Fernandez, chief scientist with Cryptonym of Morrisville, North Carolina, had been probing the presence and significance of the two keys. Then he checked the latest Service Pack release for Windows NT4, Service Pack 5. He found that Microsoft's developers had failed to remove or "strip" the debugging symbols used to test this software before they released it. Inside the code were the labels for the two keys. One was called "KEY". The other was called "NSAKEY".

Fernandes reported his re-discovery of the two CAPI keys, and their secret meaning, to "Advances in Cryptology, Crypto'99" conference held in Santa Barbara. According to those present at the conference, Windows developers attending the conference did not deny that the "NSA" key was built into their software. But they refused to talk about what the key did, or why it had been put there without users' knowledge.

A third key?!

But according to two witnesses attending the conference, even Microsoft's top crypto programmers were astonished to learn that the version of ADVAPI.DLL shipping with Windows 2000 contains not two, but three keys. Brian LaMachia, head of CAPI development at Microsoft was "stunned" to learn of these discoveries, by outsiders. The latest discovery by Dr van Someren is based on advanced search methods which test and report on the "entropy" of programming code.

Within the Microsoft organisation, access to Windows source code is said to be highly compartmentalized, making it easy for modifications to be inserted without the knowledge of even the respective product managers.

Researchers are divided about whether the NSA key could be intended to let US government users of Windows run classified cryptosystems on their machines or whether it is intended to open up anyone's and everyone's Windows computer to intelligence gathering techniques deployed by NSA's burgeoning corps of "information warriors".

According to Fernandez of Cryptonym, the result of having the secret key inside your Windows operating system "is that it is tremendously easier for the NSA to load unauthorized security services on all copies of Microsoft Windows, and once these security services are loaded, they can effectively compromise your entire operating system". The NSA key is contained inside all versions of Windows from Windows 95 OSR2 onwards.

"For non-American IT managers relying on Windows NT to operate highly secure data centres, this find is worrying", he added. "The US government is currently making it as difficult as possible for "strong" crypto to be used outside of the US. That they have also installed a cryptographic back-door in the world's most abundant operating system should send a strong message to foreign IT managers". "How is an IT manager to feel when they learn that in every copy of Windows sold, Microsoft has a 'back door' for NSA - making it orders of magnitude easier for the US government to access your computer?" he asked. Can the loophole be turned round against the snoopers?

Read More HERE. My comments follow:

Last summer I got contacted by a Microsoft programmer, who blew the whistle on Microsoft intentionally sabotaging the operating system, and then running closed code to conceal to the majority just how penetrable the operating system is for a chosen few. This programmer went on to say that for a price, if one Jewish corporation was in a battle against a non Jewish corporation, Microsoft would provide information about intentional back doors built into the competitor's computers, so that the zionist company could go in and entirely rape their data.

He also went further, and said that both McCaffee and Norton work closely with Microsoft, and build additional back doors competitors can exploit the same way and that these security suites do nothing to plug Microsoft's back doors and instead provide a different flavor of method for raping data, (the difference being like your preference for either Word or Wordperfect). In the same way Microsoft will allow a system rape, these additional paid for back doors can be used to destroy individuals by allowing ordinary priviledged people full access to your system, even if they are not an intelligence agency at all. Bottom line? The only secure system is a small fully open source Linux system that you can read through yourself and verify secure. Any Microsoft O.S. is as intentionally penetrable as your cell phone, which is also inevitably the product of a zionist corporation.

I had asked this programmer for the specifics, but then, as usual, all contact got cut and I received no further info, and this communication took place through a fresh mailbox for as long as it lasted (he was able to respond ONCE).

So it is far beyond just the NSA, if you are wondering how your competitor released your idea before you ever spoke about it to ANYONE, that is exactly how.

Is the NSA too much competition for the Jews?

Jim Stone, 6-14-13


The Jews own ALL the major telecommunications firms, ALL the major media, and virtually the entire internet, and as a result, without any effort at all get ALL the information the NSA picks up simply because the Jews own the infrastructure. This was part of a war plan for world domination, - for decades the Jews have been buying up infrastructure for the sole purpose of spying and we cannot possibly win if they know every secret. ENTER THE NSA -

It's competition for the Jew and Israel, which can get into many of their back doors. They HATE the NSA because they want information superiority. And you want to know what I really think?

I'd bet the NSA is not lying when they say they stopped terror attacks, ALL OF THEM ATTEMPTED BY FALSE FLAGGING JEWS, and the NSA is probably why the Jews need to use drills as cover for all their false flags. The NSA cannot tell the world it is the Jews doing it all, because they know that the Jewish owned media will not report that anyway, and doing so is political suicide. So the NSA keeps thwarting Jewish terror, and now, after exposing Obama and other forms of corruption, the NSA has crossed a line and the Jews have decided it has got to go.

THAT is what I finally concluded after thinking about this scenario for a few days.

Consider this - the system in question, PRISM, was made in Israel and designed by the Jews. Pretty ideal when they own all the infrastructure. By doing this they could accomplish two things - make sure the system could not get into their own most sensitive and secure areas, AND more importantly - put in whatever back doors they needed to keep an eye on what the NSA might know about.

Yeah, after thinking about it for a while, I believe the NSA really has stopped MANY terror attacks, but because it is not Arabs doing the terror, the real terrorists have used death threats and possibly even nuclear blackmail to prevent the NSA from telling the world who they really are.

Keep in mind that I am in no way excusing the NSA for what they are doing, they are the eyes and ears of a totally out of control police state. Also consider that despite what Ihave said above, that it is entirely possible that the NSA functions, for the most part, as a zionist weapon.

Elections in Iran underway

Unlike what you have been told, Ahmadenijad is not getting ousted. Iran has term limits that are exactly the same as America's, and Ahmadenijad has served his 8 years. Most likely he would win in a landslide absent term limits. Contrary to what you have been told, Iranian elections are not rigged. They all take place with public counts of anonymously cast hand counted paper ballots, the exact same way New Hampshire does it in America. Furthermore, if I remember right, the ballots in Iran have two parts that separate and you get to keep your ballot number, and can then check that number against public record to ensure your vote was counted correctly while remaining completely anonymous.

It is America with the rigged elections, where except in a few jurisdictions, your vote goes into a black hole with no way to know how it got counted. The zionist media in America can STUFF IT with their lies about elections. The Israeli made electronic voting machines in America keep everything secret and can be tweaked at will, and if you are smart enough to find this site, I don't need to tell you that. There is a reason why Iran has a non Rothchild central bank, and a reason why the zionists want Iran destroyed, and a big part of that reason is FULLY ACCOUNTABLE YET ANONYMOUS TRUTHFULLY ACCURATE ELECTIONS, and a well educated population. But since the Iranian election, as a result of it being impossible to manipulate will most certainly NOT produce the results Israel wants, watch for all sorts of screams in the ziopress about how rigged it all is.

The following coverage of the NSA issue has evoked major backlash

This backlash includes a shower of hate mail, people going and posting ridiculous drivel to forums and comments around the web while claiming to be me, tampering with the forum to kill good discussion, including deletion of good materials (verified by other forum members), and making my computers incapable of accessing various pages, most notably the new member approval on the forum and the Facebook page, as well as periodic banning of my cell modem to keep me off the web (yet leaving the airtime intact) which is a real change of pace.

This means I nailed it, The following coverage is a solid gold wrecking bar, go tear down the police state with it, ARCHIVE AND POST!

When a Pathological Liar Becomes a Murdering Psychopath

June 14, 2013


Right when a media distraction was needed, "proof" of Assad using chemical weapons surfaced, which could well lead to world war 3

How do you spot when a pathological liar is also a murdering psychopath? Catch the pathological liar doing something bad. Unfortunately, murdering psychopaths are frequently pathological liars as well, and WHAT did the U.S. government do within two days of being caught doing something bad via the NSA? Hatch a pathological lie about Assad "using chemical weapons", to justify having that same government play the role of murdering psychopath and commit another act of evil to distract a mind numbed public from the evil it committed elsewhere

If they succeed in fronting this lie, it's WAR ON.

An appeal to the intelligence of this world - WAKE UP. You know what America is by now. To all foreign governments - WAKE UP, you know what America is by now. You saw America use the weapons of mass destruction excuse in Iraq to justify that war. THEY JUST GOT NAILED RAPING YOU WITH THE NSA. And ALL of your intelligence agencies ought to know about the rogue the American government has become at the hand of Israel. COME ON NOW, DO NOT support this illigitimate, pathological lying, pathological spying, pathological murdering rigged election government in a new war effort that could well end up being world war 3.

What do you want to remember years from now? Would you like to remember laughing in the American Government's face regarding this new accusation against Assad, and remember telling the U.S. to STUFF IT and to NOT go to war after learning what their intelligence apparatus was really doing to you, or would you instead prefer to remember being a no brained sissy, incapable of applying an ounce of thought to anything, who then jumped on the bandwagon with a nation that freshly raped you and become a murdering psychopath as well?

If you are stupid enough to believe the Hollywood propaganda about American freedom after learning about the latest stupid pet trick from the NSA, GOD HELP THE WORLD, and may those who can think join forces against this psychopathical lying and murdering tyranny that was once the great United States and kick it's illegitimate unlawfully "elected" government's ass back to the stone age along with all other governments stupid enough to ally themselves with that which has become so evil.

The world has a few tough choices to make now. Obviously the U.S. government has gone full rogue, along with Israel, and is NOT going to stop genetic manipulation via companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta, and it is OBVIOUS that America one day intends to ram it's tainted GMO down the world's throat, YOUR THROAT. It is also obvious that tainted vaccines are part of the mix, as well as biological outbreaks, endless psy ops, endless spying, and in the end, endless tyranny. You have a choice to make. Allow the American government to issue false accusation upon false accusation against innocent nations, while building to even greater levels of power that will one day be used to subjugate you, or SAY NO TO THE LIES RIGHT NOW, and turn America packing. Absent the wars for profit based on fronted lies, America is finished and will not be able to threaten your future. DO NOT play the role of enabler by going along with the latest lie. Even the bees will thank you for having a backbone.

And in the end, if it does come down to war, do not fear the monster. True, America has an amazing war machine based on a multi trillion dollar budget, but when the cards are on the table, the winner tells the tales and NUKES ARE CHEAP.

Archive the following NSA report and back up the photo, as I have presented this it is classified

Forget the whitewash surrounding Snowden, HE NAILED IT!

Jim Stone, June 10 2013, updated June 11


The elite establishment is in a horrendous state of panic, making up all types of discrediting BS, about Snowden being CIA and handed the docs by the CIA, about him being a dropout, and coming soon - AN ALIEN IMPLANT MADE HIM DO IT. But if you want the real scoop, just take it from another NSA white hat, what is below REALLY peeved the establishment because IT NAILS IT.

Forget the B.S. stories about Snowden, there is only ONE that applies and you will not hear about it in the press, which has protected the NSA with a great big white wash. Snowden worked out at Kunia. He had an extensive training program he had to go through before being allowed in. He HAD TO have been 99th percentile, the story about high school drop out is B.S, and so is the rest of the washing of his background. After hearing his conscience out at Kunia, he left Hawaii, defected, and told the truth.

There is also a rumor that Snowden worked for a contractor for $122,000 a year. I doubt that seriously because the NSA is so secretive it is extremely wary of contractors, and during my time with the NSA, I saw only 2 people EVER that were contractors, and they were never out on the operations floor. So yeah, I buy $122,000 a year, but NOT with a contractor. People who get to see enough to reveal what Snowden did have million dollar background checks, involving interviews with practically everyone in their past, and the interviewers do not identify themselves, they just talk as friends over a beer or whatever. So no one knows when they are being asked questions about someone the NSA intends to hire. These background checks take a year or so to complete and contractors can't afford to do that, the FED does. What Snowden revealed proves through emperical evidence that he was not employed by a contractor, he was just straight up NSA. The entire High School drop out story is pure B.S., because if during one of these checks any of the secret questioners comes up with even a little whiff of something wrong with your past, YOU ARE OUT.

Unlike the CIA, which has over a million spooks, the NSA is so secretive that very few people break the barrier to entry, which limits the size of the NSA to below 50,000 people total, a majority of which are highly talented super geeks. The expense of the background investigations alone seriously limits the number of people the NSA can hire.

Don't expect anything that is now claimed to be said by Snowden as actually coming from him. They are whitewashing this as fast as possible, while making false posts and statements to the web and media that claim to be from him. By now he has been replaced with the public image of someone else. For starters, it is ERIC SNOWDEN, not EDWARD as we are now told and this subtle name change will be used to deflect meaningful search into his past.

My own experience in the NSA is enough to prove what little I have said about Snowden to be true. There is ONE OPTION - Snowden was BRILLIANT, had extensive back ground searches done on him, went through a very difficult school, got assigned to Kunia where he lived in the same location as many other NSA people who have families do, drove to Kunia daily, and finally could not take what he was seeing there anymore and ratted them out. THAT IS THE ONLY STORY. Snowden did not have a girlfriend. He had a wife, and any reference to him "leaving his girlfriend behind" is another lie. You cannot live where Snowden did and have a "girlfriend", the NSA will not put you in the premium government family housing in Waipahu for only a "girlfriend". Furthermore, stories about the house being sold now are B.S., because Snowden was in government housing the same as all lower level NSA people are given. Unless you are an outside contractor (and those are very few in number), The NSA does not leave it's people to run with the general public, they all get assigned a living area where like minded people are. And from these few mistakes the press made, we can assume that the entire background they are presenting on Snowden is a lie. The house he was in was never owned by him and DID NOT get sold.

