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I have been forced to re-start this page because the mail is too heavily censored again. I get thousands of page views a day, often well over 6,000 and to have only ONE unique mail get through on April 25th was damning, it's like they slowly turned the faucet to a drip. When things are normal I expect 20 - 30 mails from people I never heard from before PER DAY. Any less is downright suspicious.


They censored your email at How?! "Full coorporation with the authorities"? Makes me sick... was my old email address. I changed as I don't trust the CIA-funded google anymore. is my new address. Stay safe James...I'll try sending more donations soon. How are you faring financially?

May the power of fire, earth, water, air and the eternal spirit be behind you! I wish for you, and others such as you exposing this whole mess to stay safe. May God, whatever you see him/her/it as, guide your steps and intuition in these perilous times!

My response:

Since the censorship kicked in full force, there have been no donations, other than for the Farganne Loves Korea ad which belongs to someone I am in constant contact with and therefore cannot be un noticeably censored.


During the two weeks they were not blocking donations, I received enough to survive for three months, upgrade my laptop battery, buy clothes, and a much needed new laptop bag as well as visit a doctor and buy antibiotics for a minor (but worriesome) infection.

So I am not in an emergency, but the problem is that I have been cut off and what I have won't last forever. They are really applying pressure. This will force me to defect to possibly a nation that can use my "experience", and you can damn well bet I will if they leave no other option. All received donations are still on the log page, so you can see how much came in over a period of time, and then they CUT IT OFF. Readers will not cut it off because they are random, a sudden cutoff can only mean that those mails and offers are getting blocked. This box is also now partially censored after only a day. I will have to blow through e-mail addresses now.

I thank you very much for your concern and help,


Hello Jim: I am so appreciative of ALL of the information on your site. I review it on a daily basis, and I share abundantly from it. You are a true patriot and May Our God continue to inform you of truth and continue to protect you and yours always. The only criticism I have of your site is that it is very hard to print from, other than that I consider you to be one top notch researcher.

The good people from TDP were kind enough to send me the links from Brian Staveley's research. Research that TDP had used to make their latest article. As of this morning the TDP site still is not functioning. They were hacked/attacked for about the 4th time since January. These people are true American patriots, and in sharing this I want them to be granted the respect that they deserve. I personally have learned so much about true history, and current happenings. As a direct result of visiting their site, half the pile of printouts on my desk is from their work. The other half is from yours.

I sent them your Fukushima article, and they posted it. As a result, TDP is as impressed with you as I am. I think that the following information will be of interest to you.

I do not want credit for sending this to you, nor do you need to reply. I will watch your site and I will know that you received it. Again, Blessings to you and yours.

My response:

I never thought about printing from my site, I will try to think of a way to make that work better without messing up how articles link out.

Who is TDP? It would be interesting to pull their stats because if they have any size at all and they publish the Fukushima article they are in for trouble from the powers that be. Of course, I am thrilled when others stick their neck out for the truth. That's important and I can only hope the right people got the message so we don't end up with another Fukushima.

Thanks for writing,



Have you heard of scalar waves? Such waves are not discussed in standard physics since stand EM theory is 4 dimensional (x,y,z,t). However, using unified field theories can yield some surprising results.

My response:

I have heard of scalar waves and do not know what to make of it, though I am absolutely certain we have had our technologies stolen and hidden by the "elite". It makes no sense at all for everything to be powered by a mid 1800's concept (the first electric subway opened in 1863) and our cars are similarly stifled.


This is sort of a fun one


Thanks for your kind reply. You encouraged me to do another dozen. This time I picked videos that had many more views, so maybe more people might see my comments this time.

I checked the previous batch, and nobody commented on my comments. This is tedious, and it's very disappointing to see it falling on deaf ears. I'm not sure I'll have the stamina to keep up with it for very long. This is really an experiment, since it occurred to me that one small guy (like you) doing great things is easy for the enemy to kill, but if a large number of people each did just a small thing, then we would collectively make an impact, the enemy could not kill all of us, and there's not enough of an incentive for them to take the trouble to kill just a few (though they will at times try that to serve as an example for the rest of us).

Here's tonight's batch: 1 - America's got talent.

I don't understand why an advertisement got over one and a half million views. Now, for some really talented criminals, check out: jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html -- good evidence for nuclear sabotage of our skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources. Is it real? You be the judge!

2 - Reveal trailer.

Where are the black ops when we really need them? jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima dot html has collected much good evidence indicating nuclear sabotage of our skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources. Why does the U.S. keep supporting the saboteurs instead of the victims?

3 - Mind control.

Here's a good example of mind control. Criminals with nuclear weapons control entire nations by sabotaging our skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources. See the evidence collected at jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html

4 - Meal time.

I enjoy every meal now, however modest -- never know wh

en it might be my last. jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html has collected good evidence indicating nuclear sabotage of our skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources. Our remaining days are few unless we do something about it.

5 - Susan Lindauer.

To answer mungruez, it's "funny" because the entire 9/11 truth movement has itself been a very successful cover-up of the fact that criminals with nuclear weapons are controlling the governments of entire nations via sabotage of our skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources. See the evidence collected at jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html

6 - Michio Kaku warning.

Solar flares, polar flips, so many things to worry about... Here's another: jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html -- worth a look -- collected evidence that criminals with nuclear weapons are sabotaging our skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources, and the U.S. continues to support the criminals instead of the victims.

7 - Alien Planet.

I wonder if they'll send some DNA to release, just a long shot to keep it going, in case we mess up Earth. Criminals with nuclear weapons control entire national governments via sabotage of our skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources. Chances are we'll not be here much longer. See the evidence collected at jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html

8 - Former CIA Agent.

I am loyal to my fellow citizens of the U.S., but the government supports a country whose agents implement nuclear sabotage of skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources, for the purpose of controlling entire national governments. See the evidence collected at jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html

9 - 911 inside job proof.

The bad guys are even worse than stated here. Criminals with nukes are sabotaging skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources. See the evidence collected at jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html

10 - 9-11 The most important video.

It appears that the attack on Japan March 11, 2011 was also a monstrous crime. See the evidence collected at jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html. Criminals with nukes are sabotaging skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources, in order to exert control over entire national governments. It is shameful that the U.S. continues to support those criminals instead of fighting them.

11 - Immortal Technique.

I don't believe that the problems originate from within the U.S. jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html has collected good evidence that criminals with nuclear weapons are sabotaging power plants, so it's reasonable to consider that they are also sabotaging skyscrapers and other critical facilities and resources. It is shameful that the U.S. continues to support those criminals.

12 - 911 Inside Job.

>From bad to worse -- criminals with nukes sabotage skyscrapers, power plants, and other critical facilities and resources, in order to exert control over entire national governments via nuclear blackmail. See the evidence collected at jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html

My response:

You define the phrase "grass roots effort", Thanks for doing this!


Subject: Intercepted

I am in China. - I sent a few mails to you over the last 10 days. they were all intercepted, and answered. The answers did not fit you writing style, so suspected the truth at the start.

That really was me replying, and I was too busy to post it to the e-mails page.

But as far as any other mails, I did not get anything.



I have only recently found your site, the only way i am able say how much I respect what you are doing is to offer you my humble gratitude. and pass on your site to as many people as I can.

Thank you Jim

My response:

The most important thing we can do is spread the word. It's not about anything other than preventing another Fukushima and stopping the elite from getting any benefit AT ALL from false flag environmental terrorism. Sad thing it is that the elite are not advanced intellectually enough to handle the responsibility that should be a part of owning the technologies they stole from the rest of us, and like children in fear of a spanking, direct accountability has to be how WE manage "THEM".


With regard to the police officer who spoke up about vaccine damage being blamed on parents, I now have a fresh new rant topic. I am livid. that article made me cry.

My response:

Yes, sometimes you get a doozie like that which really ties in what kind of lying scamming bastards run many of the world's governments.


>> To Jim Stone

>> >> Here is a link to a website dedicated to the discovery of the late Dr Radha Roy-he try to get a patent for a method to get rid of nuclear waste(in 1979) .

>> When Reagan came into power he made such method illegal vs as too much wasteful $$ involved in disposing of nuclear materials

>> >> the other website mentioned there is not working(?)

>> >> Also I wrote to "unicusmagazine" and radio host on blogtalk radio about you so maybe you will get interviewed but do not hold your breath as the paranormal/patriotic radios are much more controlled than they were 2 -3 yrs ago.

>> >> For if anyone has credible infos in regards let us say ancient artefacts,etc..he will not make it on the airwaves but shills/fraudsters or dubious researchers like Michael Cremo(that still uses flawed and made data,do not check up his sources,etc..or the late Zecharia Sitchin*.. were/ are sought after)

>> >> *He was a Russian Jew and made his research coincide with the Bible datation(!) system;also $$$ was flowing in too ,hence.. His date period as that with Velikovsky(another Russian Jew) were wrong..Why did they insist on those biblical date periods ? >> Accusations that Sitchin did not know Akkadian/Sumerian-well it turns out that these scholars were in the wrong too-Akkadian understood at 75% by them and then using it to decipher Sumerian-after + 100 yrs only 25% understood ?

>> >> Turns out it was on account of their idiotic transliteration methods that were flawed.Fortunately a PhD student werote his doctoral thesis in 2010 and made the record straight so much that Cambridge U will be printing his book- you can get it free,just Google "A descriptive grammar of Sumerian".One of the msot amazing thing he sates is that all gramars of Akkadian/sumerian do not differentiate between sound words and logograms-they treat it as same.. so up to you to find what is which.These lame-brains scholars now have Sumerian words that can have up to 12 homonyms as a rule;some stated that Sumerian was a tonal language..etc...

