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I am going to post the most valuable web resources here.

This is the best video sniping site, you don't have to buy the app, just use it and let it use Java.

Internet explorer hates this, but Google chrome works fine.


This is the best absolute stealth mode Linux out there, (Kills ubuntu dead) but you need an older PC for it (4 or more years)

Knoppix 5.1

When it downloads, double click it with a burnable CD in your drive, NOT a dvd, and it will take care of the rest. Re-boot via CD and enjoy. You don't have to install it, and it leaves your computer untouched.

Since Vialls work was so similar to mine, it will be archived here.

Like Fukushima, Indonesia was swamped by a nuclear tsunami.

I suspected Vialls would not live to post the second part of this report. He did not

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, The following was posted on Geocities in 2003 and Re-posted here on 3/16/2012

This particular piece has a very critical link to a congressional record regarding the CRR, which is a pro-abortion lobby. This document is another which you are likely to find ONLY on this site due to internet censorship. When you open that PDF, the part of the record which contains the blockbuster report on the CRR starts on the FIRST PAGE, on the far right column near the bottom of the FIRST PAGE. The report spans almost the entire PDF. It's a must read, a senator got ahold of classified material from an abortion lobby and made it public record.

I would much rather live in a civilized society

In reviewing the recent actions of Western civilization, one may be led to ask: "what is civilization". After pondering this, I have concluded that a civilization is a collection of people who work together for the common good, with long term established goals, methods and values which take into consideration the needs of the very weakest while reigning in, but not subjugating the very strong. A civilized people will take into consideration all types of suffering and need, and occasionally make sacrifices to answer suffering and help those in need.

In all civilizations a social order is maintained. There is respect for all life, no matter how small and helpless or great and threatening. Rape and murder are not tolerated. Social order is maintained, and intact extended families on land and in homes owned by the same people for centuries without being taxed on that property are often the hallmark of the most stable and civilized societies. Civilizations abound with long standing legacies and have long standing histories with people caring for other people within their civilization. Civilizations do not create outcasts from within their own ranks en masse.

Technology may go along with civilization, but does not necessarily need to. It does not take a lot to see that if technology is used to destroy without cause, the people in possession of that technology are not civilized. Powerful maybe, but not civilized. Wars of aggression have NEVER been known to be civilized.

Civilized people consider everything from management of infrastructure to the slaughter of cattle. Civilized people have specific laws regarding the slaughter of cattle. If cattle are not slaughtered in a humane way and kept clean while processing, a civilized society will forbid consumption of their meat. The main requirement of a civilized society regarding the slaughter of cattle will be to take them with the sharpest possible blade to minimize pain to the animal, and the act of taking the animal's life is done quickly. Often times if done properly, there is no response from the animal, no cries of pain. The animal does not get excited, and goes peacefully.

Contrast this with the stories you hear from U.S. slaughterhouse workers. From the few conversations I have personally had with them, the following quote is not beyond question. "All is not right at the IBP Inc. plant in Pasco, Washington, one of the nation's biggest slaughterhouses. According to workers, meat at the plant is routinely contaminated with cattle feces because workers on the processing line are not given enough time to wash their hands. Under pressure from aggressive plant managers, meat that falls on the floor, which is often littered with meat byproducts and entrails, is often immediately placed back on the line without being cleansed. Cutting tools and conveyor belts, workers tell Counter Punch, are also regularly coated with pus from abscesses and tumors that haven't been properly cut out of the meat. Meat cutters at the plant also told me that often cows are not rendered unconscious before being sent down the line. Instead, workers say they often hear cows frantically mooing as they are skinned and dismembered alive

That's right, they just feed'em into the machine alive.

Way to go.

What once was Western "civilization" has decided that only self counts. Suffering of others is irrelevant. It's not just the meat packing industry. Millions upon millions of late term abortions prove it also, where the most innocent of "outcasts" are torn limb from limb while fully conscious, like cattle through the machine. Uncivilized people think it's irrelevant because they cannot feel it themselves. Uncivilized people do not care because the suffering is completely that of someone else. Un civilized people think it is just a "choice" a "procedure" or "just part of a woman's body"; I'd like to see a DNA test prove that. It wont. The line about it being "part of a woman's body" is a scam so obvious it could only be believed by un-civilized people.