To see a long list of B.S. my own experience proves to be lies, just google "where snowden lived"

Furthermore, the "leaked documents from anonymous" are PURE B.S. and are all readily available public documents. I see this as an attempt to muddy the waters with regard to Snowden's legitimate leak.

Watch for story creep in the mainstream and portions of the alternative press regarding what I have said here, since I am former NSA telling it like it is I have noticed that the story keeps getting regular tweaks to counteract what I say here, the latest being "it was his girlfriend's house". Don't buy into the tweaks, what is above is a truthfully rational assessment of HOW IT HAD TO BE, from someone who simply knows how things are. Granted, when I was with the NSA they were not spying on Americans, but their procedures and methods were anchored in stone and for what I have said above to not weigh out now would mean something massive regarding hiring policy, housing policy, contractor policy and other things changed there, which I doubt, especially if this is the first big leak and Kunia is still misrepresented on Google maps, with the real entry obscured by a cloud.

Where Snowden worked (see my comments following this article) and in case you are new here, I am former NSA and have toured this facility. To pull this up on Google maps, type Kunia Oahu into Google.

The main article follows

The Future of the NSA

Edward Snowden did the world a favor by officially blowing the whistle on what I have said has likely been going on for a while - the recording of every phone call, voice message, text message, financial transaction and any other communication in the nation. Even though I said this was probably going on for a while, I was still surprised that this was going on for at least 8 years. Now they got that new data center in Utah, and another in Maryland, both of which are many times more powerful than anything they have ever had. And I am going to tell you where this is all probably headed.

If there is one thing we have learned from this, it is that if they can do it they will do it, so this report is going to show you what the capabilities have GOT TO be right now and what to expect from the NSA in the future.

1. Recording of all conversations occurring in cars manufactured after 2004 and sold in the United States via an always on cell connection which is built into the engine control computer. Engine control computers are always placed in the passenger compartment where they can hear everything, though in the past they did not have ears. The fact that they do now was mandated by the Federal government and became a legally required component of all cars from year 2005 on. This started in the late 90's with GM's Onstar. You may have seen an onstar commercial where the Onstar representitive is talking to the driver through the radio speakers. ALL new cars have at least one side of this capability - the outgoing microphone -installed in them NOW.

2. Recording of all conversations happening in the vicinity of a computer equipped with an Intel CoreVPro or Sandy Bridge processor, even if it is not "online" and even while "turned off". Intel evidently thought it was a good security choice to have full time cell connectivity built into the heart of every CPU they produce, and I bet you don't know that new Intel laptop you just bought is ALWAYS online, even when turned off. YOU don't get to use that connection though, which leaves the question, WHO DOES?

3. All cell phones have been and will continue to be (this started in 2005) in speech to text mode, where the phone listens to nearby conversations, converts them to text, and loads the text to an NSA server during cell phone tower updates which happen frequently during the day as part of normal cell operation. In the past, whenever they put full time monitoring on cell phones, the batteries would die in a couple of hours and the phone would always be hot. People noticed this, so to circumvent that all cell phones were equipped with speech to text software and though it is not perfect, it still gives pretty good "intelligence" about the user without draining the battery at all. Once again, as it is with the new Intel processors and their always on cell connection, you don't even know that software exists

4. Recording of all conversations in the vicinity of computers that are turned on and have an internet connection even if they have no CoreVPro or Sandy Bridge CPU, but that's old news.

5. Video and sound recording of household activities within view of a Samsung SmartTV, any of the new video gaming consoles, or any smart meter compliant appliance which can communicate with an electrical smart meter. All electrical smart meters have wifi, 3g, and sometimes 4g connectivity for the sole purpose of "receiving daily energy related instructions". Yeah right.

6. Possible now - ALL cell phones which have cameras most likely are, right now, constantly taking a sequence of photos while out in public, and uploading them during cell tower updates to hide battery usage and the cell phone's owner never realizes this.

People need to recognize the importance of what Edward Snowden did. He gave us a fixed reference point for what the NSA was capable of in 2005, and from there we can calculate what they can do NOW

Moore's law, and what it means for the NSA

Most everyone knows about Moore's law which states that computers will double in power once every 18 months as technology advances. Moore was partially right, because in reality computers ended up doubling in power more frequently - once every 13 months. But let's just use 18 months as a reference standard anyone could agree on. If in 2005 the NSA was able to record and permanently store every phone conversation, video chat, internet record for everyone, every text, every e-mail, and store it forever BACK THEN, let's see how many times that capability just went into that NSA data center in Utah.

2013-2005=8 x 12 = 96 / 18 = 5.3 doublings of processing power since 2005. First doubling will be 1 plus 1, then after that x2. So we have 1+1x2x2x2x2, which equals 32 times the processing power available in 2005. If we take 100 percent and divide it by 32, we can see how strong in percent what they had in 2005 will compare to that new data center in Utah. 100/32 = 3.125% Now, I would like to ask you to appeal to your logic - If they were already permanently recording every phone call, financial transaction, video chat, e-mail, text message, and whatever else with a system that was only a little over 3 percent as powerful as what they just put into Utah, WHAT NEW CAPABILITIES DID THEY JUST GET?

How about:

Every vacation picture you take with any Wifi equipped digital camera instantly uploading to an NSA server for permanent storage as possible future evidence? How about every music project you ever worked on with a PC? How about every family video you ever shot, every place your car ever went and everything you said while driving? How about your smart microwave, via your smart meter, sending out all the audio in your house, to corroborate what your cell phone is sending out, to corroborate what your smartTV is sending out, to corroborate what your PC sent out, to corroborate what your land line sent out, to corroborate what your game console sent out and having ALL of those recordings of what went on in your house being permanently stored on the NSA server, just in case the microwave did not hear it clearly? THAT is what 32 times the capability of what they had in 2005 means, and if we learned anything from Edward, it is that If they can do it, they will do it, which is an affirmation of what I have said all along

I got called a wacko by a few when I said ALL phone conversations were being permanently recorded and stored on an NSA server, as well as all texts and e-mails, regardless of who made them and ended up being right, even if I was behind in saying this by 6 or 7 years. Now I am taking that a step farther, and I would like to ask you, do you think I am wrong this time?

The bottom line is that the surveillance state has gotten so powerful that even a creative mind could never dream up what it is really capable of. There is no doubt a lot I missed


Kunia is geographically isolated yet ideally located for electronic warfare operations in the Pacific theatre. It was the largest NSA center on American soil prior to Utah, (there are bigger ones elsewhere) and employs approximately 7,000 people. Now here is the kicker

Because Kunia was geographically isolated, the fact that they could record all phone conversations from there means that the NSA center in Utah, which is on what could be argued as the strongest part of the internet back bone in the world, - that added bandwidth potential with no bottlenecks, means that the data center in Utah will dwarf the abilities of Kunia by at least 200:1.

This also has other damning ramifications - that the NSA really did shift missions after 9/11 because if you wanted to spy on the American mainland, your pride and joy system that recorded everything should not be located in Hawaii. Yet it is confirmed - Edward Snowden worked at Kunia, which as young as he was would have been his only facility. This means that the system of compartmentalized clearances would have prevented him from knowing about PRISM if it was NOT LOCATED AT KUNIA.

And on that note, I have this to say to the NSA:

You traitorous bastards, HOW DARE YOU convert a legitimate defense facility for THAT TYPE OF USE. If you don't like me ratting out Kunia, you can * OFF.

Additionally About the NSA - an important note

The NSA has NO GOONS, NO AGENTS, NO ONE working outside of their secret facilities. IF ANYONE CLAIMS TO HAVE BEEN VISITED BY THE NSA, THEY ARE FRAUDS, THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN. The NSA has nothing but geeks at data terminals, that do ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY - WATCH AND LISTEN. If you have read online about someone who has been visited by the NSA, they are full of B.S., that is the job of the CIA, FBI, or whatever other agencies have active agents working out in public. The NSA is behind closed doors only.

If you have read anything online about someone getting visited by the NSA, throw it straight in the trash. It's an outright lie.


If you have problems getting into the forum hit reload 3 times and it will work normal, it is apparently getting messed with again.

"Anonymous" linked documents appear to be largely fluff

I went through that "treasure trove" of documents, and it appears to be heavily weighted with non sensitive general distribution type stuff. I said "heavily weighted" with non sensitive stuff, because I did not want to spend the time reading through that many pages to verify if it was entirely non sensitive stuff. Documents that are classified have (in my experience) always been labeled as such. These have distribution levels, a, b, c, etc assigned to them with no mention about classification. So if there is anything classified about these it is labeled in a way I have never seen before. There is none of any of the types of things I know to be sensitive in these, and though a truly critical document may compromise an individual NSA system or method, even if these were truly sensitive documents having this few would be like asking a blind man to feel an elephant in one spot, and then try to tell you how the entire thing looks.

Keep in mind that these NSA documents have nothing to do with the leak that spoke about prism, and even that might be of limited value because the NSA has many many systems, having the word get out about one, even if it included complete technical specs, methods, routing, EVERYTHING would be easily made up for by shutting it down and assigning the task to something else. No matter what level you are at in the NSA, there will be plenty of systems you never heard of, even if you work on the inside.

I guess the greatest value in all of this is that it confirmed, once and for all that what I have always told you from day one - that the NSA records and monitors EVERYTHING, court orders be damned. This web site is probably the biggest NSA leak on the web, because I will at least give you a picture of the elephant that you can see. Unfortunately due to obsolescence of systems I cannot tell you how to poison the elephant as it is now.

I do, however, know where the elephant is going, or should I say, what the new data centers will really be doing. I will tell you in my report tomorrow, and once again, I think a few people will laugh at and doubt what I say, the same way a few people laughed at and doubted me when I said last year that the NSA records EVERYTHING said in phone calls or sent across the web, court order or not. The monster is actually much bigger than that, and I will cover this tomorrow.

Landingnewly in the forum posted a link to the Anonymous "security breach" Here

June 7 2013

To re-clarify Benghazi


There never was a consulate or embassy in Benghasi. There was a secret CIA hideout in a rented house that Ambassador Stevens went to. This was confirmed by the lack of a consulate or embassy, right on the U.S. government's own web site, and was further confirmed later by even mainstream media outlets. This entire charade about Bengasi is a distraction, sure, Stevens probably was murdered for political reasons, but there was no consulate there, and no Arab uprising.

Stevens simply went to a CIA hideout, walked into an ambush and was murdered by the CIA to create a big political story. Anything else about a predator drone, and all other side stories are bullshit, Stevens walked into a trap set by his own government and paid for it with his life.

Keep in mind that all of this Bengasi B.S. is being brought to you by the same "fact finding" media and investigative teams that said Obama sacked Osama Bin Laden

People in the truth movement - After seeing the damning evidence, and having a large portion of the truth movement cover the topic, it would be best to hold your ground rather than fall for the future mind bending tactic the elite are following which involves a barrage of bogus press releases to re-form what was made obvious and published earlier. THERE WAS NO CONSULATE IN BENGASI, ONLY A CIA HIDEOUT, and ANY story that does not say this explicitly is the result (often innocent) of an effort to bury the truth and create a smoke screen of news fodder to get people running around in circles chasing a bogus conspiracy story related to Obama. This will produce NOTHING other than cover for other crimes that are no doubt being committed RIGHT NOW.


And you had better be first in line!

The forum Received a Massive Attack

Fortunately after booting two people, everything seems normal this morning, which leaves me to wonder - WHY would "they" care enough about that forum to try to derail it so badly? Hmmmm . . . . . I think I have an answer. The following is some of the great stuff that has been posted to the forum in the last 24 hours.

Landingnewly posted the following:

If the following video is not "The Terrifying future of the United States" by youtube user Stormcloudsgathering, click here The video should be 11:58 in length. If it does not come up as that, then use the search terms "The terrifying future of the United States" typed straight into Youtube.

My comment: This is actually a really important video. And it does not appear to be getting censored. It does however miss one point I'd like to clear up. Though it does mention that many Americans cannot get out of the country for various reasons, it does not mention exactly how many. Answer: 50 million. That border fence is FOR US, NOT MEXICANS. Minor point, the vid is brilliant.

Dagnus posted the following to the forum

surprise - we're not allowed to see photos from Newtown!

Garg0yle posted a beauty!

Fractalhill posted the following:

About 50 years ago, before 1966, they came up with Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS). silent-sound-spread-spectrum-ssss-the-all-digital-tv-broadcast-signal-connection
But the most insidious aspect of SSSS is that it is completely undetectable by those being targeted. Because it delivers its subliminal programming directly to the human brain via the auditory sense at frequencies that humans are incapable of perceiving as sound, there is no defense against it. Everyone on the planet is equally susceptible to mind control via SSSS and there isn't any escape from it, as the UHF waves can be transmitted over very long distances from remotely located sources and will pass through walls and other objects as if they are not there. UHF is the frequency (100mhz) that has been used for television and radio broadcasting for as long as these media have existed. SSSS is designed to utilize UHF as a carrier wave.


I really like what Richard Stallman accomplished. I could not find Richard's site, but I did find this article: Richard Stallman Was Right All Along. A quote...