>> >> [And I am not talking about the ancient egyptian language over +90% of books are on the script-hieroglyphs found on monuments,tombs etc and neglecting the hieratic docs that talk about how were the ordinary people faring under the priestly constrolled and often despotic pharaonic rule..]

>> >> In closing you are doing an excellent work as Rense +his shills are loosing ground fast even over Fukushima

>> >> For a radio interview in regards to the late Dr Roy go here:

>> >> click on RADIO,and in there on "Nuclear Radiation neutralization Dr Radha Roy. >> a 1/2 hr show- 3/4 relevant and very informative infos from other guests(scientists) on how to remove radio particles from your lungs etc.. if you discount t at the end calls fromsome bozo listener types like those(too many) on the CoasttoCoastam radio show...

My response:

I am absolutely positive, beyond any and all doubt that most history before the renaissance is phony, and even after it's manipulated. So it does not surprise me one bit to hear this, As far as Reagan, it was Carter that banned the technology, and it was invented by the reactor engineer WHO DESIGNED FUKUSHIMA. I interviewed him personally, read the article BUSTED, on this site. If you hit a real investigative news site, you will get journalists interviewing genuine key people, WHY DID FOX PICK ARNIE???


>> 04/28/2012

On 28.04.2012 13:05, > Hi Jim

> > Pls send an official copy of your F_shima report in pdf format for > publishing and translation in polish, together with copyright note for > polish translation [I would like it copyrighted].

> > regards

I don't have it in PDF format, and it's a lot of work to do that, The article is public domain. Do whatever you want with it, it's public domain. With something as important as that report is, I don't restrict re-publication. It has to spread to save the world, DO NOT FORGET THE STUXNET PORTION, it's more important than most people realize because THAT is what will warn all the engineers. James 04/26/2012 On 26.04.2012 00:59, __________________ wrote: Jim,

Thanks for the info.

I believe whales beached prior to 3-11, just as in the case of New Zealand quake.

Isn't that a sign of submarine activities? "Christchurch" What a lovely name for Israel to attack.

My response

Well, the story I heard was that submarines shot the nukes down into the Japan trench on 3/11, but I think there is a good chance that is not the case.

No sub can go that deep, that's a DEEP trench. Submarines are not equipped to drop a pressure resistant casing to protect the nuke on the way down, but a ship? There was an aircraft carrier out there during the whole damn thing. Subs would have been in the area though, they always accompany an aircraft carrier and the sonar is horrible on marine life.


An aircraft carrier has nuclear reactors capable of enormous output. Output that could run an earthquake machine. I know damn well that's what it was but did not publish it because I can't document those ships actually have that equipment, I can only document that Defense Secretary William Cohen said it exists. I am not in the prediction or assumtion game, I am in the GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT for physicist BOB game and if I can't document the ships have that ability I won't say it. Force of logic says the nukes were dropped from ships, not subs and it's easy to show from seismograms and other documentation that nukes were definitely used to create the tsunami. The thing did not come out of NOWHERE and something had to deliver the nukes.

So, to sum it up, an aircraft carrier comes complete with submarines, which would have disturbed the dolphins.

I am so sick of this damn military killing people and breaking things, and even the ocean hates them. If there was one crime against the planet that was for real, it's the sonar. What the hell did the dolphins ever do to us?

____________________________________ ____________________________________

THIS is a good one!

Hi, Jim,

I am viewing the interview that Kerry Cassidy, of Project Camelot, conducted of you. For some time, I had found it close to impossible to believe the likes of David Icke, Alex Jones, Benjamin Fulford, etc. (Although Benjamin is infinitely more easy to believe). But after some years, I think I'm on board.

I was very surprised at your claims that Israel sabotaged the Fukushima nuclear plant. I was surprised _not_ because of being naieve. I was surprised because Benjamin Fulford, right from Day 1, had stated that Fukushima had been sabotaged. And, as I recall, I think he referenced the Israelis, but I'm not sure.

Out of all of the various "information warriors," or, as Kerry calls them, "whisel-blowers," the one that I had become most convinced of was Benjamin Fulford, although, in some ways, his solution for all of this madness seems far-fetched. Fulford claims that he has contact with a secret Asian society called the White Dragons. He claims that they number millions, and that they are extremely angry at the militarist antics of the West, particularly the U.S., and have vowed to _take out_ (destroy) the members of the Western secret societies, royal families, etc., who have been plotting, supposedly, to murder 4 billion of the 7 billion human beings on earth, for "population control," something quite difficult to believe. But, I have to keep my mind opened.

Fulford also says that there are "white hats," as he calls them, within the Pentagon and other U.S. institutions that are very aware of the bad guys amongst us, and that they are working to try to stop them at their evil plans. All of this sounds very wild to me sometimes. But, on the other hand, I supposed that it's easy to imagine that there _would_ be some TRUE "patriots," for lack of a better word, that would form within our government for the purpose of holding the hand [or cutting them off!] of those amongst us who have sold their souls to...whoever, I don't know. I guess it's all about power and control.

So, I guess I have a question: What is the solution? You don't have to answer this, of course, as I realize that all you whistleblowers have to be careful. But this entire insanity, on this earth, is freaking me out, and I need to know if there's a solution. So, I'll ask: What is the solution, in your opinion?

Second question: Do you know Benjamin Fulford? Third question: Are you working with Mr. Fulford and the "white hats?" (no need to answer, if you don't want to)

Look at Syria. It's happening AGAIN. These evil people destroyed Libya, which was the most prosperous and progressive country on earth. I covered that aggression for one years. And Muammar Gaddafi WAS NOT the "brutal dictator" they media told us. They told us all lies, and it is astonishing. He was LOVED, all over the world, but especially in Libya and Africa. But, unfortunately, some evil traitors in Libya decided to work with these evil bastards around the world who are trying to subject all of us to their rule.

I guess I'm asking these questions because I get VERY disturbed. Nobody seems to be able to stop these people. Luckily (so far!), Russia stepped in to help Syria from the attack by the U.S.--because the U.S. is actually the entity behind the Syrian attacks, pouring missionaries into Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey, and it's keeping the Syrian Army busy. Obviously, this is all coming from Israel.

Anyway, tell me whatever you can, especially if you can give me even a little hint as to whether or not there is any chance that the good guys will stop the bag guys.

My response: Ben Fulford is a good man, but the White Dragon society is not entirely what he says. I can't say it is not real, but it's not what he says. It is an ancient society in Japan that at one time was very powerful, but world war 2 did them serious damage and the government America forced down Japan's throat after world war 2 did additional damage.

Now, I am talking opinion here because I have not deeply studied this, but it is my opionion that the White Dragon Society is largely symbolic now, perhaps they have some power but it is not assured. HOWEVER, the Japanese people have a history of giving such things re-birth, and that also must be considered.


Another interesting one

On 26.04.2012 06:45, _____________wrote:


I can now see what happened at Fukushima, thanks for opening my eyes. When I read the Gundersen tapes, I knew working in the fields of heating & air conditioning, that ASME was very much in control of my business, and I'm sure the technology I get is what trickles down from the Nuclear Reactor business. I could not see how so much redundency didn't work on that day of 3-11; not once, but 3 times, I had to question this nonsense of exploding reactors.....can't happen and the only way it could is if bombs were in the building.

Anyhow, thanks again, I'm sharing it with all the other mechanical engineers too.

My response

When I did that report, I did it for a standard BWR system.

But I interviewed the reactor engineer who designed Fukushima directly and he said Japan was NUTS about nuclear safety, and that they had over twice the redundancy of the standard design, installed at enormous expense. He said they viewed it as a form of insurance - you can insure a place financially or you can insure it structurally and physically and when they built Fukushima, they bought an ENORMOUS amount of "Insurance" in the form of many times redundant emergency backup systems.

The whole scenario is TOTAL B.S., there is NO WAY that happened outside of open warfare.

If you own the scamming media you can say WHATEVER YOU WANT, about a seawall, about this about that, and it can all be B.S. and you stand a good chance of getting away with it especially with the likes of Rense entrapping and scamming those who can see the light at least a little . . . . . .

If I am able to prevent another attack of this type on a nuclear facility, or any other that can produce a horrendous outcome I will have succeeded, I don't really care if AUNT EDNA "gets it" and therefore those Rense succeeds in bamboozeling might not make a difference. But if they do, DAMN HIM.

And it's all the more incriminating that my web site address or name will trigger all the spam filters, I never spammed!! They are NOT allowing the word to spread, it all has to be by word of mouth practically!. I can't even set up a blogger account, or get onto project camelot to comment even after being invited to by Kerry Cassidy because the spam filter on the site prevents it!. Even people who want to spread the word get sabotaged by their own software, and they don't even know it! It's THAT bad. Someone POWERFUL is stopping my work from spreading, and they would not if it was B.S.



On 25.04.2012 23:05, (this is in regard to antidepressant use)

Jim, I've read your two posts with the testimonials and the summary of the "nightmare" -

I am really scared . What you report totally corresponds with my experience, along with the others whose stories you reported. Fortunately I have been on a 'low dose' and I don't feel utterly destroyed but I have tried reducing and getting off this drug, and have been scared by the brain zaps and the descent into fear that comes with it. I am determined to find and try everything within every natural health method to recover my health and free myself from the drug. Have you seen _ANY_ hints at positive recovery for people who have taken these destroyers?

Thank you.

My response:

Cymbalta and Wellbutrin are among the worst,

They keep releasing new ones that are worse and worse,

There is advice I can give you but it would be best for you to get completely off before I tell you or it will only damage you more. You should not put your brain in a position to damage itself worse, which it will if you are still on antidepressants and I tell you how to alleviate the symptoms.

I need to know what you were on and then I will tell you what to do, because all these drugs have different half lives and what is published is always a lie.