Take a look at the plot of the CRR. They are the front runners of the abortion effort. In their own documents they state that the way to get abortion legal is to deceive people and change the meaning of words. In other words, lie as much as you can get away with. Make them think it is a "right" a "choice" an "un-viable tissue blob" and if you repeat the lies long enough, from generation to generation they will eventually be believed. America was one of the first to fall for this lie. I can only be thankful to God that these legal documents were leaked and made part of the congressional record by someone with a soul. It has now been proven - the justifications behind abortion are now, and always will be, a lie. A civilized society would focus on creating change with truth - not lies.

Virtually all civilized societies have believed in a greater power beyond their existence.

I know God is real.

I am one of those who has been given a gift regarding God, because I have witnessed miracles personally. Not the contrived "it's a miracle because it was so great that it had to be God that did it" type, I mean real, true, defy the laws of physics miracles.

As a child growing up in a "civilized society" I went through twelve homes with 12 different sets of parents. I was a throwaway of this "civilized" society and suffered in ways that could have never happened in a truly civilized community. But God was there.

At one of the homes I spent a year locked in an attic. They put a bucket up there to urinate in, but I was not permitted to go BM. At times I held it for over a week. They brought food up, and once in a great while I could go down to eat at the table. (and relieve myself)

I was confined to about a 40 square foot area without any toys so naturally things got pretty boring. I was not permitted to move around, if they heard footsteps they would come up and beat me. I should have gone brain dead for lack of things to do, but I did not because of a miracle that would happen on a regular basis.

The attic had a window that opened to a roof that was over a lower part of the house. On the right side of that roof there was a lightning rod. It was a bad weather year, and it rained constantly. Every time the rain came I would sneak over to the window and look out. A small dense cloud would form at the left eve. Balls of light the size of mice would shoot out of it, travel up to the peak and down the other side and then vanish into the lightning rod. They were all different colors, some were red on top and blue on the bottom, some were yellow and orange. Some were blue and green. Some were slightly larger than others, and they would sizzle when they went by. There were hundreds with every rainstorm, it was a real show. They were the only thing I had up in that attic. Without them I might have gone brain dead.

Only as a scientific thinking adult did I realize that the light shows on the roof could never have happened. I did not think of it as a kid, they were just there every time it rained. But as an adult I see the miracle. And there is much more.

There were times up there when I hurt inside so much. I was too young to think about why I felt that way, I only knew I hurt. When the pain became too much to bear a spirit would come to me, go inside me and take away the hurt. I would hurt inside frequently, but never for very long.

I have been visited by the comforter. I have witnessed the miracles. I know God is real.

I told you this because it is important to know that there are many people who believe in God to the extent that God is their way of life. God is my way of life. Every time some bogus new theory is produced that claims to defy God, I think to myself, "wait a while."

Debunking "civilized" science is not hard to do

Remember the anti-fat campaign? Remember how in the late 70's and early 80's margarine and trans-fat was considered the healthy alternative to butter? Since it was not animal based it was assumed by the "experts" to be more healthy. It was not. It is a synthetic molecule produced by putting vegetable oil under heat and pressure while bubbling hydrogen through it. The hydrogen atoms in the oil then attach themselves randomly, on the sides, to the ends, of of the oil at random, rather than in a natural linear way and cause the oil molecules to link together to form a grease (or fat) molecule with an un recognizable and un natural configuration. That is how it gets viscous enough to pound out into sticks. It's not natural. Your body does not know what to do with it. It does not metabolize naturally. It clogs your arteries. You might as well drink Castrol Syntec.

Now, 20 years of damage later the same "experts" are encouraging us to return to butter.

Fats do not make you fat. This is another scientific blunder. The Atkins diet may not be the most healthy thing you could do, but there is no doubt it works and it is based completely on eating nothing but meat and fat. The reason why it works is simple - cow fat and chicken fat and other animal fats are not people fat. In order to store an animal fat, your body needs to modify the animal fat which is difficult to do. It takes energy to do it. The process burns fat. This is true for all animal fats except milk fat.