His views have always been extreme. His only computer is a Lemote Yeelong netbook, because it's the only computer which uses only Free software - no firmware blobs, no proprietary BIOS; it's all Free. He also refuses to own a mobile phone, because they're too easy to track; until there's a mobile phone equivalent of the Yeelong, Stallman doesn't want one. Generally, all software should be Free. Or, as the Free Software Foundation puts it:
As our society grows more dependent on computers, the software we run is of critical importance to securing the future of a free society. Free software is about having control over the technology we use in our homes, schools and businesses, where computers work for our individual and communal benefit, not for proprietary software companies or governments who might seek to restrict and monitor us.
And, in 2012, we're probably going to need Free and open source software more than ever before. At the Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin late last year, Cory Doctorow held a presentation titled "The Coming War on General Purpose Computation". In it, Doctorow warns that the general purpose computer, and more specifically, user control over general purpose computers, is perceived as a threat to the establishment. The copyright wars? Nothing but a prelude to the real war.
"Freedom in the future will require us to have the capacity to monitor our devices and set meaningful policy on them, to examine and terminate the processes that run on them, to maintain them as honest servants to our will, and not as traitors and spies working for criminals, thugs, and control freaks," Doctorow warns, "And we haven't lost yet, but we have to win the copyright wars to keep the Internet and the PC free and open. Because these are the materiel in the wars that are to come, we won't be able to fight on without them."
This is why you should support Android (not Google, but Android), even if you prefer the iPhone. This is why you should support Linux, even if you use Windows. This is why you should support Apache, even if you run IIS. There's going to be a point where being Free/open is no longer a fun perk, but a necessity.
My comment: Wow, I tried to find that laptop on Ebay and Amazon, and it's like it is banned. Any variant of the name, ALL VARIANTS including company name, laptop model, any reference to that company causes Ebay to change the name to something else and bring other stuff up.

Perhaps it really is not available at those two giant sources, but I sort of suspect that someone does not want them sold in the U.S. It's not any sort of quality issue, people who managed to get them say they are very happy.

Landingnewly posted the following

backgrounder on the Israeli mindset

What is the real cause of the Turkish 'uprising'?

More on the NSA:Obama is spying
hope for the future of data security?

Booklet posted the following

US discloses Israel’s top-secret military base outraging Tel-Aviv

My comment: That's all??!!?? DAMMIT!

Keep in mind that English is a second language for Booklet, who also posted the following:

"The video below show some interesting corrupt government speaking on camera. By looking at their face, it pretty obvious I think they are lying. The subject is about the salmon and the spreading of virus that impact the world environmental. The bad guys could be the fish farming. The video is over hour long.

Below excerpt from

While it is true that the general concept of fish farming has been around for centuries, modern day fish farms are exceptionally invasive and damaging, not only to the environment but also to wild fish species. As explained in the new documentary film Salmon Confidential, fish farms are spreading viruses and other diseases to wild fish species, which has led to major declines in wild fish populations. And in the case of wild fish populations near British Columbia, Canada, government corruption is largely to blame for these die-offs.

"When biologist Alexandra Morton discovers BC's wild salmon are testing positive for dangerous European salmon viruses associated with salmon farming worldwide, a chain of events is set off by government to suppress the findings," explains a synopsis of the film. "The film documents Morton's journey as she attempts to overcome government and industry roadblocks thrown in her path and works to bring critical information to the public in time to save BC's wild salmon."

You can view Salmon Confidential in its entirety on Vimeo:

Learn more:Natural News article

Foehammer posted the following:

It’s judges gone wild! Plus sticky-fingered narcs, lying narcs, crooked deputies, and more! Let’s get to it:

Corrupt cops stories

Crooked cops being busted by crooked cops who would have thought of that!

Holy Fukushima – Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans Link to intellihub

My comment:

I would say that a majority of North America will not be affected by Fuku radiation, but it is very plausible that there will be amazingly strong hot spots dispersed throughout the countryside. It was too much nuclear material, released all at the same time. This means that dispersion won't be perfect, perhaps not even good, and that any place that rained while an exceptionally hot radioactive patch of air came through would get a strongly radioactive rainfall in that spot, and this could easily become concentrated in storm drains and river beds. These hot spots could cause real problems for people close to them, and no one really knows where they are.

Kb7qdh posted the following:

Appeared on the Web months before "Cyprus"... and after...

Dazatar posted the following:

Anyone remember Democrat James Traficant and his speech? United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303

""Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise."

[ ] "It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only."

Paul posted the following to the forum, and I have the answer to this afterward

When stars really shine:

Paris Jackson’s Illuminati Tweets: Is The Illuminati Trying To ‘Silence Her’?

Would Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson know anything at all about the illuminati? One would think that even at her young age of 15, in her position with famous rock star dad Michael, she might know a little bit about what’s going on behind the curtain. Well, it turns out that Paris has made some eye opening tweets on twitter about the illuminati. Paris also recently made national news for an attempted suicide. Is the illuminati out to silence her? Is a ‘feud’ with the illuminati fueling a downward spiral? A brand new video report from MrEDP2011 and featuring Michael Jackson’s own words is below as well as another video sharing Paris Jackson’s own twitter ‘illuminati’ warnings. Thanks Paris for sharing your wisdom!
More at:

See the link above for pics of her tweets talking about the Illuminati.

My comment Michael Jackson was murdered because he was 100 percent aware of the Jewish conspiracy and spoke about it openly. But due to the censorship of the press, you never heard that little tidbit.

His awareness of the conspiracy started all the way back in his childhood, and went full bloom in the late 80's. He knew the Jews controlled everything. At that time, specifically because of what Michael knew, the Jews decided to try to defamate his character, butchered his face, trumped up bogus accusations of child molesting, and tried to make him a memory. However, Jackson was awesome and shortly before his death was going to release a new album that was surprisingly good. I don't know the content of that album, but I do know that he spoke about the Jews directly in his song "they don't really care about us" where in the original version he refers to them as "kikes" and does a long riff on that theme. They hated him for it. And with a figure as huge as Michael Jackson, who was still enormously popular despite all they did to him, they could NOT have a comeback. So he was murdered by his doctor.

- They deleted everything here, right off the screen, but I was able to recover it, HMM, - Anyway

I have no question that Michael's daughter Paris was WELL VERSED in this topic by Michael, who literally carried it as a religion. His lifelong "christian friend", Elizabeth Taylor, who was in fact a Jew masquerading as a Christian the entire time and buried as a Jew, most likely contributed to damaging Michael severely by influencing him to go to people for face surgeries and other "help" for the purpose of destroying him. Paris also witnessed how Elizabeth Taylor ended up being the secret arch enemy buried as a Jew, and after hearing Michael talk about the Jews and how they fake everything, the manner in which Elizabeth Taylor was buried most likely set her mind in stone regarding them. Paris no doubt knows damn well who the illuminati are, is an enormous public figure, and therefore most likely is in severe danger. And as far as suicide goes, I doubt she attempted anything.

June 6 2013

NSA court order against Verizon a B.S. public show

AS IF that is all they are doing. As reported by this web site some time ago, the NSA records EVERY CONVERSATION, EVERY TEXT, EVERY E-MAIL IN AMERICA, AS A MATTER OF DAILY DISCOURSE. I am more than irritated by the mind games, where right after a major intelligence breach happens in the mainstream press there is always a follow up B.S. article which serves to subliminally suggest that the NSA really does get a court order and only monitors things "occasionally", when "approved by a judge".

But remember, the TOTAL surveillance state is here, and don't you EVER FORGET THAT.

I am disappointed by the fact that the alternative media missed this fact, when it was MAJOR news in the alternative arena only a MONTH AGO.      Dah Dah Dah . . . . . .

The first installment of the Australian constitution report is now ready and posted

The regular daily posts will follow this article

I suggest people go over this and make sure everything is clean. If this report stands up to scrutiny and is successfully spread, the ripple effect could end up being a game changer for many nations, including America.

UPDATE: I knew this would open up a can of worms - Look at this! it is happening already. This is too much info for the front page.

This first installment of a three part series was studied and produced by forum member Dazatar


"It seems quite clear that the constitution can be altered by means other than Section 128 Referendum against, I'm sure, the intentions of the founders and against, I'm equally sure, the expectations of the Australian people."
- Tony Abbott MP, Leader of the Opposition in the house.


On the 14th September 2013, the Australian people will be casting their vote to elect the 44th Parliament of Australia. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has also called for a Constitutional Referendum to recognize local government in the Australian Constitution. The Referendum will run in conjunction with the 14th September 2013 Federal Election. Since Federation, only eight out of 44 proposals to amend the Constitution have been approved ["Legally" that is - see Referendum dates and results].

But of what significance do these two events really offer in the face of an Australian Constitution rendered invalid by the conscious and deliberate actions of its own Government?



Evidenced even before the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901 and up to the present day period, the Australian Government has knowingly, intentionally and quite willingly assumed for itself, countless times, the necessary authority to amend the constitution on behalf of the people. This authority is explicitly reserved for the Australian people and clearly inaugurated under Chapter VIII, section 128 of the Constitution which provides that the Constitution may ONLY be amended by referendum of the people.

Is there any solid evidence to prove Australia’s Constitution is invalid? Yes [Australia - the Concealed Colony]. The evidence you will be shown is the collective result of research and investigation spanning decades, through a domestic and international collaboration of institutions and hundreds if not thousands of individuals. It is overwhelming. It is conclusive and bullet-proof. You haven’t heard about it? Neither had I. We will get to that shortly.

On the 9th of June 1999, having completely exhausted ALL possible domestic avenues of rectification, representatives in the name of the Sovereign People of Australia submitted an application and petition to the International Court of Justice at The Hague under Article 36 of the Statute. Despite the extraordinary evidence presented, which established the body masquerading as the Australian Government DID NOT represent the Sovereign People of Australia, the submitters of this matter were not granted standing by the International Court of Justice.

It needs to be made VERY clear that the investigative research through domestic and international collaboration into the legitimacy of the Australian Constitution and Government which spanned over two decades, has officially concluded. IT WAS CONCLUDED 14 YEARS AGO. The supporting evidence IS overwhelming, conclusive and bullet-proof. 14 years and no media coverage.

The only remaining non-violent avenue left to the citizenry of Australia, was to appeal to the individual members of the international community. Bound by the charter of the United Nations, surely they could guarantee under Articles 2,4,6,102 and 103, as well as various resolutions, the RIGHT to self determination...

I’d imagine it would of been quite a task to print off that final 465 page document and despatch copies individually to the delegations of 186 member states of the United Nations as well as to the Secretary General, the Security Council and the General Assembly [thank you Peter Batten]. Not one country rejected the documents.

Would you agree that a period of 14 years should be deemed an appropriate amount of time for proactive & positive action to be taken either domestically by the Australian Government or internationally by any one of the 186 member states of the United Nations to, AT THE VERY LEAST, initiate and maintain procedures necessary to ensure the SECURITY of people residing in the territory of the Commonwealth of Australia up to and until the successful implementation of a constitution that can be agreed upon by the people.

14 YEARS! 14 years and not a mention from the press. Business as usual from the Government. I’m assuming NO guarantees from the International Community. As an Australian Citizen what laws am I governed by? What human rights are enforceable on my land? If I travel overseas and run into trouble is my passport valid when my constitution is invalid and recognized as such by 186+ countries?

So here we stand, asking ourselves how the hell we haven’t heard this information before? On the 14th September 2013, once again, we will be in the possession of another opportunity to tow the line and maintain the status quo.


We can join with and make some noise. Recognizing instantly this story needed publicity, Jim Stone has not hesitated with providing the public space that is desperately needed to shake off the 14 year black-out maintained by corporate media and government. Jim has offered to launch this information from his front page and provide the necessary forum environment to begin unleashing this material. With two months before the 14th September 2013 Referendum were ready to go the full 9 yards:

“..There is going to be a major drive done by this web site to spread word of this and break the barrier to public acceptance..” – Jim Stone

[MUST READ : Australia – the concealed colony.pdf]


We have two months, fire up the enthusiasm and stoke the activism over this June/July period and engage with other forum members in this discussion. Who knows what we might find? It could be that someone you chat with may hold the answer for taking this information VIRAL before the 14th September 2013 Referendum. If your mate is an Aussie, if your friends and family live in Australia spam their inbox with this information. If YOU ARE an Australian write to your local newspaper, write to your local radio and tv stations. Send them the most valuable documentation you could provide any Australian – that mind-boggling 465 page bullet-proof pdf report titled, 'Australia – the concealed colony'. This is a paper militia!

The gauntlet has been thrown down. This is a unique opportunity. The 14th September 2013 holds the space for a referendum to change the Australian Constitution. WE KNOW NOW THAT THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT WILL ASSUME THE AUTHORITY NECESSARY TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION WITHOUT REFERENDUM WHENEVER IT SO PLEASES. Lets tell them we know that this referendum is a total joke. That the constitution IS invalid by the very actions taken by a corporate [for profit] government that has LIED, MISLED & DECEIVED the Australian people.

It starts with Australia and beginning is everything.

If you think this can of worms is contained to Australia you are sorely mistaken. Every aspect of life is dominanated by International Admiralty Law which is used as the private jurisdiction of the International Monetary Fund - principal creditor in the bankruptcy of essentially every government on earth. The Securities and Exchange Commission was established in 1934, the same year the 'COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA' was registered. How many other bankrupt nations were registered? It can be shown that the Australian Government was officially incorporated by the Royal Styles and Titles Act of 1973 which replaced the real life flesh and blood ‘Queen of England’ and her original seal with the office of the ‘Queen of Australia’ and the ‘Great Seal of Australia’ a trademarked logo registered with the US Patent & Trademarks office [without referendum].

I contend that Australia’s Constitutional crisis is the achilles heel of TPTB. You open Pandora’s box when this story reaches critical mass with the public. Australia's Constitution is the pebble thrown into the pond 14 years ago. The ripple effect WILL touch everyone.