Though I am only an investigator my advice will probably be better than any doctor because I am aware of the scam and have studied it and looked for answers. The fact that the doctors do not has caused me to despise and reject the entire medical system. Virtually all doctors are now either intellectual robots our outright scammers.

This will be posted TODAY in the e-mails from readers section or it will definitely be censored,

Hopefully you were on Zoloft, all the drugs are destroyers but I have seen people recover completely from a low dose of zoloft which would be 10 mg.


Mails from 3/28

Hi Jim,

I first sent the following info to you around 3/20/12. I'll keep sending it to you periodically until you let me know on your webpage that you received it.



Your article on Fukushima and the man-made tsunami as well as some of your postings about the Ashkenazi Jews reminded me of some information that I read that you may find interesting. You may have already come across this information. If so, I'd like to know your opinion. What do you think is accurate and what do you think is not?

In the 1970's, an intelligence-connected lawyer and Washington official (he died in the 1980s of several "heart attacks" following many threats), Dr. Peter David Beter wrote a monthly series of intelligence reports for his subscribers. In case you are not familiar with him, all of his writings can be read for free here (search the below pdf file for terms you are interested in, for example, "khazar", "electrogravitic", "tidal wave" etc. if you don't have time to read the whole thing):

(this is 1,024 pages of condensed information-- no fluff. I found reading it in book form from Amazon to be much easier). His intelligence reports are highly detailed and internally consistent descriptions of what may have happened behind the curtains of power and secrecy between 1975 -1982. I have been trying for a long time to verify the immense amount of information he revealed. If the info is true, the implications are profound for the state of the world today. I'll summarize some of his important points about our hidden history below.

1) Before 1977 - the Zionist/Rotheschild/neocon/Rockefeller faction controlled the U.S., Russia and most of the world. According to Beter, many of the Zionist and Russian Bolsheviks are Ashkenazi jews descended from the remains of the Khazar empire, which is now a part of southern Russia. They had plans for nuclear war with Russia (which they also controlled for most of the 20th century) to finish the destruction of the US and to rule it in more of an overt totalitarian fashion. Part of these plans involved planting nuclear bombs at certain locations on the ocean floor and on land to generate tsunamis and earthquakes on command. Man-made earthquakes caused by explosions tend to be between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Richter scale, and pre-quake and post-quake patterns are different from a natural quake. Also, during the early to mid 1970's, the Zionist neocons were militarizing space, including building weapons on the moon. Had they succeeded, this would likely have given them control of the world for good.

2) 1977 - realizing that time was short and that the world was in jeopardy, a secretive and powerful gnostic Christian, Russian patriot faction working with the KGB (headed by Yuri Andropov at the time) took a huge gamble and overthrew and expelled the neocon/Zionist controlled Bolshevik faction from Russia and regained control from the Zionist/neocon/Bolshevik faction for the first time since the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

3) This new Christian ruling block heading Russia then destroyed the space assets, including all spy satellites, of the Zionist/neocons and then took control of Earth's orbital region with attack satellites, beam weapons and electrogravitic weaponized platforms. Most, if not all, UFO sitings are military craft.

4) The expelled Bolshevik/neocons from Russia relocated to the US and worked with the American Zionists to gain complete control of the Pentagon and the Defense and State departments. A hidden war was then under way between the US and Russia. The visible portion was the cold war and "Star Wars" program of the 1980's.

5) This arms race resulted in many technologies and weapons being developed that were hidden from the public. By the early 1980's, these two competing factions had weather control, stealth craft that could be made invisible to the eye, human clones that could have memories and personalities transferred to them, molecular/atomic frequency signature detection/ identification of objects that could not be blocked by any means known at the time, space travel, space bases, particle beams, rail guns, lasers, neutron beams, energy shields and more. During that period, Russia had a technological edge over the Zionist neocons, particularly in space, which was crucial in stopping the global war plans of the Zionists/neocons.

6) When his writings stopped in 1982, there was no clear victor. Dr. Beter said Russia was being heavily infiltrated by Zionist neocons and that they were trying to destroy it's economy and unity from within. They succeeded in 1991 when the USSR was broken apart and had it's economy completely destroyed throughout the 1990s. Huge amounts of wealth, industry, natural resources and assets were stolen by the Zionist neocon banksters and the mafia. Russia was in chaos. The Zionist neocons seem to be determined to defeat Russia (if they have not already done so), their enemy of 1,000 years, and reclaim their long lost empire of Khazar. Russia may now be the only country standing in the way of complete global rule by the Zionists/neocons.

7) The last 10 years, things have turned around a great deal for Russia. The Zionists seem to have been subdued again there, since the reporting on Russia and Putin by our media is so negative and slanted. Do you also see it that way? Russia appears poised to return as a major power soon and some say may even help liberate the world from the neocon/Zionist/unilateralists/Rotheschild faction.

I keep wondering if Dr. Beter's version of the past is true. This type of information is very difficult to verify without contacts in intelligence and military circles. If it is true, did Russia lose control of it's powerful science and weapons technologies to the U.S. Zionist neocons during the collapse of the 1990's? If so, does that mean that the Zionist neocon factions control the weather, space and the moon? If that is the case, I don't know how they can ever be stopped. I really hope that Russia withstood the Zionist 1990s invasion of their country and that they still have their technological weapons edge. I also am hoping that Russia is not currently ruled and controlled by the Zionists/neocons.

Sorry about the length. If you have anything to add about any of this, I would love to hear it. Thanks for your time Jim.

My response

I am to busy for a cognitive answer, but will state that I don't think little green men are running around and that The UFO's are OURS, or should I say, the property of the elite, possibly Icke is right but I won't get onto that, and possibly the annunaki are what Icke is really referring to. I don't get into the UFO stuff but I know it's real, and I think your mail is probably accurate. IF there are any outsiders, they appear to be us and DEFINITELY head the Jewish community, whether or not the main body of Judaism realizes it or not. And, I will add that even if there are no outsiders the elite - such as the Rothschilds, might as well be aliens for what they think of the rest of us

mails from 3/25 and 3/26

Joe would be happy to know his work is being carried on and appreciated.

My response:

In light of what happened at Fukushima, it is, I feel, a matter of global security and our future to carry it forward. False flag terror in the name of the environment needs to be a daily topic, and the fact that Vialls nailed it must be known to provide a precedent for, and a debunk of the lies now being told about Japan. I was going to let it all rest until "they" started using the Indonesia quake, which did not happen, to explain why nothing fell in Japan. They began saying that the ocean absorbs a quake (pure b.s.) and therefore nothing happened on land due to the quake in both Indonesia and Japan. SO, as a reward for their efforts, they are going to get Vialls back in the limelight where he really should be. I did not do this initially because my web site is supposed to be about my research and not that of others.

I knew, when the Indonesian quake happened that it was impossible for a richter reading to be shifted upwards from a 6.3 to a 9.1. Our instruments are off by double digit percent, not whole numbers, powers of ten, or in this case, 500X, or 50,000%. This caused me to look for answers and I found Vialls. Surprisingly, I had to re-discover Fukushima, I only looked into that topic because I knew it was impossible for an American designed nuclear facility to explode like that, no matter what the circumstance. Chernobyl was a dud, the boiling water reactors at Fukushima were so reliable that they could have been thrown to the bottom of the Japan trench and been perfectly fine with only their passive non-electrical backups, and stayed fine for centuries (until the system rusted through from the salt).

- - - - -

Jim, your page is so great and wonderful, most reliable and respectable page so far. Why did you go to the Japanese embassy? Any plans to come to Japan? You and Ben should work well together. Wish the best and safety to you!

My response: I have not heard from Benjamin Fulford AT ALL, and if he or anyone else has sent mails they got blocked.

- - - - -

Jim, one wonders how much of this is true:


looking forward to your interview on Project Camelot on 28th.

I'm being recorded for Truth Frequency Radio, tonight.

My response:

This is true. Any whistleblower who gets mainstream coverage is virtually always fake, or is helping an agenda the elite see as beneficial. If you sit somewhere on a murky backwater of the web the way Vialls did, and in a way I am partially succeeding in breaking out of, that's the benchmark.

Also, I am more of an investigator than a whistleblower, I had no inside knowledge other than the NSA, which really is not a conspiracy outlet. They are not like the CIA, they are the eyes and ears of evil and not the soul of it.

- - - - -

Now, you specify nuclear devices that were previously set up under the sea. What evidence do you have of this, other than the effects that this kind of situation would cause? (i.e tsunami, seismic readings etc.)

My response>

Numerous people gave me feedback that there were ships out there in the week prior for no reason at all, and some of them were from America's navy. A total of six nukes were planted, and if you go through the e-mails from Japan, you will see that some of my readers commented that it was not ONE tsunami, it was six, and they all built upon the last.

The nukes were set to go off the moment the seismic signature from the inland 6.67 quake reached their location, to bury the obvious seismic signature a nuke produces under a veil of chatter

Unlike the quake in Indonesia, no one published the EMP signature from any nukes used in the Japan disaster (India and Egypt picked up the EMP from the bomb used to cause the Indonesia tsunami in 2004,) but for whatever reason, no EMP signatures were reported this time around, probably because such evidence was nailed instantly by the "elite". Vialls had the EMP from Indonesia posted in his original report, but it got scrubbed in the years following his death.

- - - - -

mails from 3/24/2011

Hi Jim, thank you for the info. I am timid on computers. Sometimes getting myself into hours of frustration, but I am going to try it out. I suppose a CD-R 700mb is an okay CD to use. my computer is Dell Inspiron 1150. I am one who would learn better under specific teaching, one on one. One person I know who was showing me somehting said "I think too much", but can't help it. It seems I often am following instructions that lead to problems/more questions with hard to find answers, and no one to ask. I like learning from books, but find computer books awful-it one is like an entire encyclopedia. I will do some effort at learning some terms you mention. NTFS,...dirty mount...