The easiest way to get fat is to eat a lot of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are easily assembled into fat by the body; they convert to perfect people fat with little effort. If you eat animal fat while eating a lot of carbohydrates, the result is disastrous, you body will sluggishly burn the animal fat for energy and store the carbos for later. Not good.

The bogus big bang

As it turns out, the big bang theory no longer supports the current model, and the scientists are eating crow. (or should I say "Raven") Scientists are slowly admitting that they were wrong about the big bang, and are coming up with a new expanding universe model in which the rate of expansion is increasing, not slowing down as it should be if the big bang really happened.

How many times was the "big bang" theory used to put God in the dumpster? It looks like the "big bang" blew up.

Let me ask you this: are they right this time, FINALLY? Or is this new "expanding universe" just another black hole?

The expanding universe theory is far more indicative of an environment favorable for the existence of God, because it would be truly eternal. Old science was used to debunk scriptural stories as myth, but new science does not Modern science proves Moses red sea crossing possible

In the early eighties, mainframe computers became powerful enough to calculate what would happen if a strong east wind blew for a period of time in the location most suspected in scriptural "lore". Several groups using such computers calculated that a 70 MPH wind blowing for 10 hours - "the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind that night" would cause a recession of the water in a channel across the sea at that point to a depth of 10 feet. Though that area of the sea has places that are deeper than that, that area of the sea is also known for having sand bars that creep along its bottom which could have easily created a high point on the ocean floor that would have made the parting entirely possible. Prior to the Suez canal being built it was reported to have happened again during such a storm once - during modern times.

If the wind was suddenly stopped, the sea would crash back in cataclysmically, just like the scriptures say it happened.

Noah's flood has also been refuted, because it states that the water exceeded the tops of the highest mountains. Any scientist worth his salt would say Ahh, there is not enough water to do that, right?

In May 2002 Japanese geologists did a study during which they subjected the minerals prevalent in the earth's mantle to the same temperatures and pressures found in the earth's mantle, and discovered that at that temperature and pressure they could contain .17% of their volume in water even at thousands of degrees. They determined that if the earth ever "boiled over" and had all that water come to the surface that it would submerge even the tallest mountain.

Now figure the Bible account - and also the Quranic account - "and the lord caused the earth to give forth its water," or another interpretation "the lord opened the fountains of the deep" or, MY FAVORITE, in one of my interpretations of the Koran it states "THE OVENS OF THE EARTH PUSHED FORTH THEIR WATER". Now who, other than God could have stated THAT?

And the scriptures also state "the Lord caused the earth to take back its water" which of course ended the flood. They do not say that all that water "dried up".

Remember the lost squadron? that squadron of aircraft that got lost in the ice pack on greenland for so long? Do you know why they lost it?

Our "specialists" were doing core samples of the ice on Greenland to determine the depth of the planes. They were measuring the years with freeze/melt cycles. They were drilling down looking for the planes at a depth of freeze/melt cycles that would indicate one freeze/melt a year and were missing the mark considerably. Those planes were eventually found under more than 250 freeze/melts. Remind me please, when was World War II ? Brilliant . . . . . . simply brilliant.

It has now been calculated, based upon where the planes were actually found that the ice pack on Greenland is only about six thousand years old. How could it possibly be so young? HOW ABOUT THIS - A guy named Noah was instructed to build a boat, which was used to save all life from a flood issuing from deep within the earth that melted all the ice and floated what did not melt off the entire surface of the earth. From Greenland's ice pack data, we can calculate that Noah's flood happened approximately six thousand years ago. Evidently the Mammoth was around after that.

People have made the mistake of confusing "civilization" with technical prowess. People have also mistaken wealth and powerful government for "civilization". This is a grave error, for civilization, as I believe I have shown without directly stating it, is belief in and obedience of the laws of God. And though technology and government may be attributes of civilization, they do not constitute civilization all by themselves.

I want to live in a civilized society,
where I do not need to worry about my spouse sleeping with others like
an animal. I want a spouse with a civilized attitude. I want
to live in a civilized society where owning my property means it
is mine with that right fully protected - not subject to theft via
tax. I want to live in a civilized society, not one which
marginalizes and destroys the defenseless and innocent, and
yes, I want to eat a hamburger without being
complicit in a crime against life.

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