“..This is without doubt the greatest perpetrated fraud within our modern times, which has continued for decades and definitely will be one of, if not, the largest news & media story ever uncovered. The documented facts on our website will show how the corrupt past and present British and Australian politicians, the judicial systems of two countries, as well as the European Court of Human Rights, have deliberately lied, misled and manipulated the Australian people for their own personal financial gain, greed and political appointments.

We assure you that every claim and accusation within this Website can be easily substantiated and verified with the official evidence, court documents and even Australian and British Government legal records, which we have uploaded for you to do your own research.

For the past 80 years every Australian Politician, Judge, Magistrate, Defence Force Personnel, Federal & State Police Officer, Sheriff, Local Mayor, etc., in other words the people in Authority, have ALL either knowingly or not, committed an ‘Act of Treason’ against the Australian People, by swearing allegiance and subscribing to an oath to serve Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and therefore the government of a Power foreign to Australia.”

[Quote: Synopsis]
June 5 2013

Who really runs GLP?

My response to a thread about Verizon being ordered by the NSA to hand over all records was NOT appreciated

Godlikeproductions banned me for posting a link to a 3 year old Washington Post article!

I posted the following:

Headline - Don't let the NSA mind game you with a phony court order to monitor Verizon, they record all phone calls in America every day!

Take a look at this, I don't know why the NSA even bothered to do a mind game court order - was it for public show? This type of info is all over the web to be found if you know about it. Unfortunately the best article is in the Guardian and they won't allow links from GLP. The Washington Post is a little more sensible. Get this, the NSA admitted to intercepting and storing EVERY CALL AND TEXT IN AMERICA, over a billion a day, in 2010!

link to washingtontimes

That was all I posted, and then after reading the post and backing out to the main forum I got greeted by the oh so welcoming "you have got to be a childmolester" GLP ban screen. I wonder what mine looks like on my forum - I have never seen it. Anyway, the GLP one is pretty demeaning, but that's beside the point, which is -

What is GLP doing banning people for posting a link to an article about the NSA, that is published in a mainstream paper? Why are they so sensitive about that? Are they really Tavistock, or another intelligence gathering site that lets you hang around to gauge public opinion, and if you are really onto something you get banned? Sure think so. Tread lightly, if you go there. Perhaps it serves as a great big funnel to let "them" know who needs to visit a fema camp. If there is not something fishy about that site, WHY would my totally innocent post, which was exactly as is above, trip a ban?

Is Adam Kokesh working for the CIA?

Forum member Farganne posted the following, and though it is to a degree a synopsis of other reports, he does raise some interesting points

Farganne posted:

Adam Kokesh leads a large contingent of the American “Patriot” movement. His followers are typically Second Amendment activists and Ron Paul devotees – people who are aware enough to perceive that their government does not mean them well, yet naïve enough to think that there is a political solution, whether it come via a maverick politician or displays of civil disobedience.

They lack the perspective to see the real scope of the state machine, who owns it, and the extent to which it hijacks and controls opposition.

Kokesh has been arrested for promoting such antics as a dance-in at the Jefferson Memorial and, most recently, a pro-marijuana rally in Philadelphia. But compared to his latest brainchild – an armed march on Washington, DC and all 50 state capitols – those stunts are mere child’s play.

From a tactical perspective, the concept is a nightmare. One can easily imagine the bloodbath that would inevitably result, and the subsequent justification for draconian gun control, if not a declaration of martial law.

To their credit, many patriot bloggers and alternative media figures have expressed misgivings about Kokesh’s Independance Day marches. Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association has distanced itself from the idea, and the Oathkeepers issued a statement of non-endorsement.

The blogosphere backlash was so strident, Kokesh called off the march on DC. Yet despite anemic support, he is still calling for the state capitol marches to occur.

This is perfect for Kokesh, as he is off the hook. He can’t be in 50 states at once. But he has established the pretext for an event that, should it occur, might prove to be the biggest false flag operation the U.S. “government” has ever perpetrated against the citizenry.

Troubling Details

First, think of the world financial system as a circuit board. As an electrical engineer tweaks a circuit to obtain a desired outcome, so those who generate and control the world’s currency manipulate results to their own ends. Authentic rebel leaders who have garnered too much influence can be cut off from the current, if not removed from the board altogether. By the same token, currency is routinely inducted and op-amped to fund controlled opposition.

Adam’s whole enterprise – high-profile radio show, big website, slick production, mass media attention – bears all the hallmarks of one that has been covertly facilitated, not suppressed.

Second, Adam has voiced his allegiance with the Occupy Wall Street movement. For those who didn’t get the memo yet, OWS is heavily funded by George Soros, a globalist, America-hating, plutocrat Jew.

Third, Adam Kokesh is himself – surprise, surprise – a Jew.

Many would say that is a purely ad hominem observation. I disagree.

Based on testimony from Jim Stone, who infiltrated the Canadian Jewish community, I am inclined to believe that a lot more rank-and-file Jews are “in on it” than we are led to believe.

Think about it. Out of all the brave, disgruntled Iraq veterans who might have struck a meteoric rise to celebrity anti-war dissidence … he just so happened to be a member of a tribe that constitutes a meager 0.3% of US armed forces. Go figure.

Adam served in Iraq as a sergeant in the U.S. Marines 3rd Civil Affairs Group, whose mission explicitly includes psychological operations (psy ops).

Read the rest HERE.

Monsanto's seeds of death

The following was posted to the forum by LesMajeste. My comments will follow.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

If you're not a bit paranoid these days, you're not paying attention.

Between the fluoridated water we drink, the toxic, chemically laden food we ingest, the chemtrail contaminated air we breathe and the mind warping garbage coming from the 'Boob Tube,' it appears that someone doesn't like the great unwashed masses.

From the same SOB's who told us not to fear PCB's and that Agent Orange wouldn't cause any harm, comes this:

The leaders of Big Agriculture--Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta--are determined that world's populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and the corporations and governments supporting them. Direct link

What really scares these 'Frankenseed' companies is that people and not big, non-profits with suspect ties and donations, are rising up to protest this forcing of perverting Mother Nature literally, down our throats.

The March against Monsanto was notable in several key respects. Most alarming for Monsanto and the GMO cartel was the fact that it was the first such demonstration not organized by anti-GMO NGOs such as Greenpeace or BUND or Friends of the Earth. In Germany where this author participated as a speaker in one of the events, it was all organized by concerned activists via facebook. But the NGOs who formally oppose GMO were reportedly nowhere to be found as sponsors or even reportedly as active organizers.
Source: "From the Trenches World Report"

Thugs in charge of food supply

Corporate Bully Boys

Monsanto don’t like the thought of anyone publicly disagreeing with them or worse still pulling a fast one on them. Where their GM crops are being grown commercially Monsanto have paid a small army of private investigators to check whether farmers are growing their GM crops without permission. Monsanto have successfully sued a Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser for supposedly planting GM oil seed rape without a license agreement. Percy claims that he has never planted GM crops on his land and that any GM crops on his land are a result of cross pollination from GM crops grown on neighbouring farms. He is launching a counter suit against Monsanto [47].

In 1997 2 TV journalists Steve Wilson and Jane Akre who had been making a documentary on the dangers of Monsanto’s BST were fired by their employers Fox TV. Fox TV had come under pressure from Monsanto to change the content of the documentary, when Wilson and Akre refused to be muzzled they were sacked [48].

In 1998 Monsanto took out a wide ranging SLAPP (Stategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) against activists from Genetix Snowball. At the time Genetix Snowball were engaged in a campaign of accountable, non-violent direct action against GM crops. The injunction was designed to intimidate members of the public into not taking direct action against Monsanto’s UK GM field trials [49].

In 1998 the environmental journal the Ecologist was due to publish a special edition attacking Monsanto. However, the Ecologist's printers - Penwells of Saltash, Cornwall, destroyed the 14,000 print run without notice fearing liable action from Monsanto.

Monsanto isn't thru monkeying around with Mother Nature and our life span. On the horizon is something called 'Terminator,' which is the technology to make seeds sterile so that each time you plant, you have to buy more seeds from these corporate thugs.

Monsanto owns the Terminator patents, but promises not to use them. Right, not until they manage to kill off the honey bees pollinating our food crops, which will then force humanity to buy self-repliacting seeds from Monsanto.

The at-large war criminal and mass murderer Henry Kissinger, must be jumping for joy.

My comments Though I don't have time to link a bunch of stuff, I have a fair amount to contribute to this topic.

I know someone in the biotech field, and have talked about this extensively. There are several main things we need to worry about with regard to GMO's, and I will list them here:

The biggest two problems, from our perspective is that 1. the GMO foods can be programmed in such a way that takes their monsanto DNA and inserts it into our own, with the changes being permanent. I did not believe this, after all, food is just food and we burn it, RIGHT? Well, according to my friend who has studied this, the answer is a big fat NO. The DNA remains intact enough for it to modify our cells.

And 2 - The other major problem is that through genetic modification, plants can be programmed to produce prozac, zoloft, ANY DRUG, and then cause that drug to be a normal component of the food we eat. More importantly, With certain foods that are easy to tweak, such as bananas, the banana plant can be programmed to produce live viruses that go into your bodies and perform modifications to your DNA, or attack certain organs, including the brain, or cause cancer, the entire gamut of what viruses are known to do. I found this to be more believable than the DNA in the GMO plants actually becoming part of our own, but my friend insisted . . . . . .

Many of my readers will know that viruses function by inserting their DNA into a cell which causes that cell to, rather than perform it's normal function, produce more viruses until the cell dies from being forced to produce only more viruses rather than maintain it's own life, and when the cell dies from being overworked the viruses then go out and infect more cells. But the viruses in the GMO plants that my friend talked about do not work the cells to death. They instead tell the cell to maintain itself rather than die by working so hard to produce more viruses, so the cell produces a slow but steady stream of viruses which then go out and infect more cells with the purpose of inserting DNA into the other cells which permanently change the attributes of what the cell is, thereby modifying the physical make up of whatever organism that cell is a part of And my friend said that though the changes are minor in the initial host, that some of these viruses go into the ovaries and testacles, and modify the reproductive DNA so that ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS take on the modifications and are born to exhibit the genetically modified traits that whatever the people who control a company such as Monsanto want the future generations of mankind to have

And if you know what kind of tyrannical control freaks the "elite" are, I'd say those tweaks will NOT be to our benefit.

The main thing we are told about GMO is that it makes the crops more resistant to Roundup, so the farmers can use more of it to kill weeds without killing their crop. But in reality, GMO tweaks are not predominantly for that, they instead include genetic tweaks that make plants produce poisons that kill pest insects, and to some degree, to give a plant more desirable traits. But my friend made it very clear that the end goal was to change the DNA of mankind by getting GMO plants to produce viruses that cause permanent DNA modifications to the people who eat them, and though I am skeptical about the actual food attributes (minus the viruses and drugs) changing our DNA, I am completely convinced that the DNA tweaking viral aspect is 100 percent reality, as is the ability to get plants to produce mind controlling drugs.

But then again, if it was not for DNA tweaks, why are the rats which are fed GMO corn sterile after a few generations when the corn does not contain any viruses? Perhaps my friend is right after all.

If the video below is not a cartoon about a rat being fed GMO corn, click here

Weapons test likely underway over Redstone arsenal


There is a radar anomaly no one can pinpoint the source of over Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville Alabama. I have looked into this, and have pretty much concluded that it is a weapons test involving an aerial spraying of a radar jamming material. Perhaps the stealth technology is not good enough for Iran, and not good enough to defeat the sunburn missiles, so they are testing a radar reflective aerosol over a broad region to see if it can conceal aircraft from radar. Obviously they want only the right aircraft concealed, because such a weapon would be of limited use if it hides the enemy's planes as well. So that is my guess as to what this being used for - to see what aircraft remain visible while others vanish. People on the ground have ruled out all other possibilities, including an electrical substation someone thought might be introducing a signal for some reason. Since this closely mimics the appearance of a severe thunderstorm, I would put my guess of a test of an aerially dispersed radar jamming material above the possibility of alien space fleets, substations, and mylar balloons. The fact that this is happening over a military installation lends creedence to the possibility of a military test of this nature.

More on this topic can be found Here June 4 2013

Just Film the Kokesh Perpetrators


Bandog posted a brilliant comment to the forum:

From forums, blogs, and articles, it appears that true patriots have little interest in marching in these charades. This means that the marches will indeed be attended almost entirely by provocateur agent actors. What a great opportunity to document them all on video! Any subsequent op could then be scoured for actors from our library of known agents.

If they are reading these pages and paying attention, this observation alone should be enough to cancel all of the marches, not just the one in DC.

My comment This one made me laugh. YES, OF COURSE the answer is obvious! Since they all have a high level security clearance, using this method will no doubt shut down ANY clandestine operation. Here is how it goes:

Get a decent super zoom HD camera that will allow you to shoot from a safe distance. Get EVERYONE in the march documented. Record the whole thing. AND THEN, if anything crazy breaks out, film the people who instigated it. Then post those pictures everywhere online, and pop the question: DEAR MOLLY, IS THIS YOUR CIA EMPLOYED HUSBAND BEING NAUGHTY?

Now, obviously, not everyone can afford an HD camera with a good lens, or CAN THEY? There are a few cheap options. The Samsung WB150F (it should be possible to snag this somewhere for less than $140) shoots 720 p video very well, and zooms very smoothly while shooting video but the camera is balky and unresponsive while shooting photos, and when shooting photos, the lens is horrific beyond belief (for me, Annie will think it's ok). Pictures are sort of trashy and the lens handles poorly during still photography, but for video you won't do better at this price.