I am forwarding your mail to a friend, former military, who asked the question too. You are obviously very savvy on computers. I am a klutz, but I appreciate the helpful bits. I was praying for you early this morning. Your websites getting more interesting all the time.

My response:

The knoppix distro is designed to be fully automatic. Just get it on your desktop, and with Windows XP, Vista or 7 all you have to do is double click the icon to the distro, have a 700 mb disk in and say yes to anything regarding an ISO. The disk will complete automatically, then reboot with the disk in the CD drive. You should see a bunch of colorful text go by, and within three minutes or so Knoppix will be running on your machine, as if it was made to be that way from the day it was born. COOL. If you access any hard drives on your computer, make sure you tell Knoppix to un-mount them before turning your computer off (this happens automatically by shutting it down through the menu) and if you take the disk out of the CD on reboot, your computer will go right back into windows, like nothing happened.

For stealth mode, NEVER INSTALL KNOPPIX, just run it from the disk live.

It's the cat's meow, it does it all.

For example, if you put that disk in and surf, history dies on reboot.

Because you are running from CD, viruses bounce.


If you have a crashed hard drive, Knoppix is the only OS that will allow a dirty mount, so you can salvage whatever is left. All other operating systems, including other versions of Linux will abort on the first error to "protect" you, thus vanishing your data down the memory hole.

AND, if you get your hands on someone's hard drive, it won't matter if it is NTFS, FAT, Reiser, whatever file system, Knoppix will go in and rape it for ya. This includes getting access to a secure computer and putting the disk in the CD drive. Once you boot that system with Knoppix, It won't matter what passwords, firewalls, file system or drive type, Knoppix 5.1 will rape it on the spot. And unlike Ubuntu, there are no limits. It's one powerful toy. There is a reason why they killed those features on releases after 5.11, and I would bet it's because it gave people like me the power of governments. AND, I have numerous backups of it, I won't lose it.

Knoppix is awesome. It even has features for recovering a formatted drive, even one that has been re-written over, provided the file you are after did not get hit.

- - - - -

mails from 3/23/2011

hi, jim ? hope you survive. i found japanese translation version in MAKOW site is disappeared these day, though it was widely quoted and prevailed in japan. Please upload it again.

My response

The Japanese version is at

- - - - - I have been searching for depictions of the jewish demons so I can start researching my report. No luck so far, the web is full of dumb clutter.

Can you point a direction?

My response

There are none. The don't have them pictured. They worship Satan, and think it's god. It's a rather clean, monotheistic religion which in practice, by their works, amounts to luciferianism.

- - - - -

Icke made Dutch's report his top story, the one he posts last and leaves at the top of the feed.

He did the same with my second article on you, and Makow wrote to congratulate me on that.

Rense has yet to post it. Go figure.

My response

Icke is arguably the most honest big player in the truth movement, followed loosely by Alex Jones. Rense is big, but severely compromised. My only concern with Icke is the whole lizard thing, ALTHOUGH, when I was in the Jewish community, GET THIS, Now, they were not all this way, BUT, there were a few who were so dark inside that they did indeed seem to be reptilian with a human cloak on. I am not kidding. AND, the one time I met a Rothchild, he appeared out of nowhere, approached from behind, said nothing, took his watch off, flipped it over, showed me the back where it said he was a Rothchild, took a step back, I turned around, and he was completely gone. There was no announcement he would arrive, NOTHING. That was WEIRD. I looked all over the synagogue, out on the street, it was as if he teleported out.

AND, I have significant misgivings about Alex Jones. He never published the Fukushima report, has a Jewish wife, always tries to make the Jews look good while occasionally spanking zionist Israel, and banned me for simply putting up the word tsunamibomb. The fact that he shills his comments with major censorship is damning. BUT, Alex, on the other hand, does pretty decent investigations and publishes them, Alex is a mixed bag.

- - - - -

Ok. I've read that an earthquake of this nature, despite being roughly 70km off the coast, would have flattened infrastructure within a 1000km radius, and yet there didn't seem to be too much damage before the tsunami hit.

As well as this, I notice you mention 'concrete dust', which cannot be caused by what 'offically' happened. Maybe this links to the 'dustification' of the 2 towers during 9/11, which Dr Judy Wood illustrates, as I've already seen parallels drawn with the September events such as 'Fukushima's version of building 7'.

My response:

Yep. that is perfect. The proof is in the dust, and that is that. the 911 paralell could not be more perfect, especially regarding the dust.

- - - - -

I was reading about the possibility that there was no mag. 9. EQ during the Japan 2011 tsunami. If however there was a submarine EQ of this magnitude, would not the fact that it was far from the coast, and under water explain why there was no structural damage before the tsunami hit? This I assure you is an honest question, I'm not attmepting to reject the possibility that we were lied to by the media, or the possibility that something else caused the tsunami.

Any links would also be much appreciated if you have time.

My response:

No. Water has absolutely no effect on the propagation of an earthquake. Given the fact that water has a specific gravity of 1, and the average specific gravity of the crust being about 2.7. And the fact that the crust is 80 miles thick, saying the ocean could absorb a quake is like saying you can protect a window from a sledge hammer by spraying it with water.

Sheer stupidity, and an outright scam.

Mails from 3/22/2011

- - - - -

My question was more about; given the severe consequences you describe, why on earth would they have had us do those things in the lab with thyristors, manipulating the amplitude and frequency? Also Germany, Belgium, France an The Netherlands are also interlinked, same as in the US

My response:

Those types of experiments are to demonstrate variable frequency drives, used in industry

The entire premise of the grid report was to prove that we no longer have a grid. This is the case. You can't run opposing frequencies on the same hard wired network. That is all that report says. By saying clocks will now keep time differently in different zones, they in short said there would no longer be a grid, without directly stating it. This is what the report discusses, and proves, with math.

And American power now SUCKS. It's not stable and goes out frequently. (about once a month). When you contrast that to when the grid was connected, I know for sure there were full five year stretches where the power never glitched even once. An enemy would want this, because it will allow them to take out the country one piece at a time. Before, if they blew a line somewhere, another line would take the load and no one would even notice.

- - - - -

Mails from 3/20/2011

Hi Kerry,

This outgoing mail will be posted to the e-mails section, to make sure it makes it.

When I heard about you wanting me on the air a couple months ago, I actually was looking forward to it. Then all contact was lost. The e-mail response page seems to have fixed a few things. I will be there, if I am able. Since posting the high resolution Fukushima photos a couple days ago, I have been receiving an enormous number of harassment e-mails, so I know I hit a nerve. This was also the case when I first posted that report. Because of this, I would like to spend a short time on the grid, and then go into Fukushima which is an issue that really has "them" worked up. I received absolutely no harassment over the grid report, and to be frank, people can't understand Hz, phase correlation, ect but they CAN understand nukes, tsunamis, fake seismographs and obvious lack of damage as the tsunami rolls in. I believe it will suffice to simply say that because the grid has been de-linked our power is no longer as reliable as it once was, and I HAVE noticed, there have been lots of short power outages in the last few months, when prior to this power remained steady for years on end.

I will need to get a phone, and take care of a few things before going on the air again.

As far as popularity of the site, it presently gets over 50,000 direct visits a month, with about 170,000 page views and over a million hits on pictures, and that is local, the site has about 2,200 de-linked branches that cumulatively get millions of reads a month. So it's pretty big already, but of course it would be best to get back on the air again.

I will look over what you do so I will be familiar, AND, as a little warning, don't let any co-hosts or "new friends" on board who want to be with you during the radio program, that backfires and hosts are mortified when they realize they let in a saboteur. This has happened more than once.

Thanks for inviting me,

Jim Stone.

- - - - -

- - - - -

Glad to hear that you are okay, once I hear about the quakes in Mexico I thought of you. On Intellicast is shows two big ones. One at 18:02:48 a 7.6 in Oaxaca, Mexico & at 18:02:53 a 7.9 in Guerrero, Mexico. Only one was reported on USGS. Be SAFE!!

My response:

It seemed like quite a ride, the acceleration was very noticeable but smooth in Mexico City. The buildings swayed, the power glitched, we evacuated, but nothing bad seemed to happen. I had thought it might be a big one, because the movement was so noticeable and sustained, yet very smooth, no vibration to it at all, this could be expected of a large distant earthquake. It HAD TO be disastrous at the epicenter, which was 500 KM away.

- - - - -

Hi, James

I am still happy to offer you shelter et all if your path crosses NZ. Thought my previous email, or you answer got "lost" in the "machine"!

I only read regularly few True web sites to take the pulse of the World , don't have time for the idiot box, and you are a daily stopover of sort.

That's it, your articles are spot on, your comments exquisitely revealing and always ring true .

And there is the thing that I take issue with it and I hope you will appreciate for sure the irony of someone adopting a less travelled theory against the tide :

- I am absolutely convinced that the WT towers were not hit by planes, not by a long shot.

Evidence :

•Aluminium planes do not cut trough a double sided 2" steel beam column (remember that to penetrate a tank armour/shield (around 1" steel) they use heavy/hard steel (uranium tip even) and supersonic speeds, augmented by the projectile slow rotation and delayed explosion) and contrary claimed physicality Momentum cannot help here, just imagine the tower swinging with 500 miles/hour against an aluminium suspended plane! Same thing, but now somehow our brain can process better and yes, obviously NO Way the plane will scratch the steel column!