The Olympus SZ-12 is a better camera than the Samsung, but it's not as good at video. This is compensated for, however, by a substantially longer zoom, so your not quite as good video will be in closer to make up for it. This camera blows away the Samsung for night video shooting, so the video story is not all bad.If the protest goes into the night, you can still bag it with this camera. The lens works great during still photography and is (sort of) a dog during video shooting. Still photography with the Olympus is a dream come true.

Both of these cameras fit in your shirt pocket, which is great for clandestine photography. I reviewed the SZ-14 (which is the foreign version of the SZ-12) and the Samsung WB150F for the web site the forum is hosted on so I am not just parroting the opinions of others.

If you want a larger camera, the Fuji S4250 is a good option, but you won't be sneaking up on anyone with that camera. Forget anything cheaper, the other cameras at lower prices either cannot handle 720P video or have very poor zoom.

Samsung WB150F, though it lacks (drastically) the detail of the olympus in still photography, may be the all around clandestine usage winner for protests because the 720P video from this camera is very clear, and the lens behaves great while shooting video (horrible with stills), and it fits perfectly in a shirt pocket. Both of these cameras are like little photographic pea shooters that no one would ever expect to be capable of anything, but will get right into the action from a safe distance. When you see them snatching Iphones to delete the videos off of them, you will have a 100 yard head start to get away with if you buy the WB150F, and 150 yards with the Olympus. Chances are if you are that far away they won't be paying attention to you anyway. The olympus will absolutely amaze you with it's ability to totally bag photos of people from huge distances. The samsung, well, photos lack detail, especially at full zoom because the sensor is not as good, and the image stabilization is a couple steps behind the Olympus.

If you mostly want to shoot photos, the Olympus wins. If you mostly want to shoot daytime video, the Samsung wins.

Most importantly, document this march. I don't care if you have a 10 year old digital camera with no zoom, or a GIANT Canon 5D with a 50mm prime lens that would make perfect taser bait, something is better than nothing, GO OUT AND DO IT.

The mere threat of having so many CIA employees get photographed for the sole purpose of documenting that they work for the CIA could be enough to slam this into the history books before it even happens.

Classic disinfo piece muddying the nuclear waters

Now someone has started to push the idea that a nuke blew up the West fertilizer plant. Folks this is impossible. Early on, I fairly well proved that the West fertilizer explosion was caused by a conventional warhead, delivered by a missile. This was evidenced by the soundtracks of two different videos that got posted to Youtube, one where you can hear a turbine approaching and increasing in pitch, and another where it sounds like a turbine engine flew by, and then decreased in pitch. This was caused by the two different shooting angles receiving a different doppler shift in the sound of the cruise missile engine based upon where the observers were located. However, both observers were so close to the fertilizer plant that when the explosion happened, there is less than a half second delay in the sound arriving at the location both videos were being shot from. Any nuke would have killed the people shooting the videos at that close range.

In Syria it was an entirely different situation. A full 11 seconds go by before the sound of the nuke arrived at the camera, which put the Syria nuke at a distance of 3.8 KM from the camera, which was 4 times the distance the Hiroshima nuke was able to do significant damage - the Hiroshima nuke had a damage zone with a radius of approximately 1 km. This explains why the cameraman in Syria survived, he was well outside the kill zone.

I am just going to cut to the forum post now, to let you know what I am talking about, and my comments will follow.

-name omitted because he's a real good guy on the forum-

I Believe that Mr. Stone first nailed this as some type of missile carrying a nuke/HE warhead to blow the plant to hell and gone. Now here's further proof that the MSM narrative is highly doubtful:

Taken from the investigative news site, "From the Trenches World Report."

What really happened to the West, Texas fertilizer plant?

I hate to say this folks but in case you did not investigate this tragic event yourself we are looking at yet another false flag!!

Here's a photo of the crater left at one of the plant's parking lots:

6.4.13_Westexas_4.17.13 photo west-5_zpsbd0290ec.jpg

And a photo from afar:

6.4.13_WT photo WT_westexas_zpsd0dae1fb.png

Looks like the PTB are getting even more psychotic than their usual blood-soaked ways. They must be trying to hurry an event that's behind their lunatic schedule for us peons.

That's two nukes used in the span of less than a month. The W. Texas one, then the nuke used on Damascus.

Won't be long before a nuke decimates an American city, to be blamed on the usual suspects, 'Moozies' to keep Americans filled with hatred and demanding revenge on another one of Israel's 'existential' enemies.

My comment

There is NO WAY that was a nuke, people were so close to that blast that the sound arrived in less than half a second. The nearby trees are still in one piece. If that was a nuke the people filming it would have been burned to death at that range, permanently blinded also, and totally blown 150 feet and landed in dehydrated flaming pieces, and on top of that, at that close a range, the EMP would have vaporized the processor in their cell phone used to record it. I have always said EMP would not wipe out our electronics with ONE qualifying statement:Provided you are not at ground zero

I never said this was a nuke, it was conventional ordnance only. That big scary cloud took at least an hour to develop. Happens any time there is a major fire in still air, TIMING IS EVERYTHING, when that cloud is formed in 45 seconds then that means a possible nuke, an hour does not cut it. The crater is too pronounced and small, the nearby trees are still there, people survived filming it from 500 feet away as did their electronics and there is no white out frame. That was perhaps a 2,000 pound conventional warhead delivered by a jet engine powered tomahawk. A 2.1 earthquake, as covered in the original report, can be produced by 50 pounds of well placed TNT. Conventional weapons strikes routinely produce earthquakes in this range.

The smoke happened later and the cloud took that shape because of different thermal barriers in the air which stopped it at that elevation. It was obviously a still day because it's not trailing off in any one direction. But the thin wispy smoke mixed in with the big mushroom head is a dead giveaway, that took time to build and then suddenly got going real good.

I see this fromthetrenches report as something that is muddying the water and an intentional diversion that fooled them. Though fromthetrenches linked it, they do not do their own investigations - they are more or less an aggregator. So fromthetrenches got fooled and posted something that many people will look at and laugh at. I think it's a psy op.

Watch this get traction while the Syria nuke got buried. This will be allowed to become a predominant piece of disinfo, to prevent people from looking into the subject of nukes being used elsewhere. This is so obviously NOT a nuke that any scientist will look at the pictures, laugh, and then call the "nuke people" wackos without looking one step further. This will then allow Israel to happily nuke at will, because the entire nuclear weapons topic will be firmly discredited.

ROTH 8:44AM ...and that's how it all works, ladies and gentlemen. Classic disinformation.

The following is my original post regarding the West Fertilizer plant.




The server was not offline due to malfunctions, but the account was disabled. It told me there was no such domain as Jimstonefreelance and to register it all over again. Simultaneously computers on other connections could not hit the web site. When I posted that this was happening to the forum (which runs independently) the problem cleared, and I edited the missile strike article down to NOT include the details of what should be done about the missile strike and how, against WHO.

The remaining portion of the missile report follows

Do not be fooled by them saying how strong the earthquake from the blast was, a 2.1has the same seismic yield as 50 pounds of TNT detonated below ground, and a Tomahawk can carry over a thousand pounds of higher grade explosive. The reduced seismic signature can be attributed to the fact that the detonation was above ground and not perfectly coupled to the ground to maximize the seismic effects of that much explosive going off. So far from being a nuke, we had the equivalent earth shaking of 50 pounds of well placed TNT.

Bottom line? That earthquake was NOTHING compared to what weapons of war routinely produce

I have re posted the following after carefully analyzing the other videos, and though saying less than what is in the original post is a disservice to the innocent, I HAVE TO, BECAUSE I WILL BE SHUT DOWN IF I SAY WHAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE SAID.

You can hear the missile in ALL the videos, but how loud it is on approach, and the tone it has all depends upon where people were located while shooting the video. Some videos have the Tomahawk's jet engine decreasing in pitch and very loud as it goes past them nearby, and other videos have the engine sound very quiet with the pitch increasing as it approaches them because it is far away and approaching from the other side. But it can be heard in ALL videos if you use good headphones or really good speakers with the volume cranked.

Don't sit and think about how the flame looks, don't even bother with how it goes from left of the explosion to right, and how the explosion is elongated. Pay no mind to ANY OF THAT, WHICH BY ITSELF PROVES A MISSILE JUST WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK. YOU CAN CLEARLY HEAR THE MISSILE COME IN BEFORE THE BLAST.

If they kill this web site over me saying it like it is AND what to do about it, it will be re instated at and I suggest you bookmark the forum so you can go there as well. I will also post to because they are decent and do not shut me out. The folks at are also a good alternative backup, as is and Aangirfan at Blogspot. If I get wiped here I will certainly be very likely to pop up at those locations.

I just cannot see this missile strike and subsequently shut my mouth, this is TOO MUCH, DAMN THEM. This article is substantially edited, but it is better to be able to say at least SOMETHING than it is to be totally shut down.

The following is the Syria nuke report, so you can see the difference in what happened between there and the fertilizer plant. This report started a volley of modem killings and airtime deletes, "they" absolutely hated this one

Nuclear Rogue


Those of you who are new to this site probably do not realize exactly how censored your news is. I suggest you read the following to find out. Yes, they absolutely WILL try to hide a nuclear blast, provided Israel did it and the target was Arabs.

"The real issue at hand now is that Israel has proven itself out in the open, under documented irrefutable conditions, that it considers nuclear aggression acceptable policy. This means that for as long as Israel exists it is a menace to the world. It is fairly well proven that Israel caused the Indonesian tsunami, nuked Bali, caused the Japan tsunami, nuked Fukushima, and FINALLY, because an Arab set a decent camera up at exactly the right place and time, and had the balls to post the video immediately, it is proven and not a guess that Israel is a nuclear rogue. There is room to fool a blinded lamb with the other events, but this particular video sets the reality in stone.

I did not get the best screen grab for what I showed in my initial analysis, and when I was doing further work on this report, I landed on the holy grail - the moment of criticality. I did not know the camera captured this. Here you can see that even in the part of the frame that was not the sky, even in the shadow areas, there was so much light that the camera sensor clipped to it´s maximum value at all sensor sites. You can extract this frame from the cleanest version of the original video, Here is the most pristine version of the original video ever posted by the man who shot it. I made sure this got preserved. A powerful computer or advanced video editor will help. You won´t be grabbing this frame with an old Celeron.

I cannot begin to emphasize enough how impossible it is to clip a camera sensor to maximum, even in the shadow areas. This means that even the windows in the buildings took in so much light that the normally dark area inside the buildings which would make the windows appear dark got so much light that even the super dark areas clipped the sensor. The sun will not do that, even with a massive over exposure. The only thing that will do that is a nuke, which is well known to be brighter than the sun.

This is the proverbial "no damage from a 9.0 earthquake, other than tsunami damage" proof that is needed to show this was a nuke. Anyone should be able to understand this, and you don´t need to know photoshop, you don´t need to know focal lengths and lens behavior, just look at the frame grabs below. They say it all and you do not need to be an expert to see it.

The following captures give you a clear reference for what is happening in the frames above. Put your finger on one of the flames in the frame above to see where it is in the picture while the light of the nuke is still overwhelming the camera so badly it cannot see that flame. How bright is the sun? Would that camera be able to see a fire at high noon? Obviously yes, and this proves that even after significantly fading, the nuke is STILL brighter than the sun.


We now know what a nuclear attack looks like for real, and it is surprisingly Hollywood. We also know now that EMP is B.S., and that an ordinary camera can survive filming it. As I have always said, nuclear EMP is a HOAX that is going to be used as an excuse to get rid of technology via Intel CoreVpro processors, other 3g enabled processors, and via the 3g connections ALL AUTOMOTIVE CONTROL COMPUTERS AFTER 2004 HAVE ON ALL THE TIME, as well as smart meters which can probably command appliances to auto destruct, which will be used to fake the public into believing a nuclear EMP wiped everything out when in fact it was only the zionists using decades old 3g technology to tell everything to self destruct with a system we all forgot about. And THAT is how they will throw us back to the stone age, and accomplish our final enslavement.

This video is proof positive that our electronics are NOT susceptible to nuclear EMP, a fact I have been harping for a long time now, and all it took for me to know was to put pen to paper and calculate it out.

EMP fear mongering is a mind game, to get people to waste their efforts on that which is irrelevant. EMP from a nuke is a threat to ONE thing - a device hooked up to a wire over a mile long that has no protection circuit. Nuclear EMP needs a conductor with a cross section a mile long to couple with, it´s all very easy math. Your car, your laptop, your cell phone is immune, simply because it is too small to take in the signal. Power distribution systems, phone systems, ethernet computer networks with no fiber optics, and cable TV systems can be damaged but even then it is not likely, the nuclear tests of the 40´s 50´s and 60´s took place amidst power lines and phone networks, and the ONE time anything did get blown out it was a rotary multiplexer at a small local phone provider. Our modern stuff is far more robust simply because over time it was improved to survive lightning strikes.

But nuclear EMP is not the issue here, IS IT?

I´d say NO. The real issue at hand now is that Israel has proven itself out in the open, in documented irrefutable conditions, that it considers nuclear aggression an acceptable policy. This means that for as long as Israel exists, it is a menace to the world. It is fairly well proven that Israel caused the Indonesian tsunami, nuked Bali, caused the Japan tsunami, nuked Fukushima, and now, simply because an Arab set a decent camera up and had the balls to post the video immediately, it is PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT AND NOT A GUESSING GAME THAT ISRAEL IS A NUCLEAR ROGUE. I gotta laugh - it was their "eternally illiterate mud hut goat herder" patsy that nailed them. Hey Israel, WHO ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BE TRUSTING WITH A BOMB?? Looks like the movie Airplane and many others were nothing but kike fantasies. The damage you caused to the reputation of others while being even WORSE filth yourselves is the pinnacle of all hypocrisy.

Even more damning is the blackout in the media - all forms of it. I can excuse some of the alternative media that has limited staffing for missing this, but CNN, FOX, AlJazeera, ABC, NBC, CBS, ALL latino news outlets, EVERYTHING "mainstream" has staffing good enough to know what went on, and their silence is absolutely DAMNING. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all wrapped up in a blanket of zionist lies, disinfo, and SILENCE.

Ahh yes, and don't forget THIS.

June 3, 2013

Australian Government legitimacy report almost ready

Forum member Dazatar has been spending the last two months going into the details of what may be the tip of the iceberg as far as the legitimacy of various governments worldwide. Many of them have been hijacked in recent times and the upcoming report about the troubles Australia is facing will make that nation a case example.

I had a few questions about this topic, and they are answered below,

Question: The coat of arms you have referenced as being the legitimate one for Australia is almost identical to the coat of arms for the British Crown. Are you sure this is not an error?

Answer: The coat of arms you have displayed on the advertisement are the correct ones.

Question: Did Australia keep the crown's shield after it broke away?

Answer: No. Evidenced in any documentation to do with the Australian Government today i.e. courts, police, tax etc all use the "Great seal of Australia".

Question: Are you sure the emu and Kangaroo are not representative of the people?

Answer: Absolutely. The Great Seal of Australia created through The Royal Styles and Titles Act of 1973 is a trademarked logo found on the US patents and Trademarks website. The point being that without referendum of the people of Australia this constitutional amendment was made by our political parties of the time.

Question: Did Australia ever break away?

Answer: This is the funny side of the story, ultimately yes. Australia received it's independence over the course of the 20th century. But it is the Government of Australia that assumed sovereignty in 1931 with the Statute of Westminster and NOT the Australian people - which is where the authority has apparently come to change our constitution without referendum of the people.

That is what this is all about. Changing the Australian constitution without referendum. It really is just that simple.

My comment: It seems that the Australian people have quite a lot to worry about, and perhaps this is the real reason behind how their gun ban got passed.


The following article caused immediate backlash, I have not approved any ads that hijack this page and send you elsewhere. When you read this article you will know why the backlash has been so strong.

In appreciation of the CIA


I would like to thank the CIA for the wonderful work they are doing

After all, this really is a terrorism related site that MUST BE STOPPED at ALL COST, to make good and sure ALL APPROVED TERROR happens on schedule. Gotta hit those deadlines you know, with all those prepared ahead of time news reports, as stated by a media insider that ratted on the whole charade, straight through that mailbox you have so diligently censored.

I gotta laugh at your shining example of hypocrisy exhibited on your tip line page:

"Your security and well being are our primary concerns. By visiting this website from outside of the U.S. and contacting us, you may be subject to monitoring by security or intelligence services, or other third parties that do not adhere to U.S. Internet privacy laws. While we employ numerous safeguards to help minimize this risk, we suggest that you not use your home or work computer to contact us. Use instead a computer where you are entirely unknown. Although our website is encrypted, it is still possible for others to see that you have visited As an added precaution, we recommend you use current web browsers and clean the computer's search and/or browser histories after you visit the website."

YOU MAKE ME SICK. If there is one thing that makes me as sick as anything can, it is a bold faced liar, and THAT IS YOU

After all, YOUR EYES AND EARS, the NSA, records ALL phone calls, ALL e-mails, EVERYTHING AMERICANS EVER DO ONLINE, and STORES IT FOREVER. This was stated by one of your own people via another leg (the FBI) of the same monster you serve, and if you think any other nation in this world records and stores every piece of communication it's people make, innocent or not, part of an investigation or not, and you just store EVERYTHING from Grandma bought new windshield wiper blades to Joe is going fishing on friday, YOU are the exact tyranny you are blaming other nations of being, IN OVERDRIVE

But making the ignorant believe America is some great bastion of freedom is your job, which is the job of undermining totally innocent governments by making their nations believe America is better, and you do this to peoples and movements that have only ONE WISH, to be free FOR REAL, and not just an idiot slave legion touting lie after lie you spew. And if your efforts fail and they see through your lies, you subsequently murder them via smart bombing and mercenary forces if they ever see the light and do not do the bidding of the great master, he who set up your agency, LORD ROTHCHILD. If you are too stupid to know that, you are too stupid to be trusted with the responsibility of working for an outfit as potent as the CIA, NO ONE hands a two year old an Uzi and that is EXACTLY WHAT YOUR COMPARTMENTALIZED CLEARANCES CAUSE YOU TO BE.

And if you succeed in crushing other web sites like this one, I wish you the worst. I wish you every tainted vaccine, GMO tweak, Haarp storm, nuclear disaster, and for you to have your children become autistic children your censorship and actions against the truth caused. Can you not see we are trying to save you from that? Baby chimpanzees spin in circles exactly the same way autistic children often do, can you not see something strange with that? What the * tweaked their brains like that? Can you not see something strange in the fact that the non Jewish community is now suffering autism at a rate of 1 out of 50 children, with the remaining being rendered stupid as hell, all the while all the Jewish communities are having autism rates of 1 in 20,000, the same rate non Jewish children had 20 years ago? Is it not fishy that amidst this new storm of autism that Jewish children are as bright as ever while living within the exact same NON JEWISH populations that are so badly afflicted? See anything fishy there? How about investigating THAT?

But oh no, you won't receive the orders to do your REAL JOB, the job you THINK you are doing, because Sir Rothchild, a Jew, is giving the orders. Looking into this topic will cost you your job and if you have any success with investigating this before losing your job, you will be killed.

And if you really do happen to be blind about how NOT FREE America is, I suggest you read the following:

"On Wednesday night, Burnett interviewed Tim Clemente, a former FBI counterterrorism agent, about whether the FBI would be able to discover the contents of past telephone conversations between the two. He quite clearly insisted that they could:

BURNETT: Tim, is there any way, obviously, there is a voice mail they can try to get the phone companies to give that up at this point. It's not a voice mail. It's just a conversation. There's no way they actually can find out what happened, right, unless she tells them?

CLEMENTE: "No, there is a way. We certainly have ways in national security investigations to find out exactly what was said in that conversation. It's not necessarily something that the FBI is going to want to present in court, but it may help lead the investigation and/or lead to questioning of her. We certainly can find that out.

BURNETT: "So they can actually get that? People are saying, look, that is incredible.

CLEMENTE: "No, welcome to America. All of that stuff is being captured as we speak whether we know it or like it or not."

"All of that stuff" - meaning every telephone conversation Americans have with one another on US soil, with or without a search warrant - "is being captured as we speak".

On Thursday night, Clemente again appeared on CNN, this time with host Carol Costello, and she asked him about those remarks. He reiterated what he said the night before but added expressly that "all digital communications in the past" are recorded and stored:

Let's repeat that last part: "no digital communication is secure", by which he means not that any communication is susceptible to government interception as it happens (although that is true), but far beyond that: all digital communications - meaning telephone calls, emails, online chats and the like - are automatically recorded and stored and accessible to the government after the fact. To describe that is to define what a ubiquitous, limitless Surveillance State is.

Read the rest of this lengthy article HERE

And to the idiot at the CIA that wrote that cute little punch line about America respecting privacy and not snooping everything, If you really do not know about the NSA recording and snooping everything, WTF ARE YOU DOING WORKING FOR AN "INTELLIGENCE" AGENCY? Who is paranoid now?

And I would like to ask my readers to consider this - LONG AGO, before the release of this report, all the while others were saying that there were ways to secure your online communications and that there was nothing to worry about, what was I saying? "There is absolutely no way to keep your communications secure when they are sent across an internet that someone else owns, and if anyone thinks they have encryption that cannot be cracked, they are dreaming. The powers that be will not allow you to have data security even they can't breach and will arrest or kill anyone who comes up with a way to make public communications truthfully and entirely secure.

Take that from an ex NSA white hat.

May 31 2013

Beware of Kokesh and the CIA


There is something EVERYONE is missing with regard to Kokesh. It may be completely impossible to shut it down, because:

The stats have been expunged from the web, but many of you may remember that the CIA, which already had a HUGE number of people, recently hired a million more. This means the CIA, which had at least 500,000 employees before they recently hired a million could fake the entire march, with 30,000 demonstrators in EVERY SINGLE STATE, and have all of them be CIA employees.

Ever wonder what it is like to live in a tyranny? YOU GOT IT FOLKS, the monster is so huge now that it can stage massive movements, which are fake in their entirety. And having looked at the backlash to Kokesh in the blogs, it seems he has absolutely ZERO true support, yet he keeps getting stronger.

There is only one way this could be happening - and that is if that support is coming directly from the CIA. We could be walking into a situation here where at each demonstration in every state there are tens of thousands of agent provocateurs with a minority of innocent dupes mixed in. GUESS WHO GOES TO JAIL. Guess who gets shot. And afterward, guess what will happen.

That is the reality we live in. And when living in such a reality, we have to then confront the CIA directly, and tell them in advance we know what they are up to. We need this topic spread in the blogs, and not whether or not Kokesh is going to fool a few idiots into doing his bidding. We need to state with assertion that this situation with Kokesh is impossible, that the real support is not there, and that we know the CIA is doing this. Letting the CIA know that we realize beyond a doubt that this is 100 percent them and that few, if any true demonstrators will show up is the only approach that will shut this thing down.

I suggest people find a way to send the following message to the CIA. Ha - just use the CIA tip line (while using Tor or at least

Dear CIA

We understand that you have the job, the hard job, of maintaining tyranny. But we also understand that you all have clearances and operate in secret. And in the case of the Adam Kokesh armed march on Washington and all state capitols, there IS NO SECRET. So we strongly suggest you abandon this psy op and try something else, WE ARE WATCHING.

Monsanto freak out


A Mexican friend of mine recently bought a tomato with a number on the sticker that started with a 3 (which means genetically modified). When she cut it open, there were no seeds and instead where the seeds were supposed to be it looked like a brain. I am going to try to get ahold of one of these tomatoes and document this. If I am able to, this article will be expanded.

One advantage Mexicans have is that they have the right to know when their food has been tweaked, it is (usually) clearly labeled as such. And the fact that we don't have this advantage in America only goes to show that our American government loves us more. After all, what is Mexico other than a banana republic? I think Americans need a wake up call regarding the topic of government, Mexico's is obviously more decent across the board.

Ahh yes, read the next article - it's a hoot.

May 30 2013

FED GETS THE MESSAGE: Mexico "Just said no" to Drugs

For the first of the resurrected "lost" articles I hunted down my favorite

This topic has been extensively whitewashed on all media outlets. What is here is the entire truth, with updates to address the lies used to cover this up

Fast and furious? The CIA was BUSTED using a U.S. embassy vehicle to run guns into Mexico, and the not so corrupt Mexican Federal Police caught them and did not agree.

Here is the original, full, and unadulterated truth -



Two CIA agents, accompanied by a Mexican Navy Captain and a drug lord back country guide who were "officially" supposed to be on their way to a Navy base for training, were noticed by the Mexican Federal Police when they made a turn off the paved road and into the Mexican back country with an armor plated 4 wheel drive Land Cruiser, provided by the U.S. embassy in Mexico City.

Due to the suspicious nature of exiting a paved road with such a vehicle, the Mexican Federal Police tailed them in their 4 wheel drive Ford pickup, that was identical to the ones in this photo, and manned in exactly the same way:

After a 10 mile trek off the road, the CIA agents met their drug lord counterparts and made a deal which involved an exchange of weapons for cash. It was never reported how the Federal Police dealt with the Mexican side of the equation, but they obviously were more interested in the U.S. embassy vehicle, approached it after the deal was complete, and drew their weapons to force it to stop in CLEARLY OBVIOUS MEXICAN FEDERALI UNIFORMS, OUT IN THE WIDE OPEN, WHICH CANNOT BE MISTAKEN FOR ANYTHING ELSE.

Knowing they had little to fear in their armor plated diplomatic Land Cruiser, the CIA agents, drug lord guide and Navy officer figured they would run for it rather than stop. And in the back country, the Land Cruiser successfully evaded the Federalis. But it could not outrun a radio, and as soon as it got back up on a paved road, there was a full compliment of Mexican Federal Police there waiting for them, and they shot the Land Cruiser until it failed to function, armor plating be damned.

Despite how the Land Cruiser looks in the photos, the bullets never fully penetrated and none of the occupants were hurt (in the initial reports.) Subsequent white washes say the CIA agents were injured, to get a hospital lie started, to provide plausible cover against the punch line in this story, which is -

From the safety of the Land Cruiser, which the Mexican police were unable to shoot through, the 4 bastards called the Navy to send forces to rescue them. Once the Navy arrived, they drove off the Mexican Federal Police, rescued our 4 drug lord heroes, and took them to the Navy base in Acapulco where they sucked pinacoladas for about 17 hours and then flew out of Mexico via the Acapulco airport with new identities on fake passports issued by the US embassy in Acapulco.

I was put under pressure by the U.S. embassy in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and officially labeled a hate site by them over this report, which is why I originally pulled it. (I will give the details surrounding this situation via private message and e-mail.) Because they subsequently back stabbed and flushed the individual they used to enforce this threat anyway, I am putting this report right back up.

And if you hear anything different about how the CIA got busted in Mexico, it's a b.s. whitewash, the version here was from press releases happening within an hour of it starting and as it was happening.