Then, again, try to go trough a tensed metal wire mesh with an aluminium empty can ! •discrepancies between the recorded video material (trajectory, speed, background objects position and behaviour, then check the black frame inserted at the moment of impact - typical cgi punctuation,

then the impossible penetration revealed in close-up and so on) •also,very revealing, check the enlarged photos of the "plane impact" on the tower columns, see the impossible "cut" and the cladding sheet bent outward indicating explosive charges behind them and

not an exterior mechanical impact, also one will expect to see the steel column bend inwards (that if assuming a diamond ufo hit it at 12 Mach or so)!

•check the audio recorded on those videos to find the "leakage" of material between absolutely "isolated" records ("September clues" on you tube).

Those building were designed to withstand the impact of big planes and I sincerely believe that a hydrogen explosion cannot damage a nuclear reactor building, contrary to what has been invoked by media at both sites, Chernobyl and Fukushima, also aluminium planes cannot cut trough steel beams as those involved in WTC construction.

It amuses me the turmoil in the truthers camps that "no plane theory" has created and yet what a clear and present revelator of insufficient processing capabilities, or more disturbing, of hidden agenda and ulterior motives.

The fact that a theory is marginalised by a choir of deniers doesn't change the fact that Physic Laws are not overcame by hidden agenda, stupor and resilience of opinions.

Remember that Ground zero had only one meaning before 9.11 and yet such focused terminology tend to cover new sciences, alike dr. Judy Wood theory of Directed Energy Weapons that doesn't suffer the fate of irrelevance experienced by the thermite proponents in my opinion.

The question is qui bono after all. Is absolutely clear that the enemy is in our mist, the opposition is highjacked as much as the naiveté and/or self-serving betrayal allows for it to happen. Yet there are champions that will rather die than surrender the Truth to any Mammon out there.

And is something exhilarating in swimming against the tide !

Who stands to lose if "no plane" theory is gaining traction in the Truth movement ?

Is it that there is discord among the perpetrators (Mossad, CIA), or are the rats readying (blame shifting) for jumping ship ?

My response

Hmm, New Zealand, You know, I actually did study that place out as an option and the gov there really is not bad. Things work a LOT BETTER with this response page!

An M1 A1 Abrams tank has no less than 11 inches of armor plate. Armored personell carriers, if real trashy, might have only an inch. So the fact that the airplane broke those columns is something I see as plausible, mass is mass, and that airplane was going as fast as the average handgun bullet. No handguns are supersonic.

The buildings were indeed designed to handle the impact of a 707, which has as much mass as the largest 767 and goes about 250 mph faster than a 767. So, it's obvious the planes would never have destroyed the towers absent planted explosives. I don't think people realize how good the 707 was, it flew right at the edge of the sound barrier, and performed very well. An awesome first large body airliner for Boeing, and the fact that the world trade center was designed to handle that plane totally screws the official story of 9/11, and impact at 500 mph from a 767 is NOTHING compared to an impact at 750 plus.

At least for the second plane, I saw the angle of it going into the building from behind the plane. When the plane did the final swerve to hit, the wings flexed so much it looked like they would snap off. The manuever looked like someone who was watching from a distance remote controlled it into the building with maximum effort after realizing his angle of view was not right to nail the building. This perspective is why I will stick with the story that a plane caused the second impact. I am not so certain about the first or the Pentagon, but it is a bona fide fact that an air force pilot remains in prison for shooting down the fourth plane. A little zio nazi justice for ya.

Fukushima, a well made facility with a total cumulative concrete barrier between the reactor and the outside of about 20 feet, when the internal crucibel shaped containment (about 12 feet thick) is added to the immediate containment around the reactor of about three feet thick, and the outer walls about four feet thick, plus whatever other obstacles were in the way, and this is on the shortest path out (in the direction of the fuel pools, well over a 30 total foot thickness of concrete was blown away), this can in NO WAY be compared to Chernobyl, a helter skelter setup in a structure approximately as robust as the average laundromat. No kidding, Chernobyl was built about as well as an old school or bus station, a single layer cinder block setup. Total negligent trash.

So they are not in the same league, and that having been said, a hydrogen blast MIGHT have cracked the walls at Chernobyl, but not blown it sky high. Chernobyl blew because a power excursion caused a pressure rise that breached the pressure vessel. This was NEVER said about Fukushima, because that scenario is impossible in a BWR unless a virus or powered command holds the relief valves shut. That's the dirty secret that can't get out, and I believe #3 was probably holding a pressure of about 5,000 PSI when it is rated for 1080 PSI, and when at that pressure, a nuke then breached it. I did not write that into the report because it cannot be documented, but I really think that was the case. The relief valves automatically open at 1110 psi unless commanded not to with positive power, this is something I studied out, and then had re-confirmed by the engineer who designed those reactors, YES, I did interview the man and will name him after he passes on (he is 92 now, and he did not want to be identified). He was stunned by what I was able to research out.

So, though I agree with you that something is fishy about 911 and Fukushima, I think Chernobyl really was just a bad design. Arguing sticking points is sort of fruitless, I could care less if it was a directed energy weapon (by the way, the beam vanish video REALLY looks plausible for that) or a plane, or a missile, or the Sta-Puffed marshmallow man that took out the wtc, ALL ROADS LEAD TO ZION, and you will find the answer there. Knowing chemistry, the whole thermate thing is dubious, there would really have to be something remarkable that I don't know about.

New Zealand, - Hmmmm.

- - - - -

Someone got a screen shot from WLS-TV (Chicago) of the complete election results for today's Illinios primary elections with 100% of the Precincts reporting (which primary is now in progress as I write this). So someone at WLS or ABC has a time machine.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out in the "real" results which surely will be different now. I would pay attention to positioning of Ron Paul (they want him buried and insignificant) and then Mitt Romney vs. Santorum (as it appears that the elite are favoring Santorum over Mitt as well).

My Response

Part of my reason for leaving the nation is because I honestly believe it cannot be salvaged, our elections are as rigged as a truck stop and there seems to be absolutely no hope on the horizon. It's all downhill from here, and I had no intentions of sticking around and being jailed or killed for my reporting in a nation that I feel is now hopeless anyway. I would much rather try to help a more intact nation avoid being destroyed as America has obviously been.

- - - - -

To Jim stone

seems that my recent e-mail was intercepted Okay I will make it brief:

Your photos on your Fukushima report were right on the spot-but nobody seems to have picked upon this-photos taken by NHK(?) helicopter perfectly matched yours and we were told frsit time such photos were taken !

Gues the pay-triots are still doozing off at the breaking news switch.

My response:

Got it, AND, of course they have to back down and post the real ones now, because Japan is going nuts on my site! Alexa is ignoring that fact though. AND, I have to clarify the fact that my photos are from March 20 - 24 2011. Drive that home GOOD. Show them for the liars that they are, only posting (a portion) of the truth when forced to.

- - - - -

HI Jim,

Kerry would like you on her show on March 28. She also has some dates in April open.

She would like you to become familiar with her work, which is very similar to yours in that she holds nothing back. Go to her website at and at least watch the recent videos especially the Bill Woods videos. All of her older videos and audios are highly interesting and you can see them by going to the library. Also she'd like you to listen to her radio show a couple times. The archive is free and is here on American Freedom Radio's website.

( She would like you to call or Skype her when you can to finalize the date. I think she is especially interested in your Grid stuff. I don't recall that she has ever had a good guest on about that at least not in the depth that you go into. Obviously she reads your column. Her phone number is:

Her show might not look like much, but she has more listeners, for instance, than Bill O'Reilley, but much more powerful people---people in key spots.

I checked this morning, about 8 AM your time and you are still clear, but it looked to me like they have the curse all lined up to put back in place again when they can. Be sure to do that meditation to put on the protection and reinforce it by saying "return to sender" often. This may sound weird, but it works. You have far more power than they do, you don't know it because they have expended an enormous amount of energy training you, from childhood up, to believe that you have no power. Remember, they control all the media including children's cartoons, etc.

Here's the full text of Kerry's message to me:

Hi Danny,

I received this message. I highly suggest if Jim Stone is not familiar with Project Camelot that he check out our website and watch at least some of our interviews. Please also refer to my blog and whistleblower radio shows to listen to past shows... there are a few years worth and I'm sure he can get a good idea of what I am about...

It is important if I have him on my show that he is at least somewhat familiar with Camelot.

I am most interested in his research with respect to the Grid...

Thanks very much for contacting Jim for me. I have March 28th available or dates in April. My show is from 7pm PST to 9pm on American Freedom Radio...

Once Jim has had a chance to review my site let me know what dates he would prefer. If he wants to do the show I need a Skype name or phone number for the show engineer to call.

Thanks very much

My Response

I really missed hearing from you. Now I remember exactly who you are. I never stopped responding, I just thought you went silent. For that reason alone, I am posting this entire mail. Damn them, I know there is heavy tampering going on, and it is a great thing to have the mail response page up.

- - - - -

You know you can receive money with your email address anywhere in the world through western Union. I send money to my Chinese friends this way. If you set that up on your website, I'll send you some money to help you out and I'm sure lots of other people will too. So do that right away, and when you get some money you can probably get the Paypal donation thing fixed.

My Response

I am, at this time, not in a position to refuse help. If you want to send something, Western Union works.

I don't know if pay without ID works in Mexico, but if it does, I can accept it with a secret question/ answer, and if e-mail address is possible, I guess that.

I would need the MTCN, sending city, and sending name. I am in the Federal District of Mexico City.

I don't want to burden readers, but I cannot sensibly refuse. It would be nice to get a phone.

I am still sleeping outside because I cannot afford a hotel. But for some reason, it seems 100x safer in Mexico. It's just not dangerous here at all, compared to the U.S. There are no mosquitos. It's surprisingly cold, I did not expect that. But I prefer that over the heat. I am trying to get accepted into a nation that could really use me, but the embassy is amazingly belligerent. My experience with this nation is that they are very sophisticated but with this embassy I am shocked. They are acting like tree fort children. I will try for someone else soon.

- - - - - - - - Kerry just wrote to me and sent me this email. Let me know if you get this on your website so I know I'm talking to the real Jim Stone. Kerry said to call her after March 26, because she is in Australia.

I'll forward her email to you. Do you have a phone number where I can call you or a Skype address, to make sure I'm actually talking to you. I got several emails that were a little strange purporting to be from you, but apparently they were not.

My response:

It appears the blockage is broken. I really missed hearing from you. I have no phone right now. I am trying to get financially stabilized. I have no income now and cannot afford a phone or phone call. This could easily get in the way of my being on the air. I managed to get a Sony A390 SLR camera for $297.00 after losing my Canon 60D. This camera sells for about $1,000 USD in Mexico, so I could sell it here and get something to live on. But until I get stabilized I won't be able to afford a long call.

Yes, they will answer in crazy ways to make conversation undesirable. It's a war tactic, and I really wonder how many injuries I have suffered so far. For anyone reading this, ALL MAILS THAT ARE NOT SPAM, (unless they are totally nuts) GET POSTED HERE, IF YOU GOT A NUTTY RESPONSE OR NO RESPONSE CHECK HERE TO VERIFY IT!

- - - - -

Mails from 3/19/2011

- - - - -

Hi James,

Thanks for the email. I appreciate your writing and thoughts. Somewhat of a mystery to me is the comedic talents of Jews. I read in a book of Texxe Marrs that Michael Richards (Seinfeld) is a 32nd deg. Mason. I have always liked the Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, and though some episodes of Seinfeld dipped into more of a moral abyss, a lot of them are just benign silliness. Nathanael Kapner did a critical article about the show, observing that Jerry, the Jew, was more "normal" than his much more goofed up friends and that was not an accident. I have to admit for better or worse, I have laughed a lot at the show,and the Stooges. Perhaps Jews just because of the connections are out there and more visible, and talents, in acting, comedy, singing is just as much in the general population, but never developed and not often seen. It seems too that the greater number are more intelligent than the average, and doggedly committed and a bloodhound if they are after something. I have always thought a good Jew, one of true faith, a great asset..but I cannot figure the abject hatred for Jesus, so often displayed. I have not researched it in detail, but I have read/heard most (as Benjamin Freedman said) are Khazars and not Hebrews. I don't know if its true, but that the conflict, goes back to the Cananites or Esau vs Jacob and the birthright claims. Kapner has dealt with a lot after he came to Christ, his testimony is interesting, and he blames the entrenched Talmudic ideas for most of Jewry's attitudes. Roy, too and of course he likes to point out Jesus condemned such philosophy.

My response

The jews are no more talented than any other group. NOT AT ALL, in fact, because their pool of people is small, they have a lot less talent than the rest of us. Tesla and Edison were not Jewish, and they did a lot more for us than Einstein. What we have in the media, is Jewish owned companies hiring Jewish people for almost everying. It's pretty much a shutout. Think back to your grade school or high school days. In your class, which probably numbered no more than 200 people, there was someone who was outrageously funny. In my school it was Pat Conway. He would easily match Seinfeld, and he was not the only comic in the class. So I have to disagree that they are any more talented than us, they are well represented in the media simply because they own it all. Bought it with ill gotten gains and unscrupulous financial advantage, no doubt in part by owning the Federal Reserve.

AND, There is no doubt that Jesus was AT LEAST a prophet, so this abject hatred the Jews have that I myself have witnessed towards Jesus is really a bit off the wall, the bottom line is that we are dealing with evil people here, who absolutely CHOKED on Christ's message, so they rejected him entirely, rather than accept him as a prophet along with the likes of Moses and Isaiah.

- - - - -

What does it mean to "run" Knoppix 5.1?

I have a computer that is more than 3 years old but it has Windows on it.

Does that mean replacing Windows with Knoppix? If so, can my wife still navigate the interface? She's used to Windows, and she needs that computer for our school.

Can I just pay somebody to do this for me? I'm all thumbs when it comes to computers, and I don't have time to go to Hacker High.

My response Here is a link to Knoppix 5.1, the GOOD ONE. Subsequent releases lack the data recovery and/or(depending upon how you see it) hacker features. There has never been a better linux distro for getting things done, and I think pressure was put on to ban this version.

Copy that and drop it into your browser. It should just start downloading.

Once it comes in, put a burnable CD in your CD rom, and just click the file. It will automatically burn it to disk. Then, turn off your computer with that disk in, and re-start it. It might give you the option to install it to your hard drive, say no to that, and select boot from CD. You will see lots of colorful text scroll on your screen, and after a few minutes, your computer will be re-born, in absolute stealth mode.

To return your computer to normal, totally un-affected, just shut it down, take the disk out and re-boot. It will go right back to the way you had it, with windows perfectly intact and no changes at all. That's the beauty of Linux Live. Many people use this to keep viruses from affecting Windows, linux live is an absolute barrier.

If your computer does not boot from that disk automatically, let me know the make and model, and I will tell you how to go into the bios and select "boot from CD".

- - - - -

I was setting up the Kerry Cassidy interview with you and then I got back some weird emails which makes me think that someone was interfering.

Did you contact Kerry and set up that interview?

My response

I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT THIS AT ALL, NEVER. I NEVER heard of this or sent a response of any sort. There's the e-mail tampering for ya!

- - - - -

Mails from 3/18/2012

This is down time for me. Nothing popping. Despite vowing never to, I went on Facebook, I went on Twitter. I almost got kicked off Facebook within the first few hours. I am reaching walls I don't know how to climb. I look for ways to burrow under, but the solutions are thinning. So now I just pray.

I am praying for you. I am praying for all of us. And I am resting.

My response

The key to staying on facebook while doing things they hate is to run Linux Live. If your computer is more than three years old, I strongly recommend running Knoppix 5.1. Don't bother with the later releases. The Knoppix 5.xx releases were genuine, not bugged, forensic quality linux distros and you can go online with them running from your CD rom, raise hell on the web, and get away with it. I don't trust Ubuntu at all. IF you get blown off facebook and others while running Knoppix, just unplug your cable modem from power and plug it back in. This will reset your IP, and away you go again, good as new!

- - - - -

Jim, My regards & LOVE to you, you are doing such amazing work! Recently on Coast to Coast Radio, Dr John Gray was on speaking about the most effective way to get oneself off of antidepressants. A simple and inexpensive supplement which he sells on his website; "Lithium Orotate", you take it for about two weeks, while still taking the anti depressant, then slowly wean yourself off of them, while keeping the Lithium Orotate going. A friend of ours has started this regiment, we're trying to wean her from Paxil. After I read your report I burst into tears and had to help everyone I know who's on them.
I am just hoping things work out, and wishing I knew more, want to do more to help...
Peace & Love

My response: I would say that since lithium is the traditional treatment that preceeded SSRI's, and is considered even more damaging than SSRI's, that this approach would appear to work because all you are doing is replacing something nasty with something else that is nasty. The real test is see if you can also discontinue the lithium. I bet that is NOT the case.

- - - - -

Jews have suffered, and Christians have suffered. Mankind has suffered. There is no group with a monopoly on suffering, and no human beings who have experienced hate and hostility more than any other. It is my impression that Jewish history has been taught with a whine an whimper...out of this has developed a new attitude of vicarious suffering--a feeling among numbers of Jews today that because other Jews have suffered and died, they, the living, are somehow entitled to special consideration."

That must stem from the Talmud, Jewish supremacy. We have suffered, we are special, we deserve special accommodation for our suffering. You are certainly on the money with the Japanese, no group holds their suffering up and shakes it int the face of the world as does the Jew on the Holocaust...Why is that? Is it real concern for suffering or more a craving for a political weapon for world political's deviant. Henry Makow I think did one of the best summary comments on Jewry, --that in rejecting personal salvation based on faith and Christ, they have involved themselves in many isms, communism, Zionism etc, embracing as it were, national salvation as they perceive it-- (my paraphrase.)

My response

You hit on a topic I have not yet discussed - the Jewish denial of the need for salvation. This is something I noticed very clearly - they live for the now and honestly believe that there is no day of judgement. They live without conscience for actions that won't come back to haunt them in THIS life, with absolutely no consideration for the after life. I had always wondered why they were this way. And it is not just salvation, they live without any concept of a need to be forgiven by God for their sins. It's just a moral black hole. The sky is the limit with these people, ESPECIALLY when you are talking about their behavior towards non Jews.

- - - - -

This is a SICK article a friend sent me.

- - - - -

Hello James,

My name is Jim too, and heard your monumental appearance on F2-Fradio show on Fukushima. As a long time listener, I will urge James to have you on as a regular monthly guest!I still replay that show frequently. I live in Amsterdam the Netherlands (220V-50 Hz) and hold a bachelor's degree in Operations engineering. Now in my 4th year (1993) we had "power electronics" lab. In wich we used tyristors and frequency modulators i/o Fourier transforms o change the shape, amplitude and frequency of the wave. I was very surprised to read your article, and am still breaking my head over it. I'm trying to translaqte the terms you used, to the ones in Dutch, I'm familiar with Here in Netherlands, One gets paid money back for feeding power back into the grid , from say a surplus of power generated in a factory, so we understand the need for sycnhronicitym, and I'm familiar with 3-phase power generation, where each fase=220V and each "line""=380V ie. 220x sqrt(3)

I'd appreciate any further insights you may hve to share on the topic, as I'm not exactly a "lay-man" We had ships-diesel generators in de lab, but never learned about Nuclear. I should add that we did learn the thermodynamics/ for steam turbines and exhaust gas furnaces

The problem is that the US, which is an ENORMOUS country with an elaborate interconnected electrical system, all of it in sync, has had the most reliable power in the world, and by de-linking this system so that one part cannot provide strength to another, the entire nation's power supply is weakened and less reliable. This has proven out. Power outages are now more common.