Whitewashes include "the police were in a private vehicle" and therefore were not recognized as such, and "there were six people in the land cruiser, thus leaving no room for guns", and "the CIA agents were hospitalized with injuries" to cover for the fact they flew out on fake passports in less than a day, and many more, including "the federalis started shooting at the range rover while it was on a toll road and they only left the toll road to avoid the gunfire" and other lies via the various outlets, but the bottom line is that it happened exactly as stated above, ACCORDING TO EVEN CNN (at first).

The Mexican Federal Police were subsequently punished (at least officially, but I doubt it) for getting in the way of business. But from what I have seen here, the Mexican government is actually serious about shutting this kind of activity down. The CIA will probably be more careful to avoid sticky situations after this.

And in closing, if (after reading the whitewashes) anyone doubts my faithful recording of these events, I ask them to please query their brains with this:

What were two CIA agents doing with a fully armored U.S. embassy vehicle 10 miles out in the Mexican back country, smack dab in the middle of the main drug smuggling zone while "officially" on the way to a Navy base for training?

May 29 2013

A re-clarification of the Fukushima disaster

I received the following mail, asking questions about reactor 4, and why the explosions did not look the same at 3 and 4. Here is that mail, and my answer

Hi Jim,

I read and absorbed your Fukushima report about a year ago, but now I have a question:

In the video of the first explosion (I think that it was Reactor 4), the explosion doesn't have a mushroom cloud shape at all.

At the same time, the explosion has the same general dimensions as the Reactor 3 explosion. Additionally, the color of the Reactor 4 cloud is gray, just like the Reactor 3 cloud.

Is it possible that both of these explosions are steam explosions?

Are you proposing that there were two OWL nuclear blasts? If so, why does only one have a mushroom cloud shape?

And if not, if only Reactor 3 had an OWL, was it simply by chance that Reactor 4 had an explosion near the time that Reactor 3 exploded?

Regards, Robert

My response

First off, the cloud at 4 was gray, but the cloud at 3 was brown. If the video you watched showed anything different, it was tweaked.

Reactor 4 was completely disassembled and totally depressurized, sitting wide open when it "exploded". This completely rules out steam explosions, hydrogen explosions, and all other explosions other than weapons. This is proven through public record, which verifies reactor 4 was totally shut down, offline, with no core inside, as well as the classified photos which were leaked through the web site Pink Tentacle. All of this is in the Fuku report, including the references to where the information came from. Since reactor 4 had only concrete destroyed, the cloud was gray

Reactor 4 proves beyond a doubt explosives were used, and no mushroom cloud (one of the differences between 3 and 4) can be directly attributed to the fact that when they blew #3, it had a core, was gunned to the max with max pressure in maximum output mode with all valves forced shut via the stuxnet virus, and the shell pressure pegged to 3000 PSI, the max possible. When the nuke went off at #3, it ruptured the reactor vessel and the additional heat, steam, pressure release, plus reactor core being ejected contributed to the destruction of the containment and a bigger blast. The carbon in the reactor core is what made the mushroom cloud a dark color. If you look at the Fuku report again, there is a very clear picture of reactor 3's ejected core laying there mangled in the debris, with the core spray system still partially functioning.

This proves beyond a doubt that Arnie Gundersen is a bold faced scammer, who was performing the task of making Fuku appear to be a theoretically possible nuclear disaster, when in fact it was on an impossible scale by all measures. Arnie NEVER talked about a total core ejection, which was obvious from the color of the mushroom cloud, and the photos in the Fukushima report which showed mangled reactor guts laying everywhere in the debris at #3.

Also -

These nuclear weapons were placed inside the innermost part of the containment structure, which had no fewer than 3 concrete walls that were over 4 feet thick with their own separate air spaces (which cushioned the blast), and additionally the inner reactor containment which was no less than 12 feet thick that had to be blown out of the way before the outer walls were even touched. Multiple layers are much harder to blow out than a single layer with the same total amount of obstructive materials in it, and even if it was a single layer, there was still at least 24 total feet of concrete that had to be blown out of the way in many directions that were blown out before any explosion penetrated to the outside of the containment at all. Just look at the Fuku diagrams included in the original report, there was a LOT of concrete in those structures, too much for anything conventional to do away with.

The fact that reactor 4 had it's containment destroyed while the reactor was completely mothballed for maintenance proves beyond all doubt that explosives were used to destroy it, and additionally, the mass of concrete that had to be blown away for the explosion to even penetrate to the outside proves it was nuclear, and the fact that the fuel pool at 4 remained intact with the fuel in it proves the explosion did not originate in the fuel pool.

Inconsistencies in the blasts can also be attributed to the fact that gun type nukes were used, and those are really unreliable. They give unpredictable results. The Fukushima report included a photo of the exact nuclear weapon that was used to destroy #3, before it was prepped for shipping to Fukushima, disguised as a "stereoscopic camera"

The key to all of this, which ANYONE should be able to see is reactor 4, which is equal to building 7 on 911. HOW did all that concrete get blown away by a mothballed reactor, which is clearly in a mothballed state even in the photos taken after the explosion?

Look at reactor 4 here

All of this information is covered in much greater detail in the original Fukushima report

Robert responded with the following: Hi Jim,

I saw your response on your blog, thanks for that!

I just found photos taken in the spent fuel pool of Reactor 3 in February of this year. [1]

How could this spent fuel pool retain it's structural integrity and not be completely destroyed by the exploding OWL in Unit 3?

Regards, Robert

My response:

I wondered that as well, but blasts are somewhat unpredictable, and a substantial amount of the structure survived. At 3 the blast mostly went out of the North West corner, and since the fuel pool was to the southwest/center part of the containment, it may have been spared. However, there is so much rubble and debris laying around that it is really hard to tell if it was totally blown away, or if it just got buried. The photos you linked to certainly appear to show what would have to be a highly visible fuel pool, when THIS PHOTO makes it appear that the entire floor the main pool was on is GONE. Sure would take a lot of rubble to fill it in like that, far more rubble than is in the photos you linked. And 3 fuel pools did survive, are you sure the photos are not from one of the other ones, and used to misrepresent #3?

The main contamination was produced by reactor 3's core, and the strong possibility that (probably against the rules) Tepco was using the steam separator pool at #3 (which was in the most damaged portion of the containment, the North West portion) to store spent fuel. This is the blown away "fuel pool" I spoke about in the Fuku report, which made the river of melted fuel that is visible in some of the early drone videos. And if it was not from improperly stored fuel, then the reactor core had to have landed in that pool, melted down, and formed that river. Since the steam separator pool was totally ripped and drained by the explosion, I guessed fuel storage, and not the reactor core. It's a guess as to what really melted down there. One of the two. The main pool may have survived at #3, but I have my doubts. I think it may have melted and sank into the basement early on, thus contributing to the insanely high radiation readings measured shortly after #3 blew. It's all pretty self evident in the high resolution photos that were not supposed to be released.

Early on there were deaths (subsequently whitewashed) of workers out at Fuku, who died while doing the initial asessment. And my guess was that they died in the alley between #2 and #3, because of that river that could be seen in the drone videos. There was no such river visible from the main fuel pool.

Another fact overlooked by the mainstream press but covered in the Fukushima report was that the early cleanup was done via remote control and robots, because people could not approach the site without dying.

Updates are slow because of numerous attacks

My responses to mail and updates are not happening as usual right now, because I cannot administer this site without getting the airtime deleted off of any modem I use. So I am stuck in coffee shops, which is very counter productive. I managed to download the entire site and am currently working on making a lot of hidden articles visible again, which will be posted here as they are restored.. On that note, I would at least like to post a few links, to kick them over this latest assault.

>A few people out there realize that "nuclear expert" Arnie Gundersen was used extensively to stifle Fukushima truth, by taking the blame off of an Israeli nuclear attack and placing the blame on Tepco, GE, and "crappy Japanese engineers", who, in reality ran a very good nuclear program for two main reasons - they are highly skilled, AND they live on an island that would be destroyed by a nuclear disaster. Fuku probably did exactly that. So on that note, I have the following links to comments from his "peers" - real nuclear engineers, among which Arnie is WITHOUT PEER, because in reality, he is a nuclear cub scout at best. But then again, Al Gore was right about global warming because it fit an agenda.

Arnie fraud 1

Arnie fraud 2

Arnie fraud 3

May 28 2013

Groundbreaking report about the Austrailian government soon to be relased

Forum member Dazatar has dug deep into this subject, which could easily prove to be a "Fukushima" of the Australian government. I know full well that Darren is correct with what he has found, and it is going to get aired on this web site, which has a substantial trickle out to a base of about five million when all mirrors are factored in. Hopefully this will tip the balance and cause a ripple effect that will be enough to stir the greater public concience.

Background: Many people here do not realize that America lost the war of 1812, and that the British government (which is in fact controlled by the Rothchilds) took control of America at that time, and has been running the country with an illegitimate Constitution ever since. This is the reason why ALL lawyers in America pledge their allegiance to the British crown, and not the Constitution for the United States. The 13th amendment, which was ratified, bans lawyers from working in any government position. This same amendment also bans anyone who pledges allegiance to a foreign power from operating in ANY government position, and the punishment for doing so is death. So to sidestep this amendment if the people ever woke up and enforced it, the District of Columbia was set up and is NOT AMERICAN TERRITORY, it is a foreign country set up within the borders of the United States, from which a scam government without a thread of any real legitimacy has successfully operated against the will of the people for well over a century.

Australia has suffered the same fate, and Darren has proof. Accepting that America has been usurped for much of it´s time in existence is a hard nut to swallow, but accepting that Australia has been usurped the same way does not present such a psychological barrier, and can wake the world up to the fact that many other governments have suffered the same fate. This explains perfectly how the Rothchilds managed to get their central banks in almost everywhere - banks which serve as power bases to rule the world from.

There is going to be a major drive done by this web site to spread word of this and break the barrier to public acceptance, and to help you get started on the path to reality, Take a look at this

May 27 2013

Official statement from the Oathkeepers regarding Kokesh

RE: Armed march by Adam Kokesh from the Oathkeepers board of directors ~

James Hanna ~ Oath Keepers does NOT endorse Adam's march. The leadership at Oath Keepers has a wealth of tactical experience, and marching into the enemy's camp, to be captured makes no sense. What is to be accomplished by this action? What could possibly go wrong? These are the questions a responsible leader asks before sending his troops into harm's way. This is either tactical ignorance, or willful endangerment; the latter being the worst of the two choices.

I would say that Adam's choice of the words "Oath Keepers" is no accident. He is VERY familiar with Oath Keepers and our mission. Not only are his tactics questionable, so are his ethics. Not only has he embarrassed himself by announcing a pointless and irresponsible armed march, he has damaged his integrity by using the good name of Oath Keepers to bolster his own agenda.

James Hanna
Oath Keepers
Board of Directors

All the hidden articles will be linked now

Approximately 85 percent of this site is invisible to anyone hitting it. This is because I don't always permalink, and instead flush the front page to a backup file to be gone through "later". And on top of that, virtually NONE of the permalinks that other web sites reference are linked on this site where anyone can see them. But since Beforeitsnews has provided a way for this site to generate revenue, it is time for me to fix this. It will take some time. But if you are wondering where an article went, this ought to be what makes it visible again. Nothing was ever deleted.

knocked offline again while investigating the background of ENENEWS.COM

Seems I hit a nerve . . . . .

In Mexico you put pesos on the modem to use to buy airtime, so whenever you get a modem going here, you have existing money and paid for airtime. This last round of knocking me offline started with them deleting 920 pesos off of a Telcel modem to bump me offline when I was doing the nuke in Syria report. So I switched to a couple of emergency back up modems I had from Unefon. That worked at first, but now they are hitting the modems within a couple hours and deleting all credit put on them.

And now, back to ENENEWS . . . . . . I wonder why THAT is a touchy subject . . . . . .


You can look up ENENEWS, and then see that the registrar is Enom Inc. However, when I went to look at Enom's registration information, the airtime and all other money that would be used to recharge the airtime got deleted off the cell modem, thus shutting me down until I went out to get more airtime. Good hindrance tactic.

But there is more to this than that - Even from the coffee shop wifi, I am banned from looking up the WHOIS information for, so looking them up via cell modem equals airtime delete, and looking them up from here is banned. Interesting stuff, don't ya think?

Stuff like this does not happen by accident. For reference, if you look at the original registration info for ENENEWS, you can see that the site was registered three days after reactor 3 "exploded". So obviously, ENE news is FUKUENE propaganda. This is an Arnie Gundersen charade, where his fraudulent consulting firm "Farewinds and associates", which has scammed even state legislatures into believing it was real, is now rooted in secret. After I called Arnie on this, he relisted ENENEWS under this new phony company to provide yet another layer of separation between him and his fraud.

Many of you do not realize that Farewinds and associates was set up three months after the release of a spider man comic, which featured Arnie Gunderson, a brand new villian with a street name of CRITICAL MASS, who could shoot atomic explosions from his fingertips. Interesting coincidence. In addition to this, as part of the Fukushima report I did a background investigation into Arnie Gundersens history, only to discover that none of the people who attended the college he supposedly attended remember an "Arnie Gunderson", and then went on to prove that Arnie's ONLY experience in anything nuclear was operating a 100 watt open water reactor in a classroom. Various nuclear engineers hopped all over him for this, but in a world where the media makes Al Gore the environmental expert, the same media that has a lot to hide regarding Fukushima, trumpeting the fraudulent "Arnie Gunderson", who successfully back stabbed the Japanese engineers and put the entire blame for Fuku on G.E. certainly served the elite who perpetrated the Japanese earthquake and tsunami scam well. Too bad the tsunami was a success for them, even though the "earthquake" was a total flop.