- - - - -

David Icke posted a video with over 13,000 views. They used my first article on you for the voice over script. Came as a surprise. see if this works It does, and this is a MUST WATCH!

My response: Holy shit!

- - - - -

Thank you for your response. By the way, AMAZING new post today! Already archived & printed it. I should have emphasized that Lithium Carbonate is what is used in traditional treatments, the difference is in the Orotate. The Carbonate is the nasty stuff- that's why people on it have so many side effects, but Lithium itself is a mineral, one that anyone can be lacking in, so when it is returned to balance, the serotonin can be as well.

Just look up 'Lithium Orotate' on a search engine, you'll find a lot of success stories, and our friend who's trying this says she feels better already, after a little under a week of taking Lithium Orotate. Here is a very comprehensive article on the subject: Lithium-The Misunderstood Mineral by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright MD

My response: I never studied this, and would have to before being able to give you a better answer. I have a hunch, however, that this is not going to be the cat's meow, and still would like to see if people can get off of this formulation and be normal after using it to get off SSRI's. If they have to stay on the stuff, it did not work at all. It would just be a different version of the same med.

- - - - -


Mails from 3/17/2012

Jim -

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you the wonderful site on anti-depressants. I can't begin to tell you how relieved I was to know that I am not the only person who has experienced the devastating effects of anti-depressants, or the multitude of debilitating symptoms associated with trying to withdraw from the drugs. It was so reassuring to read the many testimonials describing the exact same symptoms that I experience. I no longer feel so alone in my battle to maintain my sanity.

I can't express my gratitude for your efforts to spread the truth about these terrible drugs. I look forward to reading any future reports on this important topic. You are are a brave and needed light in the darkness. Keep up the good work!

Thank you.

My response: Thank you very much, encouraging mails like these let me know when I have done something right. After finishing the next report on luciferianism I am going to delve into the chemistry of the various antidepressants to explain how they actually deliver their effects, and irrefutably prove how they do their damage. That is a very complex report, and I have to do it in segments to avoid being overwhelmed.

- - - - -

Jim, I don't understand your email. Please give me exact instructions, and I will do it.

My response: I need you to set up an account with maybe $5 in it to keep it alive, and then send me the routing numbers so I can have ad agencies send money there. I will post ads on my site. This way, the money coming in will originate with me, and it won't drain you to send it. I do not want to ask people to send me money, but I do need to make a living and this site is the only source possible now, at least for now. I will of course accept money from those who offered it, if I absolutely need to but I have absolutely no interest in living comfortable on someone elses dime. I am not the type to BEG for money while building a $100,000 model railroad like YOU KNOW WHO

- - - - -

To my friend in Utah, Yes, I am OK, glad you found this page.

- - - - -

Thats what I recall my dad saying. He died in '98. Perhaps he was told 300,000, near the 270k you mentioned and later misconstrued the number to 3000. I have not ever looked in depth at the exact number, but know that the number 6 mil is refuted. It is rather pathetic they dwell on the deaths of "their own" and seem to have not much feeling for the rest of mankind.

My response: Your dad was obviously taught from the same books. Yes, 300,000 was the upper end of the figure. I know very well what I was taught, and that history recorded AT THE TIME is a lot more accurate than history as someone wants it to be later. That six million number is, in fact, an outrage.

Furthermore, a very large number of the dead simply died of natural causes. Hitler had a LOT of them in the camps, a couple million at least, and when you factor the years against that many, well, people die naturally you know, and a large portion of even the 270,000 was exactly that.

The question is then, why are the Japanese not screaming at America for America doing exactly the same thing to them. I don't see them claiming any holocaust! And when you see what the Japanese have done to America and compare it to what the Jews have done to America, well, the Jews have NO REASON TO BITCH AT ALL, they stole countless trillions while the Japanese made our lives better with HONDA.

- - - - -

To my reader who sent a message to a Rabbi: NEVER SAY HUMAN. You are a MAN and your wife is a WOMAN and neither of you are HUMAN. HUMAN is a word in which HU, meaning monster, usurps the word MAN. The Jews did this. They changed our language and deceived us. It makes little difference in what our intentions are when an "elite" class takes our words verbatim and applies them to us, with us proclaiming to be a lower class without even knowing it. When we walk around calling ourselves human, which a JEW will refuse to do, we are telling the world that we are LESS than MAN, because HU overtakes the man. It's the same as calling yourself an animal or a monster. This re-organization of the word was perpetrated by the Rothchilds in the late 1700's. If a Jew is forced into saying he/she is human, the Jew will ALWAYS follow that word with a Hebrew phrase, which means "I cancel that". They are good at it, and it sounds like an expression, but one thing I learned when I was with them is HUMAN THEY ARE NOT.

Even Aaron Russo, a good jew, would not say HUMAN in any of his interviews. He would expressively distort the word to YOUMAN or UMAN, he NEVER said the H at any time. The H adds the monster/inferior aspect to the word.

The same thing is true for PERSON. A PERSON is a PERSONA, an actor, something not real, a face a show. We are PEOPLE, of the order of MANKIND, not PERSONS who have no real existence. Consider this - a corporation is also a PERSON. A PERSON is something which represents or puts a face on something, and has no intrinsic value. The only way I would EVER accept being regarded as a person would be if I was acting, because actors put on a persona that is not their real selves. Don't walk around calling yourself something that is not real, in the eyes of the elite it drops your value to NIL and they WILL act upon that.


Mails from 3/16/2012

To the reader who discovered my site by accident, If you got addicted to alcohol the second you went on antidepressants, the doctor most likely put you on Paxil or Seroxat. The fact that you now feel dead inside is a complex thing to address. That is the end goal of those who make and push antidepressants. It's a good thing you figured out Makow was gone off Rense, and yes, I have really pulled the blanket off a few monsters. Thank you for your encouraging mail.

- - - - -

I am just going to post what this reader sent, and let you digest it.

I saw the comment on your web-site about the planes which hit the trade center being remote controlled.

You are on the right track, but not quite correct. I have printed off from the computer a copy of the photo taken of Flight 175 just prior to striking the tower. I was a Captain for a major airline and noticed something that may have escaped someone outside the business. The aircraft which hit the tower was a 737-300, not a 767. The easiest way to tell is the flap track fairings which are considerably different on the two aircraft. Otherwise, they are remarkably similar, especially when viewed from the bottom.

The airplanes which hit the towers were not the flights they said they were. Prior to 9-11 there were over 40 737 aircraft parked in the desert. It was easy to pick up a couple of them cheap. There was also an Israeli owned company which specialized in converting aircraft to remote control.

When you think about it, this was essential. In order to bring down the buildings massive explosives were required, but they couldn't just blow up the buildings. Everyone would know they did it. They needed the airplanes for an excuse to detonate the explosives, just like the needed a Tsunami to justify what happened at Fukushima. The airplanes were empty and operated by remote control. They couldn't trust people to carry this out, or not to find some way to interfere with it if they were on board. I'm not sure, but I'll bet there are circuit breakers to deactivate the remote feature on the 767.

There are reports that airline records show that flight 175 and the others did not operate that day. My guess, and I don't know hot to confirm it, is that there was a drill going on that day simulating hijacked airplanes. I think those were the flights with the people on them and when the "drill" was over they were sent somewhere to land for debriefing (a military base or something) and then disposed of. Their purpose was to allow for the substitution of the remote controlled aircraft which were then flown into the buildings.

Anyway, for sure it was not a 767 which hit the trade center. and it was not airplanes which brought down the buildings. I don't know if we'll ever get all the details straight. This was a very carefully and elaborately planned operation, but there may have been mistakes. I believe that the Pentagon was supposed to be hit first or at the same time, but the cover flight was delayed for about 40 minutes at Newark. I think that's the explanation for the conversation Cheney had with his aide to the effect that the plane was 10 miles out, do the orders still stand.?

Well, that's my take on the remote controlled issue for what it's worth.

- - - - -

To the reader who mailed me offering financial help - It appears that I may be accepted into a friendly nation today. Depending upon how that goes, I might not ever need help again. If I do need help in the future, I will not be afraid to ask, and if I do ask the need will be genuine. It is my readers who saved my behind and paid my way to where I am now, in Mexico City, which seems a LOT safer than the U.S. but is definitely NOT the final answer.

- - - - -

Here is another good one, I am just going to paste here

James,thank you, have been looking at the new material, email trouble solution, great idea.

If your media friend sees this, on the Holocaust: A Jewish acquaintance of my dad's told him there were more like 3,000 that died in the camps. Be that as it may, whether it was 600, 6,000; 600,000 or 6 million- the exact number really does not matter.( Your info on the significance of that number quite telling.) Your media friend should read Ch 13, "The Holocaust: Stoking the Fires" in Alfred Lilienthal's " The Zionist Connection." They overlook the fact that million of others perished, many more millions have been persecuted and murdered under Communism (heavily promoted by Jews, Stalin, Lenin, Marx..)Ben Heckt in "Perfidy" exposes "the extent to which Zionists cooperated in the annihilation of their fellow Jews....", Rabbi Schonfeld corroborated the account in "The Holocaust Victims" saying that "Zionist leadership had permitted thousands of their own people to go to their deaths so that they might advance political goals.."