Unfortunately if I am banned from investigating the background of ENOM INC I cannot proceed, I can only post what I have on this topic so far. Anyone else want to try this?

Beforeitsnews offered to put ads on this site

Beforeitsnews sent me a mail saying that alternative news sites frequently have problems getting ads, and offered to put them on this site. So I obviously said yes and will embed them in more pages soon.

If you have any problems with pages loading, please let me know. There is a thread about this in the forum, if you would like to comment you can use one of the anonymous log ins to do so.

The oathkeepers just said no to Kokesh

The oathkeepers have announced that they do not support Kokesh, and that they see little good in walking people straight into an ambush. Now Kokesh is trying to get all 50 states on board for marches on their capitols. And I have a comment here -

Interesting it is that Kokesh got out of jail basically free with no tasings and no other anomalies such as missing teeth. I´d bet he never even saw a jail cell, and instead sat in the staff room cracking jokes over donuts and coffee. I find it suspicious that he got out stronger than ever, only to announce marches on all 50 state capitols. I see his jailing as a mind game, and a way to validate what he is doing to people who know the Fed wants their guns yet believe Arabs did 911. Don´t expect any revelations from that particular group

Impeachment scandal #6

Forum member Kjtruthnews found a gold nugget of info

We have all heard about the report that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, but few of us have ever seen it. Kjtruthnews found it. I saw this but did not pay attention to it at the time (back in 2001) because none of us knew where this OBL conspiracy saga would go, and we just treated it like everyday news. Well, here is impeachment scandal 6. Lying about the capture of OBL who really died 10 years earlier, and somehow coming up with dead marines as a result of a fake raid set up for your own personal gain is in my opinion a fully impeachable offense. Make sure you look at the date on this article

Foxnews actually reported the truth (once.)

Mysterious deaths surrounding boston bombing

Expect the death count to grow. So far we have two FBI agents who supposedly died rappelling from a helicopter, and a dead student who knew the Tsnarav brothers.

"Two FBI special agents, Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, lost their lives during a training exercise in Virginia Beach, May 20, 2013. The two men were trying to rope down from a helicopter onto a ship. But due to weather difficulties, they fell into the water and died as a result of the impact." link

My comment - FIRST of all, if the weather is bad they won´t be out training. Second of all, ONE falling would be believable, but BOTH falling? Come on now, put your thinking cap on

It is a well known tactic of communist regimes and banana republics to kill people who know too much. Keep in mind that the FBI world headquarters were in building 7, and that once the FBI got back on track after that, their own investigation concluded that the phone calls from the airplanes, the ONLY THING that validated the entire 911 arab hijacking story, NEVER HAPPENED. The FBI reported 1 call of zero minutes and zero seconds. That means NO CALL, and they are saying it as gently as possible. So the FBI still has a few good people and I have no doubt that these two accident victims left the FBI short two good men.

And we also now have Sunil Tripathi, a young student who knew the Tsnarev brothers and was wrongfully arrested, who has already died in unexplained circumstances.

So I have a little advice to some of the better agents out there - If you are not a totally corrupted suck up to the elite establishment, and the Israelis are coming to help with an investigation that you are in any way involved with, I strongly suggest you request an expedited fake passport and go to Ecuador with whatever you have and hide out for, let´s just guess 10 years.

May 25 2013

Assault on intellect continues

I swear to GOD, if I have to keep reporting such lame brained stupid "terror attacks" I am going to QUIT. Please forgive me for ignoring this latest stabbing in France while I instead rant about Kokesh, I am going to go deep into that subject.

Seriously, if anyone on the forum puts something decent together regarding the French thing I will mention it on the front page, but these phony terror attacks that would not fool anyone who can butt dial are a waste of time, and we should instead be asking WHAT IS THE BIGGER OBJECTIVE HERE.

The sheer stupidity of these attacks in the E.U. is the most alarming aspect, are Europeans really that easy to bamboozle, or are the perps up against a schedule?

Why are their governments scrambling to pump out so much C rated B.S? Honestly, Boston was at least an A rate psy op which had to be peer reviewed into the light. But these stupid ones in Europe, I mean, COME ON NOW!

Posted for Farganne

May 24 2013


I saw the woolwich psy op as so transparent and stupid I did not want to bother pointing out the obvious flaws in the story. Farganne made it clear that I should. So here it is

Here we have the scene with no blood, and the body in the road

Oh, but the camera angle could hide it, right. How about another angle, and notice here, the car is sitting by a fence, out in the open, with no bushes anywhere near it. Where the * are the bushes they supposedly hacked this guy under? Where is the blood?

Still not convinced? How about this?


And now, to the Queen of England:

You are a criminal, the public face of the worst crime family in HISTORY, with an arrogance so huge it calls itself a KINGDOM. YOU FRONTED THIS. And why? For what reason did you need to backstab Muslims, who, as it turns out, seem to end up being perpetually innocent? The worst thing you can do to ANYONE is to perpetrate a crime and then point the finger at the innocent. YOU should be dragged through the streets and lynched. Interesting how it is that whenever one of these scams is brought to light, it always ends up being the one claiming to be the victim that is the perpetrator. Your soldier is alive and well. (the rest of this has been edited out).

I am not wasting time on the Woolwich psy op

This one was too stupid to deal with. My first post regarding this topic is down the page. This psy op is so transparently fake I don´t want to waste time going over what others are pointing out, but I have one observation here for others to run with - When the helicopter flies over, you can see blood where they supposedly dragged their victim from under the bushes to the road. That blood is NOT THERE in the videos shot before the helicopter arrived, and ALL video is AFTER they drag their supposed victim into the road. That´s one obvious set up team blooper. In Hollywood, that's what is called a continuity error and they get made all the time in movies, with movie producers trying to keep them down to a minimum in the hopes that no one will notice.

Why would this site get censored? The reason is simple. There is a lot of damning stuff here, perfectly documented, and this site is the source. This site is not a link farm parroting other people's work, it is the root of many investigations, not just one, MANY. Take a look at what is here and link back. Articles can be posted in their entirity without modification as well, just mention my name and prominently link back (your usual method is fine if you have a news site). This site has avoided shutdown because so many people re-post what is here.

All the evidence for why I believe no one died at the theater


No CCTV footage came out of the bat man shooting. No pictures after the fact either. Some people hit the social security death index too early. Then there is the Libor connection, the dead nurse, and the testimony that police made threats and blackmailed people to testify against Holmes, when they were not at the theater at all. Then there were the damning tweets, the phony blood trail, and downright silly pictures. If you think you know the Bat Man shooting, take a look at this!

Japan earthquake both man made AND faked to a higher magnitude to justify nuclear tsunami

Permalink This is the first portion of the Fukushima report, which speaks about the physical aspects of the disaster, which was in fact an act of war. There is a lot more to it than that, including the fact that the zionists want all cultures destroyed and smashed into a global monoculture and Japan was having none of it, as well as Japan refusing to do an enormous banker bailout they never owed, and therefore from a globalist perspective Japan had to be destroyed. Read the full report HERE


Permalink What if the entire nuclear waste problem was intentionally created? What if our own government got infiltrated and wanted over 100 nation destroying weapons placed in key locations around the country, all disguised as infrastructure? America's nuclear policy has done exactly that, and this report covers how it happened.This is a must read on this site

Mails from Japan, the real perspective

Permalink There was a brief gap in the censorship on my mail box, and for a week I got e-mails from Japan. They flooded in. You would be surprised by what the people said in these mails. Now, after over 150,000 more visits to the site from Japan, not a single new e-mail from Japan has come in. Why would the elite want these e-mails censored? Read this, and you will know why

The WSA passport has been proven legitimate

PERMALINK When the U.S. government detained me without a reason shortly after I published the Fukushima report, I knew my days in America were numbered. After being refused a passport from the FED, I chose an alternate - the WSA passport, with doubts. Those doubts are gone. The WSA passport is indeed 100 percent legitimate, and I believe it saved my life. Read more HERE

Joe did not "Stack" up.

Permalink Many of you may remember the story of Joe Stack, who flew his plane into the IRS building. This report proves even THAT to have been a false flag PERMALINK This groundbreaking whistleblower testimony proves that vaccines are the cause of SIDS and the "shaken baby syndrome". This officer provides testimony that parents are prosecuted for damage proven to be from vaccines. Read more here

Digital stepping in the Aurora Borealis

Permalink This report is a technical stab at how haarp works to modify weather, and has supporting evidence in an article published by Nasa.

Many people do not realize the fact that Nasa published a report which spoke about Hurricane Katrina, and two other hurricanes that did not have normal electrical readings. In fact, the readings were so far out of character for hurricanes that they broke world records for all previous storms of any type in history, including tornado spawning super cells which are normally very electrically charged. Nasa does not specifically state that Haarp did it, to do so would be suicide for them. This report is linked to in my Haarp report, which can be read HERE


USGS and MSM Busted over phony quake!

Permalink I was in Mexico city, and there was an earthquake drill. Because they triggered a real quake in Chiapas during a drill there, which I did feel, I recorded a video of this drill just in case they triggered an earthquake for it as well. They did not, but the next day I found out they called the drill a real quake. See the video and read about it HERE


7.9 in Chiapas Mexico on March 20 2012 proven man made

Permalink I was at a Starbucks in the Santa Fe district of Mexico city when an earthquake happened. It swayed the buildings, disoriented drivers and caused everyone to evacuate. I reported it within minutes on my site, and then found out the next day that there was an earthquake drill in Chiapas Mexico, the epicenter, covering the exact same magnitude of quake at the exact same time on the exact same day. Since defense secretary William Cohen has verified the earthquake machine to be a reality in a press briefing in 1997, it's pretty obvious how such a coincidence could have happened.

Read the full report HERE

Prescribed deletion

Permalink I got my hands on 230 megs of classified documents related to antidepressants from GSK. It was a tedious read, but after diving fairly deep into the tens of thousands of pages of studies, results, etc, it was obvious that antidepressants were horrible, the manufacturers knew it, and they false advertised and put knowingly damaging products on the market. A This report will have six segments when complete, "Testimonies of the destroyed" is the first. If you have been ruined or damaged by antidepressants, you are not alone, read what others have been through Here

A tale of two protests


I was in Washington DC, so I figured I would go pay a visit to an anti war protest against war with Iran. After that protest ended another started, begging Obama to go to war with Syria. It was obviously phony and I documented that as well. If you want to see what a psy op looks like, just take a look at this report Here

The Evils of Compartmentalization

Permalink In this somewhat open letter to my former peers in the NSA, and also, by default, other top secret agencies, I speak about how they really are unaware of what their work is being used for, and how their compartmentalized security clearances prevent them from really knowing how their efforts will manifest themselves in the real world. Read it Here

Shedding a little light on the darkest of dark

Permalink This report about Luciferianism is only about a third of the way finished, but it is massive nonetheless. Take the time to look at what's here, several of the linked items are banned on the web and can only be found internally on this site (as far as I know) and of the greatest interest is the child slave trade. The article which quotes the prices state agencies are awarded for snatching children may have a bit of a sappy start, but it's a simple fact it's probably the most banned report on the web. Definitely worth a look. You can read the Luciferian report Here

My experience with the Jewish Community

Permalink This report sparked a lot of interest, and it outlines the basics of what happened when I was with the Jewish community, without going into too much detail. It covers their attempts on my life in some detail. I must say, they treat each other well, and treated me VERY well, until I decided to leave. The full report is Here

I would much rather live in a civilized society

Permalink This report, which I pulled off an old Geocities site I once had, was good enough to re-post here. If you want a look at who I am, you will find a pretty good insight Here

Deep Water Horizon likely destroyed by space based laser

Permalink Many people were suspicious about the real reason for the disaster in the gulf, and I myself found it to be a highly implausible scenario. So I looked into it, and discovered that the main electrical center, which was well away from anything that burned, had an extremely neat hole burned right through the helipad above it. Was the helipad used for targeting setup of a space based laser? Read the report and decide for yourself HERE

The Post Office has automated mail intercept

Permalink Many people think snail mail is more secure than e-mail. Think again! Read why you should be VERY careful with the mail, HERE

Power Grid Tampering to end an Era

Permalink The power grid has now been dismantled. The national grid is now running in isolated segments. Though it is true that DC power lines have mitigated the need for full national synchronization in the grid, they did not eliminate it. As a result, clocks such as the one in your microwave or stove, which use the power grid as a time keeping reference now run at different speeds at different places in the nation and they prove that the system is disconnected and America's power is now far more vulnerable to attack during a war. Read the report HERE

Surprisingly reputable Gordon Duff posts ridiculous article on Micro Nukes

Permalink A reader sent me a link in an e-mail that went to "an amazing article about micro nukes". Since I know a thing or two about nuclear topics, I gave it a look, gasped, and then shredded it. It's a great rip, and recycle bin treasure. Read it HERE

Warning, 2012!

Permalink I think I will put this in the 2012 scam section as well, but it's so bad it really belongs in the recycle bin. If you want to see something SILLY, click HERE

U.S. Senator visits Fukushima and says it's worse than stated, DUH??

Permalink Senator Wyden ought to be applauded for having the guts to actually go out to Fukushima, and the Duh really does not apply to him, it applies to the media which has done nothing but scam and lie about this. Even still, for lack of a better place, this report goes in the recycle bin. Read it HERE

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Mexico quake proven man made

I would much rather live in a civilized society

The WSA Passport has been proven legitimate

PRESCRIBED DELETION - the truth about antidepressants

My experience with the Jewish community

A tale of two protests

"Joe" did not Stack up.%