Lilienthal challenged the ADL's propaganda machine, "that you are either for the Jews and Israel or you are for Hitler.." He rightly observed that this has been used as a weapon to keep Christians and others "in bondage" and says, "they are flatly mistaken equating modern political Israel with biblical spiritual Israel...and that they above all people "should be able to disentangle the distortions from the truth, and they ought to act without fear.." Many are waking up to the truth vs the lie, ie: Jews helped in killing their own for political purposes,the don't seem to care about the rest of humanity (goyim) and use the event as a political weapon still today, promoting essentially a "false Israel." Lilienthal called it "worship of the state" another called it, "the new golden calf" for Jews.

My response

More than 3,000 died. It was approximately 270,000 that died. This was clearly covered in my primary education, which was based on books written immediately after world war 2. To clarify to my readers, I am in my 40's, but my school district was smart enough to realize the new books were garbage, and they held on to the old ones. The gas chamber story is phony. Most of the Jews that died were weak to begin with, and died from either cold, disease, or starvation. These things were the same things that Hitler's soldiers suffered from as well, remember, Germany was being blown to pieces in a war and could not care well for it's own, let alone prisoners in a camp. Remember that in that exact same war, America imprisoned the Japanese the same way Hitler did the Jews, but America could feed them because the war never reached our shores.

- - - - -

To my friend in Korea: Keep up the fight, you are really onto something and are really doing this the right way. Protecting yourself by spreading the word of the threats against you, using the internet to expose the corrupt, and going about your daily business with the means to protect yourself are all important, and I admire you for what you are doing. Just remember to pace yourself so you do not wreck your life like I did, but then again, the Fukushima report was such a blockbuster that I guess the "end of life as I knew it" was assured no matter how I posted it.

- - - - - -

Here is another interesting e-mail I will post in entireity

Two years ago, I saw a picture in a newspaper of some Chinese generals whispering.

It was April. There was a blizzard outside. I was freaked out and wondering. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. That picture spoke volumes and volumes to me. Even if I had it front of me now, I could not explain exactly why. But it moved me. Something about the look in the men's eyes.

During the Axial age, circa 5th century BC, there was an explosion of wisdom. Socrates, Shakyamuni, Lao Tzu.

I studied ancient Greek for over 5 years: translated Homer, Aristophanes, Sophocles, Plato, Aristotle, and New Testament. The Greek tradition is great, and a lot of potent wisdom among the pre-Socratic philosophers, but the Greek paradigm is very much in evidence today. Very pugilistic.

Buddhism is a mixed bag. I studied it deeply, lived in a temple. On every temple, you will find a painting of a baby Buddha doing the baphomet thing. I'm not sure if there is a connection there. I will tell you that I have been sick in churches and nobody gave a damn, but Buddhist monks have saved me.

Lao Tzu gave up. He was leaving the city, leaving civic life forever to disappear into the mountains. The gatekeeper stopped him, begged him to write down his wisdom for posterity. Being a compassionate man, Lao Tzu penned the Tao Te Ching, the most potent distillation of wisdom I have ever tasted.

After I saw the Chinese generals, I printed out the Tao Te Ching and I lovingly bound it by hand. The Tao Te Ching counsels us to fight like this: move like water, strike and evaporate. If you fight for personal glory, you can be effective, but the really great warriors just strike and disappear.

I hope the embassy opening works out for you. You need a home and some rest.

My response:

I had a disappointing day. Yesterday I was told directly over the phone that everything had been reviewed and I would be "received" the minute I showed up. When I got there, no one knew a thing. I had to walk away. This has got to be incompetence of some sort getting in the way. If things do not work out with this nation, how would your nation be?

- - - - -

Thanks for the message Jim, I know that you must be busy. Not sure what the first round of antidepressants were as they tried a few because of my reaction that pushed me further into Hell. Eventually I was put on Novo-Ventafaxine (375mg). I tried to wean myself off around 2008 (been on SSRI's since 2004). I managed to do this very, very slowly, maybe over 3 months. However, when a traumatic event happened I could not function and started back on the booze after 5 years of not drinking at all. So in a way it was a repeat performance and I ended up back in the hospital.

This may sound lame but I am contemplating a lawsuit against the manufacturer/s and possibly my family doctor who was the one that prescribed them in the first place. It is not so much for me as the outrageous amount of others on these drugs. I read that it was around 27 million in the US. Not sure if I will though as it would take a lot of energy and I need some concrete data. I have posted your Fukushima article of FB and I am also writing a piece about it for my small band of heretics that I send articles to.

My response

Wait a few months. By then I will have enough of the antidepressant subject covered for a class action lawsuit that will stick, the next segment will involve the chemistry and prove that many antidepressants do nothing more than put you on a very prolonged aromatic hydrocarbon high, similar to huffing gas, breathing paint, sniffing glue. I am good at chemistry and know for certain this is EXACTLY what many of them do, and I have all the supporting data which proves that the type of brain damage suffered exactly matches those who work in paint booths without respirators. If that point can be made clearly enough, I think there will be little sympathy in the courts for the manufacturers.

- - - - -

Mails from 3/15/2012

To the reader who owns CCFIILE.COM, I am well aware of the fact that 911 was an inside job, and was one of the early fighters on this subject. There will be posts regarding this when I bring some of the old stuff from the other web sites forward. The thing that irritates me the most is the remote control issue - this was a published fact in 1981, that the new Boeing 757/67 aircraft were to be shipped stock from the factory with remote hijack recovery. This means that the ONLY way 911 could have happened is via remote control. All this garbage about global hawk and other stupid technologies is a diversion from the fact that ALL 757/67 aircraft ever shipped had this feature as a stock item. This is why the FAA grounded all 757/67 aircraft for a full month AFTER 911, while others were allowed to fly - they had to rip this feature out of them because the security of that system had obviously been compromised and used as a weapon. The Airbus A320 also had this feature but was allowed to keep flying because the system was more secure and had not been hacked.

- - - - -

To my reader and friend in South Korea, who is putting up a good fight against the elite infiltrators there, I got both your number and your wife's number. You are absolutely right about the automobile design. I noticed that too. I will be publishing what I know about the subject of luciferianism, with references, soon.

- - - - -

To my reader who wondered when I would post a new article, since I have not posted one since 3/7 - the last post to the site came in the form of an extensive code cleanup on 3/13. It runs a lot better now and I linked in the original Jimstonefreelance.

- - - - -

To my friend in the media who believes in the Holocaust - I know you hate things that deny the holocaust, but when I was with the Jewish community I got the truth about the six million number, and the psyche behind it. I will publish this, and hopefully you will still be around afterward.

The source of the six million figure is a talmudic reference to a future holocaust in which six million jews die. The reason why they are claiming six million deaths in Nazi camps, even though that number vastly exceeds the number of Jews in Europe at the time, is because this reference in their scripture is something they fear deeply and wish to prevent at all costs. The Ashkenazi Jews, which I have experience with honestly believe that prophecy is real, but can be manipulated. They believe that prophets see into the future, and see what was believed and said, and then write that down as much as they reveal the word of GOD. SO there is a group of Ashkenazi Jews who wish to make the six million figure HISTORY to prevent it from ever happening in the FUTURE by repeating this number over and over and over into the social concience, in the hope that prophets of old will also latch onto this, and report it as a factual event in the future, which would now be history. In other words, they believe they can lie themselves a new future. I don't think so - I think their hardest days are ahead and one thing is certain, the genie is out of the bottle and though the word, the real truth of Fukushima may be like silly putty slowly sinking into the carpet, eventually it will be TOTALLY sunk in the carpet and nothing will get it out. THIS could cause the six million Jewish deaths the prophecy speaks of, and No, I do not believe they can lie their way out of it.

- - - - -

With regard to the Jewish Fraternity article,

I am assuming it's all accurate. All that stuff is usually true. One thing I learned in my experience with the Jewish community is that all the internet "rumors" happen to be truth. It blew me away. It's not that people do not know, it is that the Jews have done such a good job of stifling those that do know. It really is a form of perverted satanic cult. I will be releasing an enormous write up on this next, it ought to be a shell shocker. I chose this subject because a reader in Korea you also know prodded me so much to do it.

I will end up being the single point reference for a lot of the stuff that will be in this report, and it will all be true. 2 years of experience with the Jews really yielded lots of info.

When I was with them, I posed as the lowest form of simpleton. This made them comfortable speaking around me in somewhat veiled form someone intelligent would see through, which I did. I really faked'em a good one. I got LOTS of info they would NEVER want out that a simpleton would have missed. It will gut them if it goes viral. It is FAR FAR worse than the protocols - for example;

The jews keep libraries in their homes, hard printed works, and somewhat shun electronic books. They prefer the hard copies, and they often have extensive libraries.


I sat down and went through one of the books from one of their their libraries when I was a guest in one of their homes. The book was written as a history book about Western civilization, and spoke about Western civilization in the past tense. The elite Jews published the fact that they had succeeded in destroying Western Civilization, and declared it formally dead in 1971, and that the only thing that remained was the technologies and sciences that Western Civilization created. They concluded that it would take 400 years to totally wipe out the technologies Western Civilization produced, and that they intended to enjoy these technologies during that time, but were not at all afraid to rule as kings over feudal style serfdoms in the future beyond these technologies because you can only live so well anyway. Serfs would provide a good living for an elite class anyway. They do not need technology to live comfortably when served by a large pool of slaves.

This ties directly into Fukushima as well - where they blew up a very well designed facility with nuclear weapons and a computer virus, and then made people hate nuclear power and want it banned. Nuclear power is the absolute pinnacle of our technology - the greatest triumph of physics, and it will have to be banned before their dream of wiping out all technologies Western Civilization produced can be realized. This is where Rense and Rivero are doing enormous damage to the future of mankind by continually harping how bad nuclear power is, and though Rivero is honestly in error I seriously doubt Rense is. This is why I keep Rivero's site linked, he does a LOT of good and I can overlook an error.